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Asvape is a Chinese company that produces a wide range of vaping products. It’s a relatively young company compared to other vaping brands. However, they’ve recently partnered with VO Tech to present their new top of the line vaping devices and box mods. We’re definitely excited to see what this collaboration leads to in the future.

Asvape sells all different types of vaping-related products like hosts and atomizers. They also sell peripheral products and accessories.

Asvape Michael Mod (Walking Dead)

Michael Walking Dead box modThis is a mod designed as a homage to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Its design drew inspiration from Michael Jackson’s famous music video “Thriller”. The design is colorful and has a lot of intricate details. This all-metal mod has an ergonomic design for easy handling. It also has a comfortable grip so you can vape longer.

It is larger than most dual-18650 mods out on the market. Although there are users who prefer a compact mod, I like the dimensions of this one. It is taller, wider and thicker than others. It gives me a sense of security that I can hold this mod without accidentally dropping it.

I like the way they created the artwork on this mod. Although it looks smooth, there are slight irregularities in the body of the mod. These act as an additional grip for the mod. Most smooth mods tend to be slippery and the Asvape Michael has avoided the said mistake.

The mod features a 510 connection. It has a spring-loaded pin. Fitting a 28-mm diameter atomizer won’t result in any overhang. The metallic fire button is as impressive as the design on the body. If you look closely at the firing button, it has the company logo. It also has the company motto “Aequitas. In Asvape we trust”.

The OLED display screen is nothing extraordinary. The size is not large but the use of efficient layout made the most out of it. It displays information like wattage, resistance, temperature, battery life, and voltage.  I like how easy it is to read even when I’m outside. Other screens are unreadable in a bright environment, not this one.

The battery compartment is at the bottom of the mod. The sliding battery door uses a single magnet. This is one of the weaknesses of this mod. The battery door doesn’t look too secure. I can feel it rattling a bit. Although the battery door rattles, batteries fit snugly in their compartment. I like that the correct orientation is indicated in easy to view markings. The saving grace is the vent in the battery door. This is vital since this device can go up to 200W.

This mod is powered by the VO 200W Chip. This chip is simple to use. I haven’t used any VO chip before but I did not have a hard time familiarizing myself with this. The mod comes with a manual so you can always consult it if you feel lost.

Asvape Touch

Asvape Touch pod system - multiple colorsThe Asvape Touch is a refillable pod-based device. It has a 2.0-inch touch screen. This is the first such product in the market. The refillable pod holds 1.5ml of e-juice. You can vape it at 3 power settings. The fourth setting is the automatic draw. The automatic draw is MTL and it perfect for those who prefer nicotine salts.

The build is quite small and those with small hands won’t have any issues holding it securely. At just 80 grams, it is also lightweight and you won’t even notice it in your pocket.

The pod where you draw has an ergonomic mouthpiece. You can refill the pod using the dual-fill port. This port is concealed by a door so it won’t accidentally open. My only complaint with the pod is its capacity. Even though it is refillable, 1.5 ml is too little.

The touchscreen in the Touch is fully functional. It’s not just there as a decoration. You can make your selection by touching and swiping. It works like other touchscreen devices so you won’t have any problems with its controls.

The information on the touchscreen is something that every vaper will love. It displays the total puffs you made and the total vaping time. There is also information on the remaining puffs based on battery life. It even tells you how much vape time you have left before your battery dies. You can check the number of puffs you made since the last time you charged it as well as how long it has been since the last time you charged the device.

This is definitely information that you can really use. It tells you if the battery life is deteriorating. Or even if your vape time is getting longer or more frequent.

Inside the Touch is a 1.6 Ohm coil with a wick of organic cotton. The coils did not leak or spit. The flavor and vapor it delivers are of good quality. Although there has been feedback that longer drags affect the flavor more than it should.

When it comes to battery life, it did pretty well. It has a 500 mAh battery. The Asvape Touch can last all day on a single charge. This is surprisingly long considering that the battery also needs to power the touchscreen display. The charge time is OK. It took almost an hour to fully charge the device. Some mods charge faster but only by a few minutes.

Asvape Gabriel ChoiceAsvape Gabriel Choice mod on white background

The Asvape Gabriel Choice is like the twin sister of the Asvape Gabriel. They have identical features and functionalities. The Choice is more affordable though. The reason for the price difference is the material used. The Asvape Gabriel uses natural wood.

This mod is well-built. The design is ergonomic and it feels good to hold it. It has a rubberized finish which makes it easier to grip. The design looks good and colorful.

The mod has a single 18650 battery. Unfortunately, there is no option for a 20700 or 21700 battery. One of the biggest concerns among users is the battery door of the Choice. The battery door doesn’t conceal the battery, it just keeps it in place. You can see part of the battery from the door itself. I consider this a safety risk since any user can accidentally wet the battery. I do hope they consider coming up with a battery door that really hides the battery.

They call the Choice an intelligent device because of the chip it uses. The chip automatically matches the power of the corresponding atomizer. It will automatically adjust the wattage when you change a coil or if you attach a tank.

It has an OLED display. The display gives you information on the wattage, voltage, and coil resistance when in power mode. One thing that they could improve on is the battery life indicator. The indicator looks just like the reception signal on mobile phones. It leaves you guessing how much battery life each bar represents. It would have been better if they just used a numerical battery life indicator.

The Choice has anti-dry burn protection. The chip can detect if you’re low on e-juice. However, based on customer feedback, it is not that accurate.

The menu is simple and easy to navigate. The Choice also has a detailed instruction manual so you can read up if you need to understand something.

You can learn more about Asvape on their company website.

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