Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Review

Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod

Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod

Ease of Use







        • Insane performance
        • Extremely simple to use for advanced vapers
        • High quality vapor
        • Available in 3 different colors


        • Pins May Need Adjustment

        So I recently got my hands on a black Lone Wulf mechanical mod, and I have to say that this is one of the best, most affordable authentic mods I’ve ever vaped. The cheapest place to buy the Lone Wulf Kit with RDA included is MintyVapes.com. They have it for $174.99 with free shipping within the United States, and reasonable rates for international orders.

        Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod
        Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod

        The black version I vaped is constructed with anodized sleeves and copper tubing, while the copper version is made entirely of copper. First of all, this mod is beautiful. The bottom button slides in effortlessly and sits flush with the body, giving it a seamless appearance.

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        The latest trend in mech mods is the recessed bottom button. I’m a big fan of this trend because it just makes it easier to be able to set it down without accidental activation. Like most people, I’m sick of messing around with locking rings so the fact that the Lone Wulf has this feature is a major plus.

        If you pick up the Lone Wulf Kit from MintyVapes.com, it comes bundled with the Lone Wulf RDA for only $174.99. The mod by itself is $139.99. It’s awesome to see an authentic mod and RDA combo that is available at this affordable price. By no means did I conduct a scientific survey, but just showing it to my friends and asking how much they thought it would cost, most said that they thought it would be over 200 bucks just for the mod. So this thing is a steal.

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        The RDA has a standard 4 post design. The solid copper block really ensures that this thing hits well. The build deck is really easy to use if you’re into rebuilding attys. When put on the mod, the atty always sits flush, which just adds to the overall awesomeness of this mod.

        Overall, if you’re looking for a solid, affordable authentic mech mod and RDA kit, the Lone Wulf really delivers. I’d recommend picking it up from MintyVapes.com. They have great customer service and free, fast shipping on all orders.

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