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Happy 710! Here at Head Shop Headquarters we celebrate right by showcasing the best deals on all the best vape gear across the internet.

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Vapor.com Our favorite online vape shop–a huge selection and great deals. Check them out for a seriously valuable sale. Take 15% of the ENTIRE Vapor.com site. Just click the link and use the code “710Sale” Special 710 Edition of the Pax Era. No code needed, just click the link and buy today. VapeActive.com Another fave, VapeActive has the most popular products in stock. Their 25% sale is truly generous, take advantage of it today! Here’s the deals: 25% off the ENTIRE site! Just click the link and use the coupon code “HAPPY710” 15% off the super popular Davinci IQ Vaporizer — no code needed just hit the link! Smoke Cartel A great site for picking up that dab gear you’ve been eyeing for a while. Pick it up while the sale is live. 15% of ALL dab gear. Click the link and use the code “TERPTIME”

More Info About 710:

If you’re a cannabis fan, Happy 710! Because it’s not all about 4/20 anymore. “420” itself has decades of cannabis history, but 7/10, also affectionately known as Dab Day or Oil Day, is a more recent thing. If you’ve been racking your brain trying to figure out the connection between July and concentrates or “710,” stop thinking now: it’s just “OIL” upside down on a calculator style. The first 7/10 Cup was in 2012, kicking off the official 710 celebration of cannabis oils and extracts. Following the legalization of cannabis in Washington and Colorado, extracts and concentrates became more available and popular, and more and more people started looking for oils and dabs. Legalization matters, because it increases the safety of cannabis wax, oils, dabs, and extracts for consumers. Planning on dabbing this 710? Just a tiny dab of cannabis extract on a hot surface flash vaporizes to deliver a faster, stronger high. This is great not only for recreational users, but also for medical marijuana patients. These days you can go the old school route with a blowtorch and dab rig, or go for an e-rig that’s totally user-friendly and automated. Happy Oil Day, and enjoy those dabs, people!

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