High Class Vape Co. E-Juice Review

Follow @vaporvanity It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an e-juice, it seems like the market is declining a bit with everyone freaking out about the regulations. But I’ve just got my hands on some samples from High Class Vape Co., a  company that has a solid line of both premium and budget e-liquids. It’s […]

Five Pawns “Insignia Series” E-Juice Review

Follow @vaporvanity Sometimes it can be hard to decide which e-juice brands are worth the money. Every company bills itself as producing “premium” e-liquid and, honestly, a lot of them don’t deserve that label. If you don’t want to take any chances and want to vape something that you know will be amazing, it’s always […]

Backstage Blends Juice Review

Follow @vaporvanity Backstage Blends is a hard rock inspired e-juice company founded by Dan Chandler, lead singer of Evans Blue and Fight or Flight. I had the opportunity to sample four of Backstage Blend’s flavors: Metal Milk, Serum, Vice, and Platinum. Metal Milk Metal Milk is billed as being “Dan’s favorite”. It’s a sweet, delicious […]

Mad Teddy Juice Review

Follow @vaporvanity Mad Teddy is, as you can imagine from the name, a teddy bear themed e-juice brand manufactured by Castle Rock International.  The juice comes in two different flavors: Blueberry Parfait and Ultimate Custard. Ultimate Custard If you’re a fan of custard flavors, you’ve most likely had one just like this before. As with the […]