Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review: The Best Dry Herb Vape Pen In Town!

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you must have been following the launches of different dry herb vaporizers in the market. Although a few vape pens aren’t quite that satisfactory, Atmos Jump claims to be different.

Let’s find out how different it really is…

Atmos Jump is the latest vape pen by AtmosRX.

The company has been around in the industry for quite some time now and has earned the reputation of a global innovator. The brand focuses on building premium-quality vaporizers with edgy designs, perfect for modern vapers.

AtmosRX continuously makes an effort to bring about improvements in its products. The brand’s very first device – the AtmosRX Vaporizer – got recognized as the Vaporizer of the Year by the High Times magazine.

Although we do not doubt the quality of AtmosRX products, we would want you to look at its pros and cons, its features, and pricing – and everything there is to know about the device before you decide to place your order for the Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer.


Size and Weight

The Atmos Jump boasts another premium design by AtmosRX. The in-house engineering team has neatly designed the vaporizer. The vape pen is about 5.75 inches in length and black in color.

Atmos Jump is a carbon fiber vaporizer — light and easy to carry around.

Also, the vape pen is quite durable. However, the mouthpiece is made of plastic, which makes us question its longevity in the long run. There are chances that the mouthpiece won’t survive a drop on a hard surface. So, you need to be careful with the device.

Although the vape pen is larger than most of the recent models in the market, it is still compact and quite portable.

Discreteness of Design

The compactness of the vaporizer makes it perfect to fit into your pocket or bag. So, the vaporizer deserves a mention for its discreteness.

The size of the vape pen may be somewhat large-ish, but since it has a compact design, its discreteness quotient is quite high.

You can conveniently carry it to public places. Also, it can be easily and quickly concealed if the need arises.

However, you should always be cautious about not using the vaporizer in public, where vaping in public is illegal.

Overall, the portability and design of the Atmos Jump are good and perfect for modern vapers – especially those who love to travel a lot and like taking their vape devices with them as they travel.

Ease of Use

People prefer for their vape pens to be user-friendly. Especially for those new to vaping. They expect their devices to be as simple and easy-to-use as cigarettes.

As for the Atmos Jump, we can say that the device is quite easy to use and does not involve any detailed process.

It has a single power button with a single temperature setting. So, you need not worry about dealing with any kind of technological complexity.

Just turn on the device and enjoy your vaping session.

Here are some details about the specifics of the Atmos Jump.

Draw Resistance

The draw resistance of Atmos Jump requires some finesse.

Though the vapor quality is good, there is a certain degree of draw resistance in the vape pen. If you draw slowly, the vapor is smooth. But harsh or hard draws result in drawing the hemp extract in the device towards the mouthpiece, blocking the airflow. Consequently, you’ll notice uneven heating.

So, when it comes to its draw resistance, Atmos Jump requires some work.

Also, vapers need to experiment more to identify what works best for them with Atmos Jump.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning a vaporizer is not a vaper’s favorite task and we totally get it. Customers who enjoy frequent vaping sessions prefer those portable vaporizers that are super easy to clean and are less time-consuming.

As for Atmos Jump, cleaning it is as easy as ABC. It hardly takes 15 minutes to clean the device completely.

The Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer consists of only two removable parts — the battery and the mouthpiece, i.e., of course, besides the heating chamber, which remains intact. So, it is convenient to clean the full device.

Also, the Atmos Jump kit comes with a cleaning brush that you need to use to clean the device inside out. Apart from the cleaning tool, the Atmos Jump kit also comes with a packing tool, charger, user manual, and an easy-access mouthpiece.

You need to use the brush to clean the herb chamber. To clean the mouthpiece, use a Q–tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Also, soak it and the chamber connector in soapy water for a few hours.

That’s all you need to do. So, you can clean the device daily if you want to. If not, make sure to clean it after quite a few sessions (around 10).

Chamber Size

Size is one of the most attractive features of the Atmos Jump. It is compact, has a simple design, and is very efficient when it comes to producing vapes. You can get at least 5–6 good sessions with a full chamber of dry herbs.

The anodized steel chamber holds around 0.2 grams of material that can give you around 9–10 nice puffs.

Of course, the initial draws produce tastier and more flavorful vapor. But even the final puffs are enjoyable in the case of Atmos Jump.

With Atmos Jump, you can be sure to get the most out of your herbs.

So, overall, the chamber size and efficiency of the device are good.

How to Use Atmos Jump

Since the build of the vape pen is simple, it is easy to use as well. Here, we have listed the step-by-step process of using the Atmos Jump.

  • The first step is to remove the mouthpiece by twisting it counter-clockwise.
  • The heating chamber will be open and you have to place your herb in it and put the mouthpiece back on.
  • Next, press the power button three times to switch on the device and start the heating process. You’ll notice the green light indicator once the heating is complete
  • Then, you can start taking slow drags from the mouthpiece to enjoy the vapor at its highest quality and flavor.

Since the device has a single button and one temperature setting at 392°F, it is easy to use. There are no complexities relating to the setting of the temperature or controlling it.

Quality & Flavor

The vapor produced by Atmos Jump is quite impressive. You can get decent clouds of vapor with just one temperature setting.

The flavor is well-retained in the vapor till the very end of the session. Of course, you will not get dense clouds in your 9th or 10th puff. But the vapor quality the device produces is excellent. The flavor and taste of the vapor remain on point till the end.

Though the device has only one temperature setting, it can satisfy most customers who like decent clouds with a good taste throughout the session. However, those who prefer thinner vapor or increasingly denser vapor might not be satisfied with the vapor quality. They won’t be able to calibrate the device to suit their need.

Battery Life

With most features of the Atmos Jump being quite impressive, we expected the battery life of the device to be better. The Atmos Jump kit comes with a 1200 mAh battery that can last for about 30–40 minutes, i.e. around 5 to 6 sessions.

The vape pen comes with a micro-USB charging cable and it takes around 2–3 hours of patience to get Atmos Jump fully charged again. So, if you do not want to exhaust the battery life in between your sessions, make sure to charge the device beforehand.

This can be considered as a downside of the Atmos Jump. Three hours is quite a long wait for 30 minutes of vape.

Longer battery life would have made the device perfect. We hope the brand will address the issue of short battery life in future upgrades.

Temperature Flexibility/Control

There are several technologically advanced vape pens out in the market. But we cannot say that the Atmos Jump is one of them. The device is simple with no learning curve or technological aspect that deserves a special mention.

The device has been engineered quite well. It takes only about 5–7 seconds to heat up, which is quite impressive. It is also user-friendly due to the simplicity of use.

The vape pen has been designed with a convection heating style and, as the oven material is anodized stainless steel, the vape pen gets ready to be used in no time. However, you cannot set its temperature according to your preferred vapor type. There is only one preset, optimized temperature setting at 392°F and this cannot be adjusted.

Though the quality of vapor is not compromised, all customers may not be satisfied, especially those who prefer denser or thinner clouds.

However, if you are satisfied with a moderate volume of clouds, full flavors, and a smooth vaping experience, the Atmos Jump is perfect for you. Within such a price range, the Atmos Jump is a good vape pen to invest in.

We could not ask for better vapor quality at this amazingly affordable price.

Brand Reputation and Reliability

AtmosRX has always been a brand that customers have trusted and relied on for its quality vaporizer kits. Over the years, the brand has given its customers several quality vaporizers at reasonable prices and has earned their trust.

In the current CBD market, AtmosRX stands out as a trustworthy brand of vaporizers. Hence, its innovations are tried and tested by customers at least once. From dry herb vaporizers, oil vaporizers, and wax vaporizers to multi-purpose vaporizers, you’ll get any device that you want to enjoy your vape sessions.

AtmosRX is a company that has offered customers a range of vaporizers within a different price range and now customers believe in the brand. Customer reviews show that they are happy and satisfied with the products.

These factors indicate the positive reputation of the brand that AtmosRX has come to enjoy over the years.

So, when it comes to buying something from AtmosRX, you can trust the brand without a doubt.

Pros & Cons

As a brand, AtmosRX has several advantages.

Here are a few things that are going for this brand:

  • Positive brand reputation
  • Fast shipping and strong customer support
  • Variety of vaporizers
  • Premium quality product
  • Affordable price range
  • Informative website with product details, FAQs, and blogs to guide customers

However, the brand does have a few downsides too, such as in its brand policies.

They are:

  • No cancellation or modification of orders
  • In case of approved cancellations, a 15% cancellation fee is applicable

When it comes to “Atmos Jump”, we identified the following advantages and limitations of the dry herb portable vaporizer:


  • Compact design, light, and easily portable
  • A sleek vape pen with high discreteness
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Very simple to use, clean, and maintain
  • Produces quality vapor and retains flavor till the very last puff
  • Value for money
  • Heats up fast and gets you the most out of the herbs
  • Sturdy build, durable
  • Easy-to-open mouthpiece
  • Auto shut-off function
  • The anodized stainless steel chamber
  • Convection heating style ensures even and fast heating of herbs
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Long charging time (around 2–3 hours)
  • Low battery life (30–40 minutes)
  • Single temperature setting, not adjustable
  • Small chamber size (holds about 0.2 grams of dry herbs)
  • Easily breakable mouthpiece
  • You cannot use and charge the vape pen at the same time

Final Thoughts

After our thorough research on Atmos Jump, we can assure you that the product is worth the investment – keeping a few features aside.

If you’re a vaper who’d be satisfied with moderate clouds of vapor, Atmos Jump is good for you.

The dry herb vaporizer is adequate in terms of quality, especially considering the affordable price range.

Customer reviews for Atmos Jump suggest high quality, flavorful and smooth vapor as well as a superbly designed vape pen, especially for beginners.

It’s also quite lightweight and discreet.

Finally, the Atmos Jump is easy on the pocket and durable. It has a compact design and, most importantly, it gets the most out of the herb without burning it.

The Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer comes with a 5-year warranty. For this price, you cannot go wrong if you decide to buy it.

So, give Atmos Jump a shot and enjoy your flavorful vaping sessions.

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