Arizer Air Vaporizer Review: Is It Worth Your Money and Time?

Remember the Arizer Solo? If you do, you would certainly have heard of the wild success of this portable vaporizer.

To date, the Arizer Air Vaporizer is one of the best portable vaporizers that customers have tried so far in this price range.

Arizer Solo was a legendary creation by the brand — dependable and, needless to say, a perfect portable vaporizer. The Arizer Air is a descendant of the Arizer Solo and, hence, expectations from the product are high.

The Canadian brand has always been focused on innovation. It has dedicated its efforts to designing and developing improved versions of portable vaporizers after the tremendous success of the Arizer Solo.

Arizer Air is yet another wonderful creation by the brand. The design of this portable vaporizer includes precision temperature control and a pure glass vapor path.

The device heats up pretty quickly due to the ceramic heating element. It operates on interchangeable, rechargeable, and replaceable batteries.

In short, Arizer Air is an improved version of portable vaporizers, created with the integration of the latest technologies.


The Arizer Air has a compact design. It’s smaller than the Solo, portable, and easy to travel with.

The Arizer Solo, though portable, was never easy to carry on the go. The Air, on the other hand, includes most features of Arizer Solo, minus the bulk.

Size and Weight

The Air’s dimensions are 4.8 inches (12.2 cm) in height, 1.14 inches (2.9 cm) in diameter. The Solo was 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) in height and 1.75 inches (4.4 cm) in diameter.

What’s best is the lighter weight of the Arizer Air, which makes it more attractive than Solo. It weighs 4.3 oz, compared to the whopping 6.4 oz of the Solo. Frequent travelers are likely to love these improvements.

Despite the changes that have made Air better than Solo, its durability is still in question. Though the model is durable, it has an all-glass vapor path and we think that’s quite risky.

So, for those who love sports and adventure, carrying Arizer Air isn’t a good idea. For such customers, a sturdier pocket-size vape might be a better option.

If customers feel like going for the Arizer Air, they need to be very cautious about the glass components.


Arizer Air’s fit-in-the-pocket size makes it discreet too. Its discreteness is better than that of Solo. It looks like a pen or an e-cigarette, creating no suspicion at all. The best vaporizers these days are smaller in size but power-packed with the best features.

Ease of Use

Draw Resistance

Arizer Air is not a complex or difficult-to-use device. It has some draw resistance but that’s quite manageable. Think of it like sucking a thick and fruity smoothie through a straw—not terribly draw resistant but a little hard work. However, you can get decently large clouds without sucking too hard.

The initial vapor is light, flavorful. Draw for at least 5–10 seconds to get the maximum amount of vapor. If you find it too hard to pull out the vape, lift the glass stem by 1–2 mm from the chamber bottom. This can make the draw a little easier.

Cleaning and Maintenance

With the easy drawing feature, Arizer Air is also a moderately low-maintenance device. It doesn’t take much effort to clean.

You’ll need to clean the stem every day with ISO alcohol. Even for the bowl, you will need a Q-tip brush dipped in ISO alcohol. The bowl needs cleaning about every 15 sessions.

If you keeping the stem clean, the vaporizer will retain its look and keep the flavor of your herbs pure.

That’s about it. The device does not need any deep cleaning.

Chamber Size

The chamber size of the device is fairly large but it’s light and easy to carry. It holds about 0.25 g of ground dry herbs and you can get around 10–15 draws from that.

Made of stainless steel, the body of the vaporizer is quite small and light. But do not get fooled by the looks, as it packs a punch. Unfortunately, Arizer shares no detailed description of the chamber size.

However, the quality of this sleek, cylindrical device is just right and that’s guaranteed by the brand. The materials used—though not all specifications have been disclosed—are safe and there are no reports of low quality yet.

How to Use

Arizer Air is easy to use and it operates much like its predecessor Solo. To use it, heat it to a preferable temperature. It takes 65 to 90 seconds to heat.

Next, load the device with some finely ground herb. Place it into the stem, lightly packing it with your finger. Do not over-pack.

Place the filled stem in place and turn on the vaporizer. Once the blinking LED turns solid, you know the device is ready for you to start taking puffs.

What’s better about Arizer Air compared to Solo is that you do not have to worry about using it on the go. Unlike the Solo, once the Air starts to die out, all you need to do is replace the batteries with fully charged ones.

So, even if you are out camping or hiking, pack some fully charged batteries and you’re good to go.

Quality and Flavor

Arizer does not compromise on quality. Arizer Air, same as the Solo, is a quality device producing high-quality vapor full of flavor and taste. It’s efficient, fast, and embedded with the latest technological advances that make it a better version of Solo.

The device features high-quality ceramic heating, precision temperature control, rechargeable batteries, and quality glass dishes.

There are 5 temperature settings that you can adjust according to your need. The high-quality ceramic with the unique convection and conduction heating feature warms up the device fast while keeping the body cool.

Coming to the flavor and taste, it’s excellent in the initial draws. Unfortunately, the flavor starts to fade after 4–5 draws, just like the Solo. The flavor and quality of vape are then average.

Battery Life

Unfortunately, Arizer has not disclosed the specifics of Air battery. The device uses lithium-ion batteries of about 2500 mAh. In fact, 2500 mAh replacement batteries work better for the device than the original ones.

Arizer Air comes with a plug-in charger/ power adapter for quick DC charging. It takes about 3–4 hours to get the device fully charged. Avoid using the vaporizer while charging, as it may take much more time than average.

The battery life of Arizer Air is not so amazing. Like average portable vaporizers, the battery of Arizer Air lasts for about 60 minutes of continuous use. Within this time, you can pack around 5–6 sessions (around 10–12 minutes per session).

The batteries are interchangeable, rechargeable, removable, and replaceable, which makes the Air easier to carry for outdoor activities as well. You can carry extra batteries if you are out for the day. No additional batteries come with the Arizer Air package.

Temperature Flexibility/Control

The temperature control system is one of the most highlighted features of Arizer Air. We find the system to be pretty average and it will be enough for most customers.

There are 5 temperature settings but the range of temperature isn’t wide. There are five levels of heating, indicated by differently colored LED lights.

Level 1: 356°F /180°C (blue light indicator)

Level 2: 374°F/190°C (white light)

Level 3: 392°F/200°C (green)

Level 4: 401°F/205°C (orange)

Level 5: 410°F/210°C (red light)

With this temperature control system, you cannot vape at a temperature lower than 180°C. Otherwise, it is an average system liked by most customers.

The hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer uses a ceramic heating element. The heating time is between 60 and 95 seconds on average.

For a smooth-flavor vape, go with levels 1 to 3 on the heat settings. Above these three levels, the vape may become stronger and harsher. It will take 1–2 minutes to heat and then you can enjoy a smooth vape session.

All in all, the heating system of Arizer Air is pretty cool and we think it’s worth a try.

Brand Reputation and Reliability

Arizer has been operating in the cannabis industry for almost a decade and, so far, it has earned a positive reputation.

The Canadian brand is popular for its innovations. It launches upgraded versions of its vaporizer models to accommodate the growing needs of consumers.

A few of the best-known vaporizers by the brand include the Extreme Q, the Solo, and now the Air. The Arizer Extreme Q is one of the best desktop vaporizers within an affordable range and the Solo is undoubtedly one of the best portable vaporizers. Now, with the launch of the new Air vaporizer, the brand aims at offering customers something better than the previous models.

The vaporizers by Arizer hold a positive reputation in the market and customers rely on the brand for quality products within an affordable price range.

We haven’t come across any negative reviews yet regarding customer support services. So, overall, Arizer is trustworthy and customers do rely on the brand for quality products and service.

Pros and Cons

Customers love Arizer as a brand. There are several pros to the brand. However, we found certain downsides too, though not too many. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Arizer.


  • Positive reputation in the industry
  • Reliable and dedicated to innovation
  • Award-winning brand
  • High-quality products and services
  • Well-designed, convenient products


  • Product availability is limited
  • No policies on exchange or order cancellations

Coming to the product Arizer Air, it is an excellent investment. You get several benefits from the product while you need to be aware of a few drawbacks.

Arizer Air has the following benefits:

  • High-quality, authentic components
  • Superior potency, taste, and quantity of vapor
  • Rechargeable and easily replaceable batteries
  • Well-designed, apt for travel and outdoor activities
  • 5 temperature settings, adjustable according to preferences
  • Easy to operate
  • Hybrid convection/conduction model with a ceramic heating element
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Moderately fast heating

The drawbacks that we have identified in the model are:

  • Flavor deteriorates after the first few draws
  • Glass components are fragile
  • Vapor at higher levels of temperature settings is strong and harsh
  • Slight draw resistance
  • The glass stem needs frequent cleaning
  • Price may seem to be on the higher side considering the vapor quality in terms of smoothness and flavor

All in all, Arizer Air’s pros exceed the cons, making it worth a try. The cons of the product are quite negligible and you can handle it well with a little care.

Our Takeaway

Arizer Air is an improvised version of the Arizer Solo. The main complaints with the Solo—in terms of size, design, and charging system—have been fixed in the Air model.

The operation is mostly the same but the Air is more of a pocket-size device compared to Solo.

The flavor quality of Arizer Air is very good for the first few hits but it starts fading after 5–6 draws, which is similar to the Solo and other average vaporizers. However, the draw resistance is low and you can form large clouds without sucking too hard.

We recommend that you try the Arizer Air, which is more or less similar to the Solo but with improved features. Arizer, being a trustworthy and reliable brand, will certainly not disappoint customers.

The size is apt for a portable device, the device is easy to operate and light, the temperature settings are adjustable, and the vapor is flavorful and pure. On the downside, you have to be a little careful with the glass components, as these are easily breakable.

So, if you’re looking for a good-quality, portable vaporizer that fits into your pocket, the Arizer Air is worth giving a try.

You can experience quality vape sessions with the Arizer Air and, if you have used Arizer Solo, you’re bound to notice the improvements. So, go ahead and get your Air to make your sessions enjoyable with pure and tasty vape.

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