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Vapor Vanity is a guide to the best vaping gear and supplies for people who want to avoid the time and stress of contemplating what to buy. Whatever type of vaping product you need – whether it’s a pod vape, disposable e-cigarette, CBD oil, or cheap e-juice – we make shopping for it simple by telling you the best one to buy. We also keep you updated on the latest news in the vaping community – laws, regulations, celebrity vape sightings – as soon as it’s available. The site was founded in January 2015 and has continued to grow ever since.

Our product recommendations are made through rigorous testing, reporting, and investigating by our team of dedicated researchers, journalists, and subject matter experts. Consider us that nerdy friend who somehow tries out every new piece of technology so you don’t have to. Our only objective is to make buying awesome vapes as easy as humanly possible so you can save time and get on with your life. We’ve distilled hundreds of hours of research down into an easy-to-read, point-by-point breakdown of the very best products and why you should buy them. Why waste your time trying out every single product when we already did it for you?

Our news team curates the best news from around the world. They spend countless hours chasing leads to get you the latest breaking news before anyone else. Our readers demand timely updates on the latest happenings in the vape community, and our team of dedicated reporters is committed to meeting that demand.

We take utmost pride in our editorial integrity. Our recommendations are made by our staff of highly-trained journalists who maintain independence from our business operations. Our writers and editors are given products and told to write honest reviews. They are never made aware of any business relationships that may be involved, and they are never asked to edit their viewpoint in any way.

How can we trust you? Don’t you make affiliate commissions?

Let’s be straight up: Our writers and editors are in a completely separate department from our business team. They spend their time searching for the best products in the world and write honest reviews of them. If we have a business relationship with one of the companies that they are reviewing, the writers are never made aware of that fact. If our writers have a negative opinion of a certain brand, we never ask them to censor themselves.

If we earn a commission from our relationship with a particular retailer, it’s in our best interest to only recommend the best products. Why? Because if our readers are continually dissatisfied with a product and make returns, then we make absolutely nothing from that business partnership. We literally have no incentive to recommend poorly-made products or to bow to pressure from manufacturers. That’s a simple fact that keeps us honest and committed to our readers.

That reader trust is extremely important to us. If you aren’t satisfied with any of our recommendations, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email us at contact@vaporvanity.com, letting us know why you feel we made an error. Our team spends hundreds upon hundreds of hours doing hands-on testing, consumer research, and constant fact checking. Each “Best-Of” list lays out the exact criteria that we’re using to rank the products, and gives out the evidence supporting our recommendations, giving you the ability to make your own decision.

If the type of product that you’re looking for isn’t listed on our site, email us at contact@vaporvanity.com letting us know what the product is and what you’re considering in your buying decision-making process. A member of our experienced and dedicated team may have the answer you’re looking for.

So do you only review the very best products?

We choose to focus on what we believe to be the best products for the most amount of people. This means we don’t just dedicate our site to the most high-end, expensive vaping gear. Sure, we’ll review that stuff from time to time. But what really motivates us is helping out the average vape consumer who wants to get the most bang for his or her buck.

The choices we make here are the result of months and even years of research by our editorial team. They spend their time poring over customer reviews to find out what matters most to the average vaper. We’re not out here to recommend the flashiest products with all the bells and whistles. We want to recommend not what we think you want, but what you actually need. Most of the stuff we recommend here aren’t overpriced gadgets with all kinds of unnecessary features. It’s gear that is high-quality and worth every single penny you spend, nothing more and nothing less.

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