Aspire Odyssey Kit Review

The Aspire Odyssey is not a brand new type of mod, but rather the name given to the kit that merges the Pegasus mod and the Triton tank. This kit combines two of the newest units from Aspire’s lineup into one convenient package.



The Aspire Pegasus mod is available in a few rugged, modern looking colors. Rather than trying to stand out with an obnoxious rainbow of colors, Aspire has chosen to go for a more classic look. This is definitely a major selling point for me, as I prefer mods that are more minimalist and understated in their appearance. Mods that are trying to show off with excessive color or “blinged out” appearance are not my cup of tea.

However, the Triton tank does contain either black or blue o-rings, which adds a tasteful splash of color to the otherwise solid colored device. The tank is made of glass and stainless steel and includes a removable drip tip.

The Pegasus Mod

The mod includes a firing button that also allows for mode-selection and locking/unlocking the vaporizer. A dial allows you to adjust the voltage and wattage. The dial is located at the top of the box mod, giving it a more elegant and mechanical appearance. This box mod packs a decent amount of power as well: It’s capable of firing at up to 70W.

The LED screen is located beneath the button and allows you to read all of the important stats at a glance: resistance, volts, watts, and ohms, and battery level. A cool feature about the screen is that it will diagnose exactly why your mod shuts down, so you won’t have to tinker around to figure out what the fuck just happened. It will display error messages such as: “Too Hot”, “Check Atomizer”, and “Low Resistor”. Additionally, a micro-USB port allows you to internally charge the battery.

Triton Tank

The included Triton tank is an extremely user-friendly, functional, and mess-free tank that is designed specifically to be compatible with the Pegasus mod (although you can use it with all of your other 510 threaded mods).

The Triton is a top-fill tank that is constructed with pyrex and stainless steel components. Aspire uses organic Japanese cotton for wicking purposes which will give you a clean, flavorful vapor. If you have any high-end premium juice, this is the tank to use it with. It really allows the flavor to shine the way that the manufacturer intended it to.

I really enjoyed the top and bottom airflow adjustment, since I’m a nerd who likes to tinker with the different airflow settings. The included pre-built coils are designed specifically for sub-ohm vaping, and can reach down to 0.3 ohms. I had a great experience using this tank with both regular and sub-ohm resistance levels.

Bottom line: This box mod kit packs a TON of high-end, modern features into a reasonably affordable package. Are there cheaper box mods out there? Yes, but they will not give you the level of performance that you can expect from the Odyssey Kit. If you’re serious about vaping, you’ll want to pick this one up. The only downside is that the pre-built coils don’t take full advantage of the amount of wattage that the mod itself is capable of, but it’s not too big of a deal, since you can always just built your own coils to fully utilize the power of the Pegasus mod.

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