The Benefits of Using Vape Mods With E-Liquids

To mod or not to mod?

Using e-liquids instead of dry herb is one of the more popular forms of vaping and using a vape mod is one of the more popular ways of using e-liquids. For dry herb, vaporizers like the Pax 3 are a good choice but if you want to vape e-liquids there are a number of quality vape mods available as well. Of course, the question remains of why you should use a vape mod in the first place. Keep reading to find out.

E-liquid basics

It helps to provide a breakdown of each component. E-liquids are extracted from the marijuana plant and usually do not have the psychoactive or addictive substances associated with marijuana. Only the medically beneficial cannabinoids remain.

Nicotine based e-liquids can be propylene glycol (PG) based or vegetable glycerin (VG) based. PG based e-liquids tend to carry flavour better but produces smaller clouds while with VG based e-liquids, the opposite is true. Manufacturers tend to mix the two together to try and create an ideal solution for vapers.

One of the primary appeals of cannabis or nicotine based e-liquids is that they can come in a variety of different flavours making them more appealing for beginner and veteran vapers alike. Another appeal is the safety of e-liquids as they do not produce carcinogens or other harmful substances. They also do not produce secondhand smoke and are harmless to bystanders.

Vape mod basics

Vape mods offer a more customizable vaping experience than off-the-shelf vaporizers. They are more powerful, have a longer battery life and produce larger clouds. Harnessing the power of vape mods does require some assembly and tinkering; some vape mods allow you to alter the wattage and voltage so a basic knowledge of maths is required if you want that level of control.

The types of vape mods include:

  • Mechanical vape pen mods – these consist of a casing for the batteries and an atomizer for vaporizing the e-liquid. These are the most basic mods but can be dangerous for the inexperienced. A comprehensive knowledge of resistance, voltage, and electricity in general is a necessity if you plan on building this type of mod. These mods are considered unregulated because they do not have any special safety features.
  • Variable voltage mods – this type of mod allows the user to adjust the voltage of the mod which alters the vaping experience. Variable voltage mods are safer than mechanical mods because they have safety features that prevent the battery from short circuiting or overcharging. Variable voltage mods offer more variance in flavour and vapor production than vaporizers with a fixed voltage battery.
  • Variable wattage mods – this type of mod can deliver the amount of voltage needed by reading the resistance of the atomizer. With a variable wattage atomizer, you do not need to worry about the resistance of the atomizer, but with a variable voltage mod you do. Variable wattage mods offer similar safety features as variable voltage mods.


Vape mods are the ideal way to vape e-liquid but they are not for beginners. A basic knowledge of maths and electricity is necessary. A willingness to build and tinker is also required. If you possess those qualities then a vape mod will provide the best, and most customizable, e-liquid vaping experience possible.

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