Posts You May Have Missed Last Month on VaporVanity

Follow @vaporvanity We reviewed the KimSun AIR10 e-cigarette. We reviewed the iJoy Quad Maxo mod. We reviewed the Wotofo Serpent Box 50W Kit. We reviewed Five Pawns Insignia Series e-juice. We reviewed the Hydrology9 herbal vaporizer. Joe Rogan talked shit about cheap Chinese vaporizers. We listed the best e-nail attachments for box mods. Apple filed […]

Trump Makes Bold Statement on FDA Regulations. Did He Just Save Vaping?

Follow @vaporvanity In a meeting earlier today with CEOs from major biotech and pharmaceutical companies, President Trump promised to get rid of 80% of FDA regulations. While the meeting was primarily focused on lowering the price of prescription drugs and bringing back drug manufacturing to the United States, some of Trump’s statements from the meeting […]

High Class Vape Co. E-Juice Review

Follow @vaporvanity It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an e-juice, it seems like the market is declining a bit with everyone freaking out about the regulations. But I’ve just got my hands on some samples from High Class Vape Co., a  company that has a solid line of both premium and budget e-liquids. It’s […]

Did Apple Really Just File a Patent for an iVape?

Follow @vaporvanity A recent patent application filed by Apple that was published last week outlines a process for vaporizing a solid substance, which has led to some sensational headlines from media all over the world suggesting that Apple might be manufacturing an iVape to be used with recreational marijuana. The abstract from the patent application states […]