Augvape Templar 24mm BF RDA Review

Silver Augvape Templar BF RDA on white background

The Templar is a 24mm rebuildable atomizer from Augvape. It features a Clamp Snag System that makes it extremely effective. This is one of the best build decks available in the market today. The Templar features a two-post design and I must say that this is one of the best-looking atomizers I’ve seen so far. So, what else makes the Augvape Templar special and why should you get interested in it?

Great Build Quality

One of the first things that you’ll notice with this RDA is its size. Set it side by side with other RDAs and you’ll immediately notice how short it is. Sure, at 24 mm in diameter, it’s at par with other RDAs. But that’s where the similarities in dimension end. The Templar looks a bit stubby compared to other RDAs. This is a plus for me because I want my mod to be as short as possible. A shorter mod and RDA means that I can easily store my mod in my bag without any part of it sticking out.

The Templar uses a Goon-style Delrin drip-tip. Nothing special here since most RDAs use this. It is a bit of a concern though since it can result in spit-backs thanks to its short height. However, it seems to be handling it well since I’ve never experienced spit-backs after using the mod for close to a week now. If you do experience spit-backs, this is fairly easy to remedy. All that you need to do is get taller drip tips. There’s an optional frosted top cap that you can use but the original black one looks too good so I’m keeping the frosted one as a spare part.

The barrel of the RDA is made of stainless steel and has the Templar logo. You’ll also find two airflow slots containing smaller holes. You can find these airflow slots on opposing sides of the barrel. You can use these holes to adjust the airflow on your RDA. Just rotate the top cap so you can block these holes. The number of holes that you block will determine the airflow in your RDA.

When you look at the base of the Templar, you’ll see the build deck and the 510-connection pin. The 510-connection pin protrudes a bit which means it is not ideal for use with hybrid mechanical mods. You do have the option of removing the 510-pin. You can replace it with the hollowed out one included in the kit.

How do I build on this deck?

The Templar uses a Goon-style deck which is my preferred style. It is easy to build on even if you haven’t tried it before. Like what I mentioned earlier, this RDA uses a velocity clamp system. This means that you need to insert both coils before screwing the large center screw on top of the post. Doing so allows you to lock them in place. Just make sure that your coils are in proper alignment before you tighten down the clamp.

Double-check your coils to make sure that they are not too close to the center coil as this can cause the coils to make contact with the center post. Don’t get them too far since they might end up getting in contact with your barrel or the top cap. You don’t want to cause any short circuits the first time you’re using your Templar.

Before you build on this deck, unscrew the large screw on top of the center post. After that, you can raise the clamp to expose the four wire slots underneath. Both coils should be properly inserted into both the positive and negative posts. If you want to avoid any problems afterward, measure the leads on your coils and trim whatever excess wire there is before you tighten the clamp. This will help you avoid having to trim when you have the coils clamped down. The tricky part is inserting two coils and tightening them both at the same time. This can be a bit tricky if you are new to this. I’ve been building my own decks for quite some time now and it took me several tries to get everything right. Once you’ve had enough practice, you’ll find a technique that will work for you.

After you have your clamp tightened and your coils locked in place, the next thing you need to take care of is your airflow. Double-check if you have your airflow slots aligned on the barrel. What I usually do is fire them up a few times. This allows me to make sure that they light up correctly and that there are no hot spots. Remember that they should fire from the center outwards.

Is it easy to wick?

Wicking this RDA is quite easy. Just bend the cotton leads on the outside of the build deck. You can then clip them right at the base. You can then either tuck the cotton leads into the juice well or under the coils. Whatever your preference is, just make sure that you are not blocking the two small juice holes located at the base of the build deck. If you block these holes, you might block the flow of e-juice especially if you’re using a squonk bottle.

How does it perform?

For one, I did not experience any spit-backs. This was one of my concerns because of the reduced height of the RDA. Turned out I was worrying about nothing. I like that I can adjust the amount of air that feeds into the atomization chamber. This gives any user the freedom to use the RDA to fit any vaping style.

The shortened height of the RDA also did wonders on the flavor it produces. The coils are closer to your mouth so the vapor reaches you immediately. When you take a hit using the Templar, the vapor is quite warm and full of flavor.

If you are a cloud chaser, this is a great RDA for you. It is not the best one out there but it can definitely deliver more than enough clouds for your needs.


  • Great flavor profile
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Easy to wick
  • Good cloud production
  • Easy to adjust airflow


  • Might be too short for some
  • Can be tricky for new builders

The best place to buy the Augvape Templar 24mm RDA is from Vape Wild.

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