“A Billion Lives”: New Documentary Set to Expose Corruption Behind Anti-Vaping Movement

If you’re anything like most vapers, you started vaping as a way to quit smoking and were surprised to find out that it was the only thing that worked. You were also amazed to find that most of the health problems associated with smoking went away almost instantly once you made the switch.

So why is there so much misinformation out there? When state governments are trying to put insane regulations on vaping, anti-vaping propaganda airs on TV, studies about formaldehyde are misrepresented to make vaping look bad, and even the head of the FDA wants to move “full steam ahead” on vaping regulations, it seems like the whole world is against vaping. But how could this be when all of the evidence points to vaping being a force for good in the world? Who is behind all of the misinformation?

Well that’s what director Andrew Biebert is hoping to find out with his upcoming documentary, “A Billion Lives”. In a recent interview on VapeBeat, he summed up his motivation for creating the documentary:

“When I saw that a billion people will die this century from smoking, I became alarmed. Any other product/disease that kills a billion people would have scientists working around the clock figuring out the best way to stop the deaths.

In this case, most of the scientist seem to be following the money and putting out studies that hurt the only real alternative people have. The media blindly publishes the stories. Around the world, public health leaders and politicians push to ban or tax vaping.

There is a story there. It needs to be told. 

We will tell it.”

Interestingly, he isn’t too worried about Big Tobacco. After all, they do seem to be interested in making money off of e-cigs, just not the kind that most people want. As he put it:

The bigger problem is darker corruption forces at work. Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Non-Profits, Big Legal, and Big Government all have an addiction to money and they are sacrificing their core missions in pursuit of it. 

That’s what I’m most worried about. 

It’s about time that a documentary filmmaker has decided to expose the evil corruption behind Big Pharma and the other groups who are opposed to vaping, the ones who will try to ban vaping even if it means killing more people just because they want to make a profit.

The documentary is expected to be released in early 2016. Learn more at ABillionLives.com. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the motivations behind the anti-vapers, be sure to also check out the “Truth About Vaping” video series.

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