Today’s Mainstream Media Bullshit: Dripping Will Give Your Kids Cancer

Follow @vaporvanity So for some weird reason, the mainstream media is blowing up with a “new” discovery: dripping. Yes, dripping. That thing that you’ve been doing without incident since 2012 is now apparently a new “dangerous” phenomenon, and like all mainstream media stories about vaping, it wouldn’t be complete without a sensationalist attempt to convince […]

Trump Makes Bold Statement on FDA Regulations. Did He Just Save Vaping?

Follow @vaporvanity In a meeting earlier today with CEOs from major biotech and pharmaceutical companies, President Trump promised to get rid of 80% of FDA regulations. While the meeting was primarily focused on lowering the price of prescription drugs and bringing back drug manufacturing to the United States, some of Trump’s statements from the meeting […]

Did Apple Really Just File a Patent for an iVape?

Follow @vaporvanity A recent patent application filed by Apple that was published last week outlines a process for vaporizing a solid substance, which has led to some sensational headlines from media all over the world suggesting that Apple might be manufacturing an iVape to be used with recreational marijuana. The abstract from the patent application states […]

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Follow @vaporvanity This Big Tobacco company just submitted a loose-leaf tobacco vaporizer for FDA approval. Why does the Surgeon General want to destroy your right to vape? We made a list of the best Christmas gifts for vapers in 2016. A North Korean border guard was flabbergasted when he found an e-cig. Senator wants to […]