Alternate Vape CBD Vape Kit Review

What Comes In The Package

This vape kit comes with a single pre-filled 1 ml Vape Shot, along with a USB charger and a battery pack.

Alternate Vape Kit with package
This kit from Alternate Vape is a great way to get started with vaping CBD.

What is Vape Shot?

The Vape Shot is Alternate Vape’s lineup of pre-filled CBD vape juice cartridges. Each Vape Shot contains 250mg of potent cannabidiol (CBD), which will give you around 400 – 500 puffs, depending upon your inhaling style. Each cartridge has a one-time life, which means that once it runs out of the vape juice, you would have to replace it. (Do note that you just need to reorder the Vape Shot, as all the other accessories in the case can be reused). This allows you to move away from the mess of refilling cartridges for your vaporizer.

During our use of the product as well as our research of public opinion, we found the taste of the Vape Shots to be pretty good as well as smooth. At the moment, you can find three different CBD oil flavors to purchase:

  • Mint: This is perhaps the strongest flavor available and uses an extract of the peppermint plant.
  • Citrus: This is a unique flavor created by Alternate Vape, which comes with a fruity aftertaste.
  • Kush: This is another proprietary flavor, which gives the flavor and aroma of natural hemp oil itself.

All the flavors listed are based on coconut oil and are completely free of THC and Tobacco.

Note: This cbd vape cartridge can be used for vaping without purchasing the whole kit. However, it only works with low voltage batteries (3.9V or less). Unless you have one, it is recommended to purchase the whole kit as a one time expense.

Alternate Vape Kit
Alternate Vape “Vape Shots” are an incredibly easy way to enjoy CBD.

What’s Special About This Product?

Now let’s check out the reason behind the popularity of this particular vape kit.

What makes Alternate Vape’s product stand out is the ease and convenience with which you can use it. It is ready to use right out of the box, after a brief charging period. All you need to start vaping is to twist the Vape Shot onto the battery and inhale through the vaporizer’s mouthpiece.  There is no need of toggling any buttons or setting up the device. The vape pen automatically activates upon inhaling and deactivates after a period of non-usage.

Besides the convenience, the active inhaling mechanism for vaping means that you will not find the CBD vape pen turned on in your pocket.

cbd health benefits infographic
CBD oil has possible benefits for almost every part of the human body.

How To Use Alternate Vape CBD Vape Kit

  1. Put the cartridge on the battery
  2. Puff through the mouthpiece
  3. Put it back in the case or pocket after puffing (No manual switching off)
  4. Do not vape more than four times within a minute as you may damage the coil
  5. LED lights on the battery will reflect the charge status: No blinking means charged. Single blinking means 30% battery remaining. Double blinking means 10% battery remaining. Five consecutive blinking means battery is out of charge.
  6. For charging, twist off the battery from the cartridge and put it on to the USB charger.

About Alternate Vape

Alternate Vape is a new and emerging company that focuses on promoting healthy vaping habits. For this purpose, their products come without any artificial ingredients, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Based on their latest research, the company can now produce vape oil containing only CBD isolate, MCT (coconut) oil and plant terpenes for flavor.

The company has a solid customer service reputation and gives a 90 days money back guarantee for its products.

How we rate CBD oil

We judge CBD products by the following standards:

  1. Potency
  2. Taste
  3. Price
  4. Effects

Learn more about how we rate and review CBD products.


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