Beaker Bongs vs Straight Bongs

There are a several differences between straight tubes and beaker bongs. Neither of their little quirks should prevent you from buying one over the other so buy whichever one you think looks the coolest.

 Beaker Bongs

In general, beaker bongs are much more stable than other types of bongs. This is because of their wider base and larger area able to hold more water; thus holding them in place. Tipping becomes less of an issue with beaker bongs.

Beaker bongs have more volume, which allows for a few things. First, you are able to hold more water, and therefore better percolation. Second, this allows you to milk up your piece more (fill with more smoke) giving you huge soul crushing hits. Try this:  do not put any water into your beaker bong, fill the entire beaker with smoke, and clear it. Hopefully you have an ice catcher to help cool the smoke because there is no water for percolation.

There are a few reasons not to get beaker bongs. The volume can work against you, making it harder to clear the bong.

Straight Tubes

Straight tubes are a very efficient way to smoke.They travel straight up the tube with minimal drag and effort on your part. They percolator smoother like a bubbler because they hold less water. They are very quick to clear, which can be either good or bad depending on what you like.

Straight tubes tend to have smaller bases making them more prone to tipping over. The UPC 16″ beaker bong is one of our most popular beaker bongs, and for good reason. UPC is made with thick borosilicate glass in California. It comes with two tree percolators that provide great filtration with minimal. It has a deep bowl and a wide mouth piece makes it a comfortable fit. Another fan favorite is the 16″ grav labs beaker bong. Grav labs is a glass manufacturer based out of Austin TX. They are known for their thick, functional, and affordable glass bongs. This bong comes with a wide stable base and ice pinch to cool down your smoke. My personal favorite, because I own one is the HeadshopHQ beaker bong with 8 tree percolator. The glass is super thick and feels sturdy and well-made when holding it. It milks up really well and produces minimal drag when clearing. The skinny neck makes it easier to clear than wider necks. The flared mouthpiece is comfortable when smoking out of. It also comes with a keck clip which keeps your downstem in place when you pull your bowl out to clear it.

UPC is back but this time with the straight tube version. The UPC straight tube bong can come with either 1 or 2 tree percolators. The deep bowl is nice for longer sessions with friends. It is very easy to clear and clean.
One of the most popular straight tubes comes for Grav Labs of course. The 12″ grav labs straight tube features a honeycomb percolator which produces very little drag but high filtration. The ice pinch is anther great way to cool down the smoke.  There is no clear winner between beaker bongs and straight tubes, it all comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy larger and less dense hits the beaker bong is for you. If you like thick and easy to clear bongs, check out straight tubes. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email or chat with us:

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