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I’m not going to lie, I actually did not know about Augvape until a close friend of mine recommended the brand and even gave me a kit. I have heard about it but I didn’t really bother trying it. What can I say? I’m the type of guy who likes to stick to what I have always used. It’s a good thing though that I got that gift because I wouldn’t have realized how amazing this brand is if that didn’t happen?.

Augvape started developing electronic cigarettes through OEM in 2013. They began with small clienteles and sold their products here and there. Little by little, they started to gain more success and finally secured a place in the vaping industry in 2015. This is a brand that was first established in China. The brand also makes it a point to provide warm and thoughtful customer service. As part of its goal to produce a healthy company-consumer relationship, the company has erected several service centers throughout the globe.

They may be a young company but they continue to produce superior merchandises that ensure the trust of their customers. They offer a variety of products — from atomizers to highly durable mods. They even sell kits and other vaping accessories. The company’s strive for greatness inspires them to continuously look for innovative products so they never lose their reputation in the business.

What products do they offer?

Their website consists of a wide range of vape merchandises and accessories. They offer rebuildable tank atomizers or RTAs, rebuildable drip atomizers or RDAs and sub ohm tanks. They also offer box mods and vape kits. It can be tedious to go through each and every one of these products though. So patience is key whenever you go to their website.

Their RDA is probably the product that has the most options as far as different variants go. I haven’t tried their Seminole G24 but I heard that it doesn’t disappoint.

They also offer several vaping accessories like drip tips and top caps. They even have a mini version if you want a smaller one.

Druga Foxy

Augvape Drug Foxy box modsThe latest and greatest that Augvape offers is their Druga Foxy. It is a dual battery, variable wattage box mod. With the release of the Druga Foxy, it’s pretty clear the company really does put their A-game into making sure that their reputation only gets better over the years. No wonder why this device has received a lot of positive reviews.

This device is both attractive and very easy to use. It comes in a very sleek exterior and what I like about it is the geometric design. It occupies the whole plane but it doesn’t take away the elegance of the mod. It’s also thick in size, which gives your hand a tighter and more comfortable grip to it.

If there is one component that stands out to this beauty, it has to be its patented Quick Release System. It allows you to freely add or remove atomizers without dismantling the screws off. I have never seen anything quite like that, and it automatically makes this mod stand out than the rest in the market.

The screen is also relatively smaller than other mods out there. Some found this feature annoying, while I personally liked it. It is readable yet not too distracting indoors, although out in the sunlight it’s a bit harder to read since the tint on the front window may cover the screen and make it dim.

The control buttons are also a bit submerged through which doesn’t give you any accidental adjustments.

In a time where people like everything convenient, this device does not disappoint. You can switch your fire modes easily — just hold the up and down control together for about a second.

Overall, the Druga Foxy is surely a force to be reckoned with. This is perfect for vapers that like a device that not only has a very nice exterior but also very easy to use. Just by looking at the photos, you can already tell that this merchandise is worth the money, it’s just drop dead gorgeous. Believe me, it feels just as good right in the palm of your hands.

Merlin RTA

Augvape Merlin RTA side viewAugvape, in partnership with Roxy, a designer, has produced high-quality atomizer tanks since they teamed up. Their new addition to this family is the Merlin. This is a 23 mm RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) that can hold a maximum capacity of 4 ml liquid. This device comes with a top filling, juice flow control, and dually adjustable airflow — just every little bit you can expect from a box mod.

Although the Merlin seems like the typical product you see in every vape shop, there is one distinct feature that instantly removes this mod from that stereotype. This device uses an alternative design of the Velocity deck. I wouldn’t suggest though that this feature is necessarily a good one. It only makes it simpler but there’s no harm in change right?

But to look on the brighter side, this feature is actually perfect for single coil builds. Just place the coil at the center of the deck to give way to larger builds.

As for the built and exterior of this masterpiece, it is fairly simple but it doesn’t take away it’s elegance. The see-through effect really caught my attention.  The glass is a bit too thick, but for all the right reasons I can see why they made it that way. Of course, you should still refrain from letting it fall, though.

Should you have an accident with the tube, the box includes a spare one. This is good because you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for a replacement initially.

Another good thing about this is that the Merlin includes a notch coil in the package. Although the coil is quite thin, at least you have a free stock.

The whole mod is not overly large, which is a good thing. People who do not like to carry large things will find this a relief.

Above all that, this device is relatively inexpensive!

Overall, if you do not wish to go for a full 180 turn of your tank, go for the Merlin. This device does not have that much change in it but it does not take away the fact that it is worth your money, especially if you’re on a budget.

V200 Mod

black Augvape V200 modThis is the kind of mod that will make you buy it even if you don’t need a replacement for your current mod yet. This is how striking the V200 Mod is. From the design to the functions, this will surely catch your attention. This extravagant, dual 18650 battery machine was mainly inspired by the Honda B VTEC. Not only that, this bad boy’s interior is just as equally impressive as the exterior! I have never seen a mod that has a power capacity of 200W. No wonder a lot of people lined up for hours when this was first released.

Its exterior was specifically designed to look like the Honda B18C-R engine; notice how the adjustment dial resembles that of an engine oil cap. Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, you will surely wanna get your hands on this. The unique build, paint, and buttons all makeup for a very high-quality mod that can easily sweep off all remaining vape devices in the market.

This device is relatively heavy because the V200 mod is made of pure zinc. However, it has a very tight grip and it’s very comfortable to use.

The V200 also features a fire button sitting under the glass at the top. Many people consider this button annoying as it is somehow “hidden”, but I found this very interesting. That way, no one will ever have an accident click and cause unnecessary accidents.

The OLED display is another improvement. It is very readable with crisp brightness. The information is very easy to see, whether indoors or outdoors. It also is practically scratch free, unless you scratch with a very sharp knife, but who would do that, right?

Considering that there are no poked holes anywhere in the device, the battery doesn’t heat up too much at all, which is very, very impressive. This bad boy cools down easily even when you push it to its maximum high wattage capacity.

The V200 has really fascinated me in a lot of ways. Augvape has said to have made this as the most powerful and efficient device, and I’m actually convinced that this is. Aside from the reasonable yet affordable price, if you’re not into the temperature control mode, this mod is the perfect match for you.

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