Benefits of Using Titanium Nails

Dabbing requires several tools, mainly a nail.  There are three main materials dabs are made out of, quartz, glass, and Titanium. Here are the main reasons most prefer titanium nails over the glass counterparts.

TI Nails Have Longevity:

Glass will eventually break no matter how well you treat it. The constant heating and cooling of a glass nail with expand and contract causing it to shatter. Ti nails will never break.

TI Nails Have Heat Retention:

Titanium nails heat up faster and hold their heat longer than glass nails do.

TI Nails Produce Better Taste:

This is a personal preference but try both a glass and titanium nail and see which taste you prefer, because it will be different. Make sure you are purchasing high grade titanium nail so you don’t get an oily taste.

It mostly comes down to preference when purchasing a nail for your dab rig. Try both and see which one is right for you.

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