Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Review

Follow @vaporvanity Dr. Dabber has been making waves in the vaping community with their line of concentrate and oil compatible vaporizers. Oils and waxes have proven to be one of the most popular methods of consuming THC in this era of legalized recreational and medical marijuana, so naturally many people have been looking for an […]

Revival Vaporizer Review

Follow @vaporvanity Before we even get started, it’s important to note that the Revival is not meant to be used with e-juice. This vaporizer is intended for oils, such as CDB and THC oils.  I know most of our audience consists of e-juice vapers, so if oil isn’t your thing this isn’t the vape for […]

Puffco Pro Wax Vape Pen Review

Follow @vaporvanity While we focus primarily on e-juice vaporizers (aka e-cigs) here at VaporVanity, we occasionally review exceptional products of the “herbal blend” (aka weed) or wax variety. The Puffco Pro is an example of one of the latter. Right out of the box it’s obvious that the Puffco is a well-constructed piece of vaping […]

Atmos Boss and Astra Review

Follow @vaporvanity Fans of “herbal” vape pens, get in here! In the past we were impressed with the Atmos Dart, so I was excited when I came back to the VaporVanity mansion and saw that we had a brand new Atmos Boss and Atmos Astra to review! The Boss The Atmos Boss is sleek, modern […]