Asvape Cobra Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Asvape Cobra Sub-Ohm TankThe Asvape Cobra is an RTA Atomizer that comes in two variants. You can get it in either a silver color or a gold one. Unfortunately, they’re not made of real gold or silver, these are just color variants?. It can hold up to 3.8 ml of e-juice.

The one that I have is the silver one. It looks classy and feels sturdy. The glass is clear and I feel like I definitely made the right decision on getting this variant! The gold variant, on the other hand, has tinted glass. There were complaints about the tint of the glass coming off after just a few days. It may not be such a big deal for some but it is annoying to see flakes of tint coming off the tank. You might end up with an old-looking tank that’s really just a few days old.

The tank is sleek and modern in design. The top cap is easy to remove so refilling it won’t be a problem. You’ll notice that the Asvape name is engraved on the cap. What I like about that is that it’s not just a brand name. It doubled as something to grab on if you need to do your refills. Killing two birds with one stone. I like it.

The Cobra tanks come with just one type of coil. It has a 0.5 Ohm Ni80 coil rated for 35w-45w. This actually surprised me. Most manufacturers have veered away from the use of nichrome. I like the nichrome though. It heats faster than other wires. This is a coil that you can use flawlessly at low wattages. I guess this explains the 35w-45w coil. The coils can already deliver great performance at just 35w-45w.

One thing that drew my attention is the wicking holes. 130 tiny wicking holes go almost all the way around the coil head. These holes allow the coil head to wick from all sides.

Based on their website, Asvape claims that they designed their coils to wick well with all types of e-juice. You can even use 100% VG e-juice liquid on it. I haven’t tried using VG e-juice on it but I don’t have any reason to doubt their claims. These coils performed well according to how I vape and that’s more than enough for me.

The drip tip is pretty basic and nothing to rave about. It is thick which can definitely be a plus since it can help dissipate heat. The slot for the drip tip is a standard 510 size. This means you can use your own drip tips if you don’t want the one that came with the tank.

The Cobra tank has an adjustable bottom airflow. You can find two airflow slots at the bottom of the tank. Considering that this is a small sub ohm tank, the airflow is great. I did not have any problem controlling the airflow. Even the slightest of adjustments are noticeable. That’s how intuitive the airflow of the Cobra is.

Because it is a top fill tank, refilling it is easy. The top cap is screwed into the top of the tank. Just unscrew it if you need to access the fill holes. The top cap is smooth. It also doesn’t have any grip or knurling. Even without any knurling, I got to remove the cap easily. Just be careful not to overtighten the top cap since you might have problems unscrewing it.

This tank has tiny fill holes. You can fit the tip of a glass dropper bottle on them though. Refilling the tank can get messy. This is not something I would recommend doing on the go. It is a bit of a letdown for me since I find myself refilling while riding in moving vehicles due to frequent out of state trips. 

The Cobra tank performed quite well. The flavor has great quality no matter what settings I used. Thanks to the nichrome wire, I got really good flavor at just 35 watts.

I did not encounter any leaking problems with the tank. I did read some customer complaints about leaks around the airflow holes but I didn’t think too much of it because I didn’t personally encounter that with my own tank. I suspect there is also the possibility that those leaking complaints are just from buildup after weeks of use?.

Overall, the Cobra tank is a really good one. This is a tank that people who vape at lower wattages would appreciate.

What should I do to stop my tank from leaking?

A leaking tank is one that annoys me to no end. True, it doesn’t really do any harm and it doesn’t damage your mod. Wipe it clean and you’re good as new. But let’s be honest: it’s annoying. Here are some simple things that you can do to prevent your tank from leaking.

Fill the tank properly

This is the most common cause of leaks. When you look at your atomizer, you will see a central tube that extends from the coil up to the mouthpiece. If you refill your tank and you accidentally get e-juice in there, you will encounter a leak.

This is an easy problem to remedy. Just avoid getting e-juice in that central tube! What I do is I tilt the tank a bit whenever I refill. Just like what you do when you pour beer to a glass. If you refill this way, the e-juice will run down the inside of the tank. This means that you’re getting the e-juice as far away from the center tube while you refill. Gradually straighten the tank as it fills up so you can avoid accidental spills.

It is also important not to overfill the tank. I know how tempting it is to try and get as much liquid into the tank as you can. No one likes to run out of juice while out and about. However, it is important that you leave a small amount of air inside the tank. This creates a vacuum which will help hold the e-juice inside the tank.

Don’t leave the tank lying down

If you’re not using your vaporizer, keep it in a vertical position. It is important to keep the unit in this position even if you’re just in between vapes. ESPECIALLY when the tank has little juice on it.

Your tank has juice holes in the coil. When the tank is full, these juice holes get covered with juice so your e-juice won’t escape. However, if your tank is half-filled, it is easier for the juice to seep through the coil. It will then get into the central tube or out of the airflow holes.

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