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J.R. Reynoldson
VaporVanity co-founder J.R. Reynoldson spends 364 days per year wishing that it was 4/20. He is easily offended by your comments. Email JR at [email protected].

$700 Million Worth of Legal Weed Sold in Colorado Last Year

Welcome to Colorado

The Washington Post recently analyzed tax data from Colorado’s Department of Revenue and determined that an astounding 700 million dollars worth of legal pot was sold in the state last year. The breakdown is $386 million for medical marijuana and $306 million for recreational marijuana. This is a conservative estimate …

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Vapor Vanity Social Media

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder: Not only are you free to tell us what a bunch of assholes we are in the comment section, but you can also do so on Facebook and Twitter as well. As an added bonus, you’ll also get the latest vaping news delivered right to …

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Scientist Behind Formaldehyde Study is Frustrated by the Clickbait Claiming That E-Cigs Are Worse Than Real Cigs


I’m sure you’ve seen the breathless clickbaity headlines that have been making the rounds lately after a study showed that there is formaldehyde in a small amount of high voltage vapes: “Before You Vape: High Levels of Formaldehyde Hidden in E-Cigs,” – NBC “Can You Guess What Cancer-Causing Agent Researchers …

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Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Review

Lone Wulf


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New York Times Calls For FDA Vaping Regulations (And Actually Makes a Good Point)

New York Times

In the last few months the anti-vapers have been winning the e-cigarette debate. Local and state governments throughout the country have been taxing, regulating, and banning left and right. The anti-vaping propaganda has so far seized on the lack of FDA regulations to convince potential vapers that e-cigarettes are harmful. …

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Small Town in Kentucky is Shocked to Learn That Teenagers Are Getting High With Vapes

Evidently authorities in Kentucky are just now learning that it’s possible to vape weed, and they want to prevent this menace from corrupting the innocent children. Officer Tim Gividen has the latest scoop: “What they do is they take marijuana, then take the THC out of it, put it in …

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How to Use an E-Nail Box Mod Attachment

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dabs are becoming extremely popular for a variety of reasons: Convenience, ease of use, and extreme potency. If you’re looking to jump on the dab train you’ll notice that most dab rigs are *insanely* expensive. A good alternative is to use an e-nail attachment that connects right to any normal box mod. They’re …

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Big Tobacco Wants to Shut Down Smaller Vape Competitors

Big Tobacco lying

It’s no secret that the Big Tobacco companies fucked up big time. Once the vaping craze took off, they chose to put all of their effort into producing and marketing the shitty cigalike vapes that can be found in gas stations all across America, thinking that everyone wanted something that …

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Alaska Health Department is the Latest to Encourage Smoking With Anti-Vaping Propaganda

Alaska Anti-Vaping

A few days ago, we wrote about the San Francisco Health Department’s ridiculous #curbit campaign to misinform people about vaping, and the hilarious social media backlash that resulted. Now we have news that, not content to be upstaged by the stupidity of the Californians, Alaska has launched their own anti-vaping …

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Who Should Use a Mechanical Mod?

mechanical mods

What is a mechanical mod? A mechanical mod is an unregulated type of device. There is no circuitry in the mod to keep the voltage steady throughout the life of the battery. Since you are running directly off the battery you can’t increase or decrease the voltage and the vape will slowly …

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Best Gear for Blowing Clouds


Blowing huge clouds is a goal that many vaping enthusiasts strive to achieve. But what kind of equipment is best? There are many factors that you’ll have to tweak when figuring out how to blow the biggest clouds, but the main things to consider are air flow, power supply, and …

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Vape Industry Shows That Small Startups Can Kick Big Tobacco’s Ass

Big Tobacco

According a recent report published in Triad Business Journal, Greensboro, NC based Lorillard has seen their e-cigarette business drop in the last two quarters, with a 40 percent drop in their e-cigarette business in the third quarter alone.   Chicago based Zacks Investment Research has blamed the falling sales of …

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E-Cigarette Industry Will Be Worth $10 Billion By 2017

vape shop

  It’s no secret that the vaping industry has been soaring in the last several years, with vape pens now being endorsed by celebrities and vape shops opening up in every shitty, decrepit strip mall in America. But how much bigger can it get?   According to REJounals.com, the Smoke-Free …

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Indiana Lawmakers Want To Take More Of Your $$$ When You Buy E-Cigarettes


In a blatant cash grab, the Indiana legislature is considering a bill that would treat e-cigarettes the same as tobacco products, which would raise the wholesale tax on e-cigarettes to 24 percent as well as require strict licenses for vape shops in the state.   Why would anyone want to …

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Ultimate List of Vaping Apps for iPhone and Android

Here is a roundup of some of the most popular vaping/electronic-cigarette apps available for the iPhone and Android. iPhone Vapemate Vapemate is a calculator and timer that shows you how long it’s been since you quit smoking/started vaping. This app keeps track of how much money you’ve spent on vaping …

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What are the Benefits of Using a Low Resistance Tank or Atomizer?

zoomed in vape coil

What does “low resistance” mean? Atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers have an electrical resistance rating. Electrical resistance is a term that is used to describe the amount of opposition to current that an object has. Electrical resistance is measured in Ohms. A standard atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer will generally measure in at around 2.3 …

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Buy Vapes With Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin physical wallets

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a secure digital currency (aka cryptocurrency), an alternative to the US Dollar and other fiat currencies that can be used to purchase products at a growing number of merchants worldwide with low transaction fees and unlimited privacy. To learn more about how to get started with BTC, I’d …

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