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Aspire is a vape brand established in 2013. The company is based in China and is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products. The company also strives to provide attentive customer service. As part of their goal of providing their customers with quick and effective support, they founded service centers worldwide.

They are a late-comer in the vaping industry but they have since carved a name for themselves due to their great products. They have a wide array of products available to customers. Aside from mods and tanks, they also sell coils and e-hookahs. The company’s Research and Development team is continuously looking for new ways of delivering innovative products to its customers.

What are their products?

Their website lists a multitude of vape products and accessories. They have a ton of products and it took me a while to browse through all of them. They have product lines named Aspire Revvo, Aspire Athos, Aspire Breeze, and Aspire Cleito. They have the Aspire PockeX which is a pocket AIO.

I haven’t tried the Proteus yet. This is Aspire’s e-hookah.

Aside from their vape products, Aspire also has other products available for their customers. They have shirts, caps, and vape bags available to users. They even have a mouse pad as part of their Aspire products line.

Aspire Dynamo

The Aspire Dynamo is the company’s latest flagship product. It draws power from 21700 batteries. It also has mesh coils, and 2-amp fast battery charging. The research team of Aspire put a lot of work in this product and it is evident in how this product performs.

This is a big box mod. However, since most of the materials used are lightweight, it is not that heavy. It won’t easily fit in your pocket though. You will need to always place it in your bag.

The Dynamo has a maximum power of 220 watts. With its power combined with a thickness of 34 mm, this box mod has the power and size to handle any tank you want to use with it. The 21700-battery cell is a favorite among new mods. With just a slight adjustment in its size, this battery can store far more energy than the 18650.

You can use up to two 21700 batteries in the Dynamo. This gives you up to about 8,000 mAh of battery life. You have more power in this box mod than even the best mobile phones available in the market.

This box mod uses a dual-cell charging circuit. It automatically balances the two cells. It also uses a 2-amp current per cell so you can fully charge your battery in no time at all. While charging, you can view the status of the two batteries in the display of the Dynamo.

Speaking of displays, the display in this box mod is a two-inch, full-color TFT display. The display is round as opposed to the usual rectangular displays in other mods. The display is high-resolution and uses an interface that is bold and legible. One of the most common complaints with box mod displays is the difficulty in reading them due to their size. This is not an issue with the Dynamo.

The items in the display are spelled out. This means you don’t have to decipher what the abbreviations are as is the case with other box mods. The display also doesn’t turn into a blank screen when idle. Instead, it turns into a clock. The clock has 11 built-in skins so you can choose one that suits your taste. More skins may be available in the future via a firmware update.

It’s not all glitz and glamour for the Aspire. Its performance as a box mod is also worthy of praises. The chipset used in the Dynamo can get the coil up to a temperature quicker than most box mods. This mod uses mesh coils instead of the traditional kanthal wire. A mesh coil uses a metal screen with a low mass and high surface area.

The Dynamo uses the Aspire Nepho tank. This is Aspire’s first tank to support mesh coils. In addition, this is also the first with a thread-less coil installation procedure. This tank has a coil pre-installed. This is a tank that is great for those who love cloud chasing. The coil gets extremely hot in a short time.

My only complaint is that instead of 2 mesh coil heads, they included an extra kanthal coil head. The kanthal coil head is good but not at par with the quality of the mesh coil head.

When you combine the mesh coils and the Nepho tank, you get have a box mod that produces great vapor clouds. As a bonus, you don’t need a lot of wattage for cloud chasing.

Aspire Nautilus AIO

The Nautilus AIO is Aspire’s latest all-in-one device. This is a good product for those who need an alternative to smoking but don’t have the know-how to mess around with coils. And there’s a lot of them. Not everybody has the patience and time to tinker with their mods. Most just want to be able to get a great hit with just a flick of a button.

This is a tiny device. It looked just about the same size as my old Zippo. Just a tad taller. If you love something portable, this is a good choice. You can easily drop it in your pocket for easy access. However, it can be a bit of a problem if you have large hands.

The body of the Nautilus AIO is plastic. This contributed to the device being lightweight. However, it also gave the impression of something that may easily crack or break. There are metal inserts inside the top though. These inserts are for the different connections to the AIO.

The top of the body is where you insert the pod for the juice. The fire button is on the front while a pod release button is on each side. You will find charging ports below each release button. Those are all the controls. If you want a simple device, it doesn’t get more simple than this.

The Nautilus has a 1,000 mAh built-in battery so it can provide you with your needs even if you spend the entire day outside.

The standard pod of the Nautilus has a 4.5ml capacity. This pod has a removable coil. This is something I really like. If the coil needs replacing, I can just replace it without having to throw the entire pod.

The atomizer of the Nautilus is what really makes this a beauty. It uses the Nautilus BVC coil. It also uses nichrome wire. You get two coils, both rated at 1.8 ohms. The first coil is for your regular e-liquid. The second one is for use with nicotine salts. Although you can also use the second one with regular e-juices.

Now, just because it is simple to operate doesn’t mean that you only get one setting for everything. The Nautilus AIO has an adjustable airflow system. This gives you the freedom to select an airflow that suits your vaping preference.

Aspire Zelos 50W 2.0 Kit

The Aspire Zelos 50W 2.0 kit is the latest version of their Zelos line. It retains the ergonomic and compact design of its predecessor. What is different though, is the Nautilus 2S tank. This tank comes in 2.6 ml or a 2 ml version for TPD.

The Zelos 2.0 come in 3 colors: blue, gray, and black. This device has an anodized aluminum finish. The finish makes holding the Zelos feel a bit more secure and kind of grippy. There is also a slight depression on the side where you can rest your fingers.

You have the OLED screen along the opposite side of the mod. This side also contains the firing button, two selector buttons, and the charging port. The placement may have made the side look crowded. However, I like that I have everything I need in just one side.

This sleek and curvy mod uses a 0.4 Ohm BVC coil that is great for direct to lung vaping. The 1.8 Ohm BVC coil, on the other hand, is for mouth to lung vaping. If you own other Nautilus coils, those are interchangeable with the ones in the Zelos. This allows you to personalize your vapor experience.

Many have dubbed this mod as a starter mod. And I can see their logic. This mod is easy to use. It only has 6 vaping features. You have the three temperature control modes. These temp control modes are nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. The other 3 are the bypass mode, the variable wattage mode, and the variable voltage mode.

If you want a mod that you can customize to your heart’s delight, this might not be the one for you. These are not made to please users looking for an uber-complicated device. However, avid users shouldn’t discount it right away. This is a great mod for those who want a simple yet pleasing vaping experience.

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