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airvape x

Are you looking for a vaporizer that offers a quality vaping experience and long-lasting service? Do you want something that is smart and elegant-looking, discrete, and heats up quickly?

Of course, you may have tried a few brands before realizing you need a little help finding the right product. But now, you can relax.

You don’t need to juggle between brands anymore. We can vouch for Apollo’s portable range of vaporizers – the AirVapes – for both premium-grade dry herb and oil/concentrate vaping experience.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything about Apollo’s AirVape X Vaporizer – one of the brand’s main attractions.

As the brand states: “Quality is never achieved by chance, it is by choice…” The brand makes sure of that with this product.

The AirVape X-series is the brand’s second-generation portable dry herb vaporizer after its flagship model, the AirVape Legacy (and Legacy | Special Edition).

The first variant of the X-series, the AirVape X has a very cool look – very sleek and quite stylish. It works on a hybrid heating system and offers optimal heating in just about 20 seconds!

These vapes are available in some awesome colors:

·       blue and black (X – regular)

·       gray and rose gold (X|AE – artist edition)

·       black & gold, and silver & bronze (X|SE – special edition)

Apollo has also launched its AirVape’s next model – XS GO – which is much more elegant-looking and is even more compact, ergonomically designed, and comes in onyx black color.

Getting back to the AirVape X, its heating chamber is made from the highest quality ceramic. The outer shell of the vaporizer is made of steel and runs on a Li-ion battery. What’s more, the AirVape X comes with a lifetime warranty!

And, hey! These devices are quite portable too!

But, of course, you want the specs. Right? You’d also want to know about its usage and battery life.

Well, don’t get impatient. We’ll explain all that – and much more – in this article.

So, let’s begin!

Is The AirVape X Portable Enough?

Oh yes. It surely is!

This vaporizer comes in a size that’s perfect for everyone to carry around wherever they go. It fits right into your shirt or jacket pocket or purse – or, better still, the palm of your hand. And, no one would even notice it. It’s that discrete!

The Apollo AirVape X vaporizer is designed for comfort, discreteness, and an amazing experience. It’s pretty obvious that its designers had kept its portability aspect as one of its key considerations.


Size & Weight

This is truly a “pocket-friendly” device. You can carry it in small bags and purses, in your pocket, in your car’s dashboard cabinet.

Besides, it’s sleek and lightweight.

It has a length of 4.1-inch and a width of 1.85”. It comes with a 1.3-inch bright and clear LED display to indicate the battery level, as well as for exact temperature reading and setting the auto shut-off timer.

It weighs only about 3.2 ounces. So, you won’t feel a thing if it is your purse or pocket.


It’s so light and slim that no one would know you’re carrying this device in your pocket.

Besides, the device’s vibration function is quite discrete, too. It distinctly, yet quietly, informs you when it has reached the temperature for vaping and when it automatically shuts off.

Moreover, its new “Shell” accessory also makes the product “smell-proof”. This cover is also water-resistant! So, it will keep the device protected, without making it feel thick and heavy in your pocket.

But smaller devices often tend to have numerous complications. If you’re wondering about that, read on…

How Easy Is It To Use The AirVape X?

People often consider fancy products to be very complicated to use. But with Apollo’s AirVape X-series, you will never have to break a sweat trying to figure out its functionalities.

Directions to use AirVape X

  • To use this device, you must, first, grind your herbs properly. Don’t make it too fine. Just enough to smoothly insert it into the device.
  • Fill its heating chamber evenly with the ground herbs. [The company claims it can be effectively used for concentrates and waxes, as well. For that you need to insert the wax pad to keep the concentrate in place.]
  • Close the device lid (which also doubles as the mouthpiece).
  • Gently, but quickly, press the power button thrice to turn the device on.
  • The display shows the temperature rising, along with the AirVape logo.
  • Set your desired temperature with the up-down toggle button.
  • Leave the product for a few seconds, allowing it to reach the set temperature.
  • As soon as the vaporizer sounds the vibrator, you know it’s ready!
  • Once you’re done, turn off the device by quickly clicking the power button thrice.

Charging the device

To charge, simply use the micro-USB cable included in the box. Attach the cable to a power bank, a computer, a wall socket, or your car power outlet to charge (with an adapter if needed).

What else comes in the box?

  1. The X Shell (cover)
  2. Pad Insert (concentrates)
  3. Cleaning & loading tools
  4. Micro-USB charger & cable
  5. Replacement filter screens
  6. User Manual
  7. Warranty (The brand is offering a limited-time lifetime warranty)

Heating chamber

The device comes with an oval-shaped ceramic heating chamber that is spacious enough for a good hit. It comes with an EZ isolated air path that allows you to draw the air into the vaporizer without passing over any electronic parts, allowing you to inhale nothing but a clean, crisp-flavored vapor.

This device utilizes a hybrid heating technology, i.e., both conduction and convection, to attain the optimal vaping temperature in about 20 seconds.

The chamber is 0.48” deep. It could mean shorter or fewer sessions. But the compartment underneath the heating chamber offers additional space for the hot air to circulate and add smoothness to the flavor and evenness to the heating. Besides, the heating chamber has a dual filter that negates any chance of the herbs coming into the mouth.

Apart from the heating chamber, the mouthpiece is also made from high-quality ceramic to offer the best vaping experience. The bottom of the mouthpiece has a magnetic strip that allows the lid to snap back in place with ease.

Now, you’re probably wondering if this tiny device could be difficult to maintain.

Well! Apollo’s got that covered, too!


airvape review


The AirVape X vaporizer comes with a small cleaning brush. It has small bristles that briskly grab onto fine particles. If your chamber remains messy, you can use an ear swab dabbed in alcohol to clean it.

To clean the mouthpiece, separate the parts attached to it. Then, place the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol and let it soak. After a while, dry the parts with a piece of clean cloth.

Now, you can reassemble the pieces, and your vaporizer is good to go – again!

Draw resistance

The AirVape has almost zero draw resistance. Despite its size and compactness, its vapor is pretty smooth and of high quality. The thermal-resistant ceramic heating chamber makes the draw resistance very low, providing you with full-bodied, easy, and smooth puffs. The ceramic airflow chamber cools and filters the vapor for smooth and easy rips.

While lower temps will give you smoother rips, temperatures 380F and higher will provide you large vapor clouds, with a small drop in smoothness.

Quality & Flavor

As for its vapor quality, it seems pretty good – premium, actually.

However, note that this is ideal for loose herbs, although it can also be used for concentrates. But if you’re mainly into concentrate vaping, it’s not for you.

Its sturdy metal body makes it both durable and sturdy for an amazing vaping experience.

Besides, the screen filters in the mouthpiece allow only smooth and flavorful vapor to be dispensed from the mouthpiece, allowing it time to cool off. This makes each puff from the AirVape X cooler and smoother than most other portable vapes in the market.

The designers have truly gone to great lengths to make your vaping experience excellent!

What’s more, the brand has also backed up its quality with a lifetime warranty!

Battery Life

The Apollo AirVape X comes with a 1300 mAh non-replaceable (rechargeable) battery that is chargeable with the help of a micro-USB charger and cord (come with the device).

You can check the battery level on the display screen. So, you won’t have to wait for it to die before charging.

The manufacturers have kept their capacity slightly lower than larger devices to make for a smaller, more compact device. Once charged, it is good to go for about 5 to 7 sessions or about an hour of continuous vaping.

But note that the battery life may vary depending on how the temperatures you vape at because higher temperatures need more battery power to cool down the vapor. Besides, frequent sessions also tend to wear off the batteries, as heating a cold chamber consumes more power.

But its smaller capacity also means the required charging time is lesser than other bigger batteries. That’s why it takes about an hour to charge.

Plus, you can also vape while your vaporizer is charging!

Temperature Flexibility/Control:

Heat-Up Time & Technology

As we mentioned earlier, the AirVape X comes with a hybrid heating system – both conduction and convection. That is why it offers excellent flavor and vapor quality. Due to its combination heating technology, it barely takes 20 seconds to heat up!

Temperature Settings

Designed to offer a wide temperature range, the designers have included a 200 F – 428° F adjustable temperature scale. You can also choose Celsius (93° – 220° C). Besides, its two-button temperature adjuster lets you toggle to your preferred temperature instantly.

Brand Reputation & Reliability

Apollo is among the most reliable and is a leading vaporizer brand in the market. With customer reviews bearing testimony to its high quality and flavorful vapor and durable functionality of its products, this brand stands tall.

The brand delivers what it promises. You can always trust this brand for safety while following the proper guidelines.

The brand’s carefully designed devices are a perfect blend of clever engineering and high-quality materials, such as thermal-resistant ceramic, glass, hemp textile, vegan leather, and gold. Besides, it also offers discounts and free accessories to keep its customers engaged.

Pros & Cons of AirVape X


  • Well-built, sturdy, and durable product; made from premium-grade materials.
  • Slim and sleek design. No-smell “shell”. Highly portable. Very discrete.
  • Useful tools are included in the box.
  • 1300 mAh rechargeable battery. Micro-USB charger included.
  • Adequate temperature control settings and temperature range.
  • Easy usability and maintenance.
  • Hybrid heating technology and filter screens for better vapor quality.
  • Ceramic heating chamber and mouthpiece, with mouthpiece doubling as a magnetic lid of the heating chamber.


  • Small cleaning brush; inadequate for proper cleaning.
  • Low battery life.
  • The chamber is only 0.48” deep; you can get a maximum of 5 – 6 sessions, 8 – 10 minutes each.

Our Takeaway

The AirVape X is a cleverly designed vaporizer that offers the best experience for the price and size it comes in. It is perfect for today’s fast generation.

It’s portable, compact, and discrete. It heats up fast and even allows you to vape while charging. It is water-resistant, smell-proof, efficient, and durable. It offers one of the best-quality and flavorful vapors in the market, thanks to its hybrid conduction-convection heating technology. You can even use it for concentrates, apart from loose herbs. It is hardy and sturdy, owing to its high-quality materials used.

It can be a go-to vaporizer for most vapers these days.

Unfortunately, like most other products in this segment, it may seem to fall short on a few things. For instance, we wish it had a longer battery life and more suitable accessories. Nevertheless, the AirVape X is an overall good vaporizer. It beats and gives tough competition to most other devices in this segment.

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