Best Christmas Gifts for Vapers 2016

Follow @vaporvanity For the new vaper Juul The Juul is the best small, portable e-cigarette on the market today. It’s great for people who are just starting out, or even experienced vapers who want something that doesn’t require any effort or assembly to use. Buy the Juul here. Read our review of the Juul e-cigarette […]

Why Does the Surgeon General Want to Destroy Your Right to Vape?

Follow @vaporvanity The United States Surgeon General released a report today that slammed e-cigarettes and called for even more regulation and taxation. In the completely biased report, Vivek Murthy chooses to focus almost exclusively on the highly manipulative and alarmist “think of the children” argument. Seriously. Let that sink in. The Surgeon General of the United States, a […]

Why the Trump Victory is the Best Thing to Happen to the Vaping Industry

Follow @vaporvanity It’s finally over. As the results poured in late last night, it became apparent that Republicans managed to defy the polls and sweep the House, Senate, and the presidency on the back of the populist wave that has swept western politics in the past couple years. Full disclosure: I’m a Trump supporter. While […]

Do YOU Vape in Non-Smoking Zones? Should You?

Follow @vaporvanity More than 60 percent of you vape in non-smoking zones, according a recently released study from the University of California, San Diego. The study also found that approximately three-quarters of vapers opposed banning e-cigarettes in areas where smoking is banned. Most also don’t view the devices as harmful to themselves and others. While most […]