Bantam Vape Salt Nics Review

Oh my goodness! Let me just say that I have a new love. I have fallen for Bantam. So far, I’ve been able to try five strawberry flavored vape juices and six salt nicotines, from both the tobacco and watermelon lines. I’m definitely excited to share my Bantam Vape Salt Nics review with you guys today.

Bantam Vape Salt Nics lineup
I think these might just be the best salt nics I’ve ever tried.

Not a single time have a been disappointed in a flavor. And I also must admit that I would be hard pressed to name another juice line that measured up quite that way. I mean, seriously, how many times have you tried one juice or salt nic and loved it, and picked up another by the same brand, expecting to love it just as must only to be sorely disappointed?

It has happened to us all. But, Bantam. Damn, do they deliver!

I have another review up of the five juices in the strawberry line. Want a little sneak peek? They freaking rock, but be sure to check it out for specifics on each flavor.

This go round we are going to talk about Bantam’s nicotine salts. I was sent six flavors to try: Tobacco Ambrosia, Watermelon Spiceberry, Watermelango, Tobacco Peanutter, Tobacco Mahogany and Water Blossom. We’re going to start with my favorite out of these – Bantam’s Watermelon Spiceberry.

Watermelon Spiceberry

It’s like shoving a handful of berries into your mouth, with a hint of lime. Now, I’m a big berry fan and I love them all combined. But I was honestly leery about Bantam’s watermelon flavors and specifically Bantam’s Watermelon Spiceberry. Mainly because Bantam’s Watermelon Spiceberry has blueberry in it.

Both watermelon and blueberry seem to be dang near impossible for vape companies to replicate. I have tried countless watermelon and blueberry flavors that almost taste like stale candy. But not Bantam. Bantam’s Watermelon Spiceberry was watermelony and tart at the same time, with that delicious hint of lime.

Totally worth checking out.

Now let’s talk about Bantam’s Tobacco Ambrosia.

Tobacco Ambrosia

I would have to say that this was my second favorite in this line. Bantam excellent paired the tart Ambrosia apple with rich tobacco flavor. A lot of tobacco flavors are either way to strong or way to weak.

Bantam’s Tobacco Ambrosia is thick and strong, like something you’d pair with a good drink in a high ball glass. Classy and comforting, with excellent flavor.

Now onto Bantam’s Watermelango.


This is a combination of melon and watermelon, which Bantam nailed the pairing of flavors.

I’ll admit, melon has never been a favorite of mine, so Bantam’s Watermelango didn’t make my short list, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy and recognize a good flavor when I taste one. If you’re digging the combination of watermelon and melon, check out Bantam’s Watermelango. It hits the mark.

Now let’s talk about Bantam’s Tobacco Mahogany.

Tobacco Mahogany

Remember when I said that Bantam’s Tobacco Ambrosia tasted like something that you would have with a good drink in a high ball glass? Well Bantam’s Tobacco Mahogany instantly made me think of not just the high ball glass but the entire dang whiskey barrel. I had to smile when I checked the info put out by Bantam and I’d say they nailed it.

Bantam lists Tobacco Mahogany as “picture bold tobacco leaves packed in a steeped oak bourbon barrel for months. A complex flavor that would make even the finest distillers in Kentucky jealous.” This is almost literally what I thought of when I first tasted it.

Ohh, this one is delectable.

Okay, now we’re onto Bantam’s Tobacco Peanutter.

Tobacco Peanutter

Now, this one is a little hard to describe. Let put it this way … do you love strong, rich tobacco flavor? And do you love eating peanut butter right off the spoon in a big old heaping mound?

If you answered yes to those two questions, you’re going to love Bantam’s Tobacco Peanutter. Not only does Bantam nail both flavors, but it somehow makes them both work together. I didn’t really expect to like this one, but I have to admit, I was pretty dang impressed and kept going back for more.

Okay, last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Bantam’s Water Blossom.

Water Blossom

In this one Bantam combined three of my favorite flavors – a blend of watermelon, kiwi and strawberry. Oh my goodness is it yummy!

According to Bantam there’s a hint of seltzer in there too. I can’t say that one stood out too much for me, which is good because I’ve never been big on seltzer. But, once again, Bantam made it work. They took this interesting combination of flavors and make it work and make it awesome at the same time.

Bantam Vape Tobacco Ambrosia nicotine salt
Tobacco Ambrosia is one of the best flavors in my opinion.


In case you can’t notice by now, I am beyond wowed by the Bantam flavors. The watermelon flavors aren’t your typical combinations and they really work together. The tobacco flavors are so rich and pure and just make you feel like old money. Whoever does the mixing at Bantam definitely earned their paycheck. The flavor profile of this salt nic brand is incredible. All of the ingredients are high quality. As far as vapor production goes, the clouds are comparable to other premium nicotine salt brands.

Speaking of money, let’s take a moment and talk price.

Bantam salt nics sell for $19.99 for a 30 ml bottle. Considering the awesomeness of these flavors, $19.99 is more than reasonable for this product. So, bottom line, if you’re looking to try something new, check out Bantam.

I was significantly impressed, from the strength of the flavors to the way Bantam made the combination of flavors work together. Bantam Vape makes the highest quality nicotine salt that I’ve tried so far. The best place to buy them is directly from Bantam.

Let us know in the comment section what you thought of my Bantam Vape Salt Nics review! Was your experience similar?


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