Amsterdam’s Famous “Coffee Shops” Headed To Seattle?

Walking into a coffee shop in Amsterdam is a smokers paradise. So many different types of weed, their origins and exactly the type of effect you can expect after smoking. It doesn’t really get much better than this. Pete Holmes thinks it would be a good idea to create our own version of these, with one caveat – you can only use a vaporizer.

Maybe a Volcano?

Seattle Hempfest

Holmes, a Seattle city attorney, has a good point. People who do not own a home have few options for places to smoke in the city. This includes tourist, renters, condo owners and the homeless. Hotels and HOA’s want nothing to do with the smell, making it very hard for people to find a good place to toke.

Not Quite The Same as a Coffee Shop

It’s a necessary next step, but its not the same for a variety of reasons. One of these is that these lounges would abide by a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) policy. Everyone knows that at a Coffee Shop in Amsterdam you can buy it, grind it and smoke it all in the same place. No bullshit. At these lounges you will not even be able to use a bong.

The end goal of these new lounges should be to smoke however you want to smoke. That being said starting out with vaporizers is better than not starting at all. We will keep you updated.

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