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The Goon RDA is 528 Custom Vapes’ most famous product.

I have to admit that I did not know about 528 Custom Vapes until a friend of mine introduced the brand to me. I have my own favorite brand, one that I really love. This is why I initially had my own reservations when I tried a 528 product. I’m glad I got persuaded to test their products because they did not disappoint.

This is a company known for their Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers or RDAs. RDAs are the part of the vape system that comes into contact with the battery. When it does, it heats the coil and drips the e-liquid. This results in vaporization. RDAs allow a user to build a wick around the coil, something that most experienced vapers are used to doing.

Their wide selection of products are available not just online but through partner retailers as well. There are numerous partner stores where you can get a 528 Custom Vapes products. What’s more impressive is the fact that they have partner stores outside of the continental US. You can find partner stores in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

This means that even if you travel to another country, you might be able to find a local retailer that carries the said part or supply. You can use the Store Locator feature on their website so you can check which store is nearest to you.


528 Custom Vapes began building RDAs long before other brands did. They realized the need for a tank that could perform as a dripper. When the company developed it, this kind of tank was not yet available in the market. They started modifications in the hopes that they will get better performance. Their efforts captured the attention of the local shops and fellow avid vapers, who became their first customers.

Their initial success emboldened them to start producing and selling these modified tanks to customers not just in the US but throughout the world. Due to the high demand for their products, they decided to take the process one step further. They started building their own tanks and not just modifying existing ones, which is how they came up with their first wholly-owned and produced RDA, the Monster V2.

Goon is 528 Custom Vape’s RDA brand. They currently have 4 varieties in their line-up. These are the Goon LP with Goon Style Post, Goon V1.5 RDA, Goon 25mm RDA, and the Limited Edition Goon 25mm.


The company also produces and sells accessories for their RDAs. They have the Gloss Goon 25mm caps, the Gloss Goon V1 Colored Caps, the Gloss Goon V1.5 Colored Caps, and the Goon LP Ultem Caps.

They have caps available in 2 sizes, the 25mm ones, and the 24mm caps. The Gloss Goon 25mm Caps are made of gloss anodized aluminum. You can get them in 4 colors (red, green, purple, blue). On the other hand, the 24mm caps are available in 2 finishes. The Gloss Goon V1 has a gloss finish only. The Gloss Goon V1.5 on the meantime has a gloss anodized aluminum construction. Both finishes are available online in the same 4 colors as the 25mm (red, green, blue, purple).

Vaping Supplies

You can also count on 528 Custom Vapes for your vaping supplies.

Their bestseller is their M.Terk Alien pre-built coils. You can get these coils in 2 resistance levels. They have a single coil at .2 – .22 Ohms and dual coils at .1 – .12 Ohms. With regards to their coils, they like to remind their customers that the resistance of coils may vary. It will depend on the leg length between the coil and the terminals. They also advise their customers that before they heat their coils, the resistance may be below .1 Ohms.

Another hot commodity among their customers is their Cotton Bacon Prime. It’s the newest cotton wicking material manufactured by Wick ‘N’ Vape. Those who favor RTA’s RDTA’s, and squonking will love this product. They are exactly what the manufacturers have in mind when they developed the said product.

What sets this apart from other similar products is the cotton that they use. They use a different strain of cotton for this. The good thing about this strain is it has naturally thicker fibers. Thanks to its thick fibers, this strain absorbs liquid at least 33% faster. We all know what excellent wicking cotton can do. This means that you don’t have to worry about dry hits. You can also avoid breaks in your time. This is an organically grown cotton. It is tasteless and doesn’t have any impurities. You can also be sure that it doesn’t contain any natural oils and that they don’t have any pesticides on them.

They also sell a Moxejuice in Strawberry Dragonfruit. If you like a fruity flavor then this might be the one for you. They come in 3mg and 6mg.

Replacement Parts

Any vaper worth his salt knows how important replacement parts are. I hate it when something goes wrong, and I cannot fix it because I don’t have the right replacement parts. Imagine having to wait for a shop to open the next day just so you can have your mod fixed. This is especially frustrating if you have a customized mod and the parts are only available from the manufacturer.

The good thing about 528 custom is you can readily purchase replacement parts from them. This is a far cry from other manufacturers who only sell complete mods and you’ll need to purchase a complete set even if what you really need is just one part.

They have replacement parts like the Goon V1 22mm Insulator Kit, the Goon V1 Gold Post Kit, the Goon V1 Rescue Kit, and the Goon V1.5 Allen Key. You can also purchase from them the Goon V1.5 Insulator Kit, The Good V1.5 Replacement Cap, the Goon V1.5 Rescue Kit, and the Goon V1.5 Squonk Pin. You can also get from them a Goon V1.5 Standard Drip Tip, or a LP Rescue Kit. Their kits include posts, clamps, and screws. These are the parts that you will need for you to make sure that your mod will be working great in no time at all.

I love how this company makes sure that those who buy their products are properly equipped to make the needed repairs or replacements on their own. This may sound intimidating to new users who would most likely prefer to just bring their mod to a shop and have a professional fix it for them. However, if it’s something that is vital for you, I believe you should invest time in knowing how it works and how to fix it if needed. And this brand makes sure that you have the right tools and parts to do the repairs yourself. This is a great philosophy and much better than others who force customers to just purchase a brand-new replacement. I love how the company tries to empower their users by equipping them with the right replacement parts and the right tools to finish the job on their own.


Aside from RDAs, parts, and supplies, this company also sells apparel to their customers. They sell hoodies, t-shirts, baseball shirts, and hats. You can immediately tell that they are very passionate about what they do just by looking at the apparel that they sell. Their apparel looks great and any avid vaper would love to have them in their wardrobe.

The merchandise that I really like is their buildmat. It has an absorbent and anti-slip rubber-backed material. This will go a long way towards making sure that there won’t be any mistakes when you’re cleaning or repairing your mods. This buildmat is spacious at 11 inches x 17 inches. Another thing that I like about this product is its versatility. You can also use it as a mousepad or a desk pad.

On Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to reach a broad market. And 528 Custom Vapes knows it. Their Instagram account has more than 178,000 followers. It was not surprising that they have a huge following because their Instagram account looks great. They regularly post pictures of their new products and even the new ones they are working on. And the quality of the pictures they post is top-notch. You can tell that they really take the time to make sure that their followers love what they post.

If you follow them, they also have contests where they give away some of their products. They also recently announced that they will have their own YouTube Channel.

Their social media account is also a nice way to gauge how their customers feel about their products. Upon browsing through their posts, their customers only have positive feedback on them and their products. It is not uncommon for unsatisfied customers to leave comments airing their grievances on any company’s social media account. In the case of 528 Custom Vapes, I did not find any negative comment or any sort of complaint by a customer. They also engage their customers and they provide responses to questions posted by customers.

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