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Beginner’s Guide to Vaping Marijuana

You might be interested in vaping weed for medicinal purposes or for recreation. Your doctor might have suggested it, or you might be experimenting with alternative ways to treat some ailment, or you might simply be looking for an optimal way to relax after a hectic day at the office. There are many reasons to

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Best Vapes

Best Variable Voltage Mods

All vaping devices are generally divided in two groups: regulated and nonregulated. The later better known as “mechs”. What many people don’t know is that smack in the middle, in the cross section where those two groups meet, a third, quite interesting subgroup exists. Yes, we’re talking about Variable Voltage devices, or “VV mods” for

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How to Make DIY E-Juice: The Ultimate Guide

DIY E-Juice or: How I learned to stop worrying (about juice cost) and love playing with bottles Why learn how to make DIY e-juice? Vaping isn’t as cheap as it used to be. Back when Mouth-To-Lung vaping was the norm and “chucking cloudz” meant vaping with two coils, on an Orchid, close to the 1Ohm

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It’s Not the Gear, It’s You (Part 3, the Epic Conclusion)

This being the long expected third part in our already established – and universally acclaimed – Vaping Stupidity Trilogy, surely helps in that we won’t have to waste time in typical introductions. Why spend your – and, more importantly, our – time by re-telling how the hero’s parents were shot in an alley, driving him

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It’s Not the Gear, It’s You (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here. Welcome, fellow vape-traveller, on a magical journey into the world of vaping stupidity. A trip into the disturbed minds of individuals who fail their Common Sense class when dealing with their vaping gear. We may all be equal, and due to our very nature, learn by making mistakes, but some people

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It’s Not the Gear, It’s You (Part 1)

Read part 2 here. Never underestimate human stupidity. Never. Better men than me have talked in way smarter ways than I’d ever hope to put into words about the depths of human stupidity. And vaping seems to pull the stupidz into its world like a watermelon attracts flies in a hot summer day. I really,

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vaping and smoking

Confession: I’m a Dual User (Why I Still Smoke)

I’m a dual user, and that’s OK. Dear fellow vapers, I must confess that, while typing those very words, I’ve just lit one up. I’ve inhaled its awful smoke, deep inside my lungs, enjoying the coarse feeling of burning asphalt on my larynx. Ah, you damn analogues… You see, as I’ve already admitted in the

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Vaping: From Smoking Alternative to “Blowing O’s”

Electronic cigarettes were created as an awesomely smart solution for smokers who wanted to quit their bad habit, but had found that other solutions – from nicotine gums to… acupuncture – didn’t quite cut it for them. At first, the people who “smoked electronic cigarettes” where a miniscule minority. But that was just the beginning.

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