White Cloud Fling Wide Mini E-Cigarette Review

Follow @vaporvanity The Fling Wide Mini is a low-cost disposable e-cigarette that is manufactured by White Cloud, one of the leading manufacturers in the vaping industry. The Fling Wide Mini is competing in a market that has been flooded with similar disposable cig-a-likes. How does it stack up to the competition? Is the White Cloud […]

Vapor Wild EAZE Vaporizer Review

Follow @vaporvanity The EAZE by Vapor Wild is a small, portable cig-a-like styled device that allows you to vape both solid and liquid concentrates with the press of a button. The EAZE is rechargeable and is small enough to fit in a pocket for your on-the-go vaping needs. But how does the performance compare to […]

Vaporcade “1963” E-Cigarettes and E-Cigars Review

Follow @vaporvanity *Use discount code “VAPORVANITY” at checkout on Vaporcade.com to save 10% for a limited time only. Code expires on 1/15/16.* “1963”, the new line of disposable e-cigarettes and e-cigars from Vaporcade, gets its’ name from the year that the very first e-cigarette patent was filed by inventor Herbert Gilbert. This brand includes a […]

Juul E-Cigarette Review

Follow @vaporvanity *For a limited time only, get free shipping on the Juul at JuulVapor.com when clicking on this link* While advanced vape nerds may turn up their noses whenever they see someone puffing away on a cig-a-like, it’s undeniable that these devices serve an important purpose in helping people to transition away from smoking […]