Aspire Dynamo 220W Kit Review

While most of the vape world is all-in on the pod vape hype train, Aspire is still out there making innovative new box mods that look cool and provide the latest cutting edge features. Pod vapes may be insanely convenient, but serious vapers know that if you want to maximize the power and performance of your vape that you’ll need a box mod. Enter the Aspire Dynamo 220W Kit.

The Dynamo 220W Kit is one of the newest box mod starter kits from Aspire. It includes the new Dynamo mod, a Nepho tank, a glass tube, o-rings, 2 coils (0.5 Ohm and 0.15 Ohm mesh coil), USB charging cable, warning card, user manual, warranty card, and dual-18650 battery adaptor. Let’s take a look at this brand-new mod starter kit and see if it’s worth the money.


Aspire Dynamo box mod with box on table

The Dynamo brings a new design trend to the box mod world with a circular screen located smack dab in the center of the device. This round color screen display might be a turn-off for some; but from my point of view it gives the device the perfect balance between the high-tech futuristic trend that is oh-so-common in the box mod world and a clean, minimalist look.

The TFT color display screen is bright and crisp, giving you all of the important stats that you need while vaping.

The Dynamo does a really good job of showcasing Aspire’s design prowess. While the company may not be one of the market leaders like they used to be, I like that they are still committed to creating beautiful box mods that feature all of the latest tech.

The Aspire Dynamo is a fairly large device, but the lightweight material that Aspire used on certain parts of the device help to give it a lightweight and portable feel. But make no mistake about it, this is one huge mod. The entire kit is 137mm in heigh, 49mm in length, and 34mm in width. If you’re looking for something really portable and discreet that you can fit in your pocket, you may want to look elsewhere.

I really liked the carbon-fiber design on the back. It gives it a very “techy” feel and makes it feel like a premium box mod starter kit (which it is!).

The Nepho is one of the most beautiful tanks I’ve come across in a long while. It’s a 27mm tank that features a child-lock and dually adjustable airflow. The knurling on the top and bottom of the Nepho tank makes it really easy to disassemble and gives it the same premium feel as the Dynamo mod.


Aspire Dynamo held in front of packaging

The Aspire Dynamo kit comes with two separate coil heads; a pre-installed 0.15 Ohm mesh coil that is rated at 65-75 Watts, and a 0.5 Ohm coil that is also rated at 65-75 Watts.

The pre-installed mesh coil is one of the best-performing coils that I’ve ever used. It’s possible that it’s not just the coil; but rather the fact that the Nepho tank is just that damn good, but either way it produced some of the most flavorful vapor I’ve ever tried.

The extra Kanthal coil is solid but it pales in comparison to the mesh coil. Honestly, I prefer mesh coils so much that I wish they would have omitted the Kanthal one and included an extra mesh coil instead. I’m personally not a huge fan of kanthal wire. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just prefer using other materials like nickel, stainless steel, or zinc alloy.

Both coils (mesh coil and non-mesh version) produce an incredible amount of vapor and great airflow control, no matter what temperature your prefer to vape at. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use cloud-chasing setup, you can’t go wrong with the Dynamo mod and Nepho tank combo.

One cool thing about this kit is that it’s compatible with different battery sizes and has a great battery life. Most mods are only capable of handling your standard 18650-sized batteries, but with the Dynamo you can also rock 20700 or 21700-sized lithium-ion batteries. I really like companies that give YOU the choice when it comes to how you vape. I hate being locked into one vaping style so the ability to swap battery sizes is a big deal to me. Like most other box mods out there, the Dynamo utilizes a dual battery setup so we definitely recommend picking up a couple rechargeable batteries if you don’t already own some.

Bottom line

If you are in the market for a high-end mod that has all of the latest features and comes with an industry-leading sub-ohm tank (considered to be one of the best in the world at the moment), then you can’t go wrong with the Aspire Dynamo 220W Kit. This kit has more than enough power, support for different vaping modes, is compatible with different battery sizes, has a great temperature range, and looks good to boot; then this is the best option for you. The circular screen might be too much for some, but I personally love the way it looks.

We hope you enjoyed our Aspire Dynamo 220W Kit review. The best place to buy this starter kit is from

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