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Aspire Platinum Sub-Ohm Starter Kit Review

The Aspire Platinum Kit is a well put together, excellent starter kit that includes everything that you’ll need to start sub-ohm vaping without any technical knowledge. It includes a carbon fiber sub-ohm battery, Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tank, USB cable, leather case, and replacement coils. An authentic kit with full warranty will run you about $92.


This kit comes with a decorative webbed style tank that is different from the normal Aspire Atlantis with the same functionality. I think it looks pretty neat and, combined with the expensive-feeling leather case, would make this kit a great birthday or Christmas gift for any vaper, new or experienced.

The Aspire sub-ohm battery is 2000mAh, is able to fire down to 0.3-ohm coils, features a maximum amperage output of 40A as well as a 4.2v output. This sub-ohm battery is the best sub-ohm battery on the market. I got a consistently high quality vape every single time I used it. This thing is more than capable of powering the Atlantis tank and producing huge, flavorful clouds.

Everything that could be said about the Atlantis tank has already been said by others, but simply put, this thing delivers. If you’re looking for a sub-ohm tank that simply works without requiring much technical knowledge or tinkering, than the Aspire Atlantis tank is perfect for you. It’s a great addition to this sub-ohm starter kit.

If you or someone you know is looking to get started with sub-ohm vaping, the Aspire Platinum Starter Kit is perfect. It produces glorious clouds, doesn’t require a steep learning curve (unlike mechanical mods), and most importantly, it just works.

The premium feel of this kit makes it ideal for giving as a gift and is high enough quality that even really experienced vapers will appreciate, even if they only use it as a backup or an on-the-go vape. The small size is amazing for carrying around all day when you don’t feel like lugging around an awkwardly shaped box mod or a huge tube-style mod.

The best place to buy the Aspire Platinum Kit with free shipping is at MintyVapes.com.


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