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Buying a box mod is a tricky affair if especially if you are new to vaping. The best box mod is the VAPORESSO ARMOUR PRO 100W & CASCADE BABY STARTER KIT. There are many factors and features to take into consideration. Aside from the aesthetics, you also have to consider other factors like portability, power output, ease of use, and many other details. It is easy to overlook some of the little things that can make or break your purchase.

This is why I came up with a list of the best box mods available in the market. You can check their features so you’ll have a better idea of what they are and what they can do for you. I also included a guide on what to look for when purchasing a box mod.


Vaporesso Armour Pro Starter kits on white backgroundThis box mod uses an advanced OMNI Board 4.0 chip. It comes paired with a Cascade Baby Sub-Ohm Tank. The mod utilizes a single 18650/20700/21700 battery. You can use the battery adapter that comes with the mod if you want to use a different battery. I tried the 18650 battery and it gives enough power for my juicing needs. My only concern is the battery rattled a bit when I inserted it. The good news is the battery was snugly in pace once I closed the battery cover.

The mod comes with a color display where you can change the settings. You can also store in its memory the settings that you prefer. The display screen doubles as the firing trigger of the mod. Although the screen is useful, it is also a weakness of this mod since it can easily get scratched. This gives you another reason not to stow your mod box in your pocket. The display is also hardly visible in the bright sunlight. As for the Cascade Baby tank, I like that they made it more secure. Unlike with other tanks, you need to push and twist the cover to open the Baby Cascade. This eliminates any accidental opening of the tank.


  • It has a digital menu for easy changing of settings
  • It looks stylish and sleek.
  • The Cascade Baby Tank is secured and doesn’t just swing open accidentally.
  • You have three different battery options in just one mod.


  • Battery seems loose and moves around when the battery door is open.
  • The display screen may get scratched.
  • Menu is hard to view in bright sunlight

#2. SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box MOD

G Class box mod on white backgroundIf I can use just one word to describe this box mod, that word is “sexy”. You can get them in 12 different colors. They have designs ranging from Kevlar to Camo to Leather. The one that I got is the Kevlar one. No, it doesn’t really have Kevlar since that would make it insanely expensive. It just uses a Kevlar-like design and texture. But that is more than enough for me.

It has over-heat protection and over-charge protection which makes it safe to use and leave unattended even while charging. The display is Full-Color TFT OLED which is the same ones used on mobile devices. This means you have a display menu that you can easily read even in bright lighting conditions. The menu is programmable and can hold up to 5 memory settings. The software used in this box mod uses an upgradeable firmware so you won’t get left behind when new software becomes available.


  • Its firmware is upgradeable.
  • It comes in a wide array of colors and designs.
  • It has metal bumpers to minimize damage from accidental bumps or drops.
  • It has a Full-Color TFT OLED Display.


  • The battery is sold separately.
  • It is more expensive than other box mods.

#3. Eleaf iStick Pico S 100W TC Vape Starter Kit w/21700 Battery

eLeaf iStick Pico box mods on white backgroundIf you’re in the hunt for a great-performing yet affordable box mode, this might be what you’re looking for. Eleaf’s Pico S is a modern version of the famous Pico line. Although it is a single 21700 battery mod, you can use a 18650 or 20700 battery on it. It has a nice metallic paint job on it. The paint job makes a nice contrast with the tube as well as the black buttons and a black stripe. The black stripe is not just a design, it also doubles as a grip.

Unlike other mods, this feels lightweight even with the battery. The screen on this mod is bright and clear although it doesn’t come in color like most modern mods. My only beef with the mod is the size of the screen. It is a bit small for me.

Another letdown for me is its Temperature Control. It won’t let me use fancy builds while in Temperature Control. It only lets you use them in Power Mode.


  • It is lightweight but feels well-built.
  • The mod feels grippy.
  • The metallic paint contrasts nicely with the black buttons and stripe.
  • The screen is bright and clear.


  • Fancy builds won’t work on Temperature Control.
  • The display screen is a bit small.
  • Display screen is monotone.


Different versions of ThinkVape Finder on white backgroundThe Think Vape Finder is a box mod that hits 300 watts and claims to have a 98% power efficiency rating. It has a solid zinc alloy construction that makes it feel sturdy. It is a bit too tall for me though. However, it is still easy to grip thanks to the grooved and chiseled design.

One improvement from the original Finder DNA 205C is the wider spacing on the top design. The original one is difficult to clean while this new design can is easy to clean using just a clean cloth and some cotton swabs. This mod sports a new TFT Full-Color Display. This makes the DNA operations more accessible. The display is quite tiny though and I really wish they made it a bit larger for better visibility. Operating the DNA mod has always been more complicated compared to other mods but the DNA 250C is easier to operate.

From a vaping standpoint, this box mod vapes really well. It doesn’t have any compatibility problem with the atomizers that I tested. It is also efficient and conserves battery life extremely well. My only concern is the lack of vent holes near or around the battery door.


  • It has a solid build quality.
  • It has a great power efficiency rating.
  • Operations are now easier.


  • It is a bit too long.
  • The display screen is too small.
  • There are no vents.

#5. Innokin Proton 235W TC Vape Starter Kit w/ Scion 2

Innokin Proton box mod on white backgroundThis is another box mod ideal for those who are just starting. It is compact and slim so it is not too cumbersome to hold. What is nice about this box mod is it still provides good firing capabilities even with its design.

This is a premium device that utilizes the latest Temperature Control Suite. It can work on as low as 300˚F and up to 600˚F. This mod has a joystick for navigation. This is a departure from the usual buttons used in previous models. This is an innovation when it comes to selectors but I it does take some getting used to. Another downside with the joystick is it protrudes a bit so it might snag if you decide to put it in your pocket.

The tank that comes with this mod is the Scion II Sub-Ohm Tank, This tank has a 5ml capacity. You can choose between 6 color themes so I’m confident you can find one to suit your taste.


  • This mod has a sleek design.
  • The Scion II tank has a larger capacity compared to the previous model.
  • Has accurate Temperature Control.
  • Comes in 6 different colors.


  • Batteries not included.
  • Joystick selector takes getting used to.
  • The joystick can get snagged in the pocket.

#6. Aspire Puxos 100W TC Vape Starter Kit w/ Battery

Aspire PuxosThe first thing that stands out with the Aspire Puxos is its 14 different finishes. They have 7 designs while the remaining 7 are solid colors. What’s even cooler is these panels are swappable. You don’t have to purchase a new mod if you’re tired of the design you originally chose.

The mod comes with a 21700 battery, but it will work on a 20700 and even a 18650 battery.

It has an OLED display which is visible even when you’re outside and under the sun. You can adjust the brightness level depending on where you’re using the mod. It is a bit small for me though since it is just .96 inches.

The Cleito Pro Tank that comes with the mod delivers excellent flavor and vapor. It can store up to 3ml of e-juice. The capacity can be increased to 4.2ml with the bubble glass tank. The tank comes with a proprietary Delrin tip and a new fill method. For you to access the fill port, you need to pull the ring located under the drip tip. This is not an easy task to do and will require getting used to.


  • It comes in 14 different design finishes.
  • Design panels are swappable.
  • The OLED screen is readable even under bright sunlight.
  • Tank capacity is 4.2ml


  • The display screen is too small.
  • Fill method requires getting used to.

#7. SMOK MAG Baby 50W Vape Starter Kit w/ TFV12 Baby Prince

Smok Mag Baby on white backgroundThe Mag Baby took inspiration for its design from the handle of a gun. It is ergonomic in design and the firing button is where the trigger usually is. Another feature that is easily noticeable are the vents located at the side of the mod. It has 6 venting holes that release gases. These vents prevent overheating. They also provide a more stable working performance and help extend the operating life.

The mod is quite small and can fit comfortably in the hands of most users. I have large hands though so it felt a bit too small for me. The shape can also be an issue since it won’t slide in or out of a pocket or a bag due to its curves and protruding sections.

User safety is a primary consideration when they designed this mod. It has low voltage protection and overheating protection. It is also protected from short circuit. On top of these, it also has an Intelligent Atomizer Recognition and Puff Monitoring System.

This mod comes with a Baby Prince Tank with a patented locking mechanism on its top cap. This employs a button that opens the cap. This design prevents accidental opening of the top cap and leakage. The top refill system makes refilling easy so even new vapers won’t encounter difficulties refilling their tank.


  • The firing button is in a convenient position.
  • Equipped with multiple protections.
  • Plenty of vents to prevent overheating.
  • The locking mechanism of the tank prevents accidental opening and leakage.


  • Might be too small for large hands.
  • The shape can snag when in pocket or bag.

#8. Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W TC Vape MOD

Wismec Realeaux all colors on white backgroundThis is one of the smallest mod kits I’ve ever tried. The tank included, this mod is just 4.5 inches in height. You can hold it comfortably, but it might be too small for those with large hands, like myself. The display screen is large enough considering the mod’s size. At 1.3 inches, its display is larger than those of larger mods. It’s just a bit dim and hard to read especially if you’ll use it outside.

The size makes it portable and it won’t take up much space if you decide to stow it in your purse or bag. It is even easy to carry around in your pocket. One disadvantage of its size is you can’t fit it with larger tanks without overhang.

It is easy to use this mod and even new users won’t have a problem with its operation. Even the new interface is easy to manage. This mod also uses a three-button setup which is usual for most mods, so you don’t have to worry about learning curves.

This mod has excellent power capabilities. It can deliver up to 300w. It also has Temperature Control modes for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium.


  • It has simple and easy controls.
  • Portable and won’t take up too much space.
  • It has good power capabilities.
  • Firmware is upgradeable.
  • Generous display screen size.


  • Might be too small for some.
  • The display is too dim.
  • It cannot fit large tanks without overhang.

#9. Kanger TOGO Mini Vape Starter Kit

Kanger Togo Mini on white backgroundThe Kanger TOGO Mini Vape lives up to its name because it is really tiny. This is a mod ideal for those who value portability. The small size is thanks to its all-in-one design. Unlike with other mods, its tank doesn’t protrude on top. The tank is inside the mod box itself. For a mod its size, the tank is large. It can take 308ml of e-liquid.

This mod uses CLOCC coils, so it is not surprising that I got good flavors when I tried this mod. One big drawback of this mod is its fixed voltage. The lack of power flexibility may turn off some hard-core vapers.

This can be a great mod for newbies. It is easy to use. Only one button is responsible for the operation of the entire mod. There are also no settings to adjust. The tank is refillable from the top so it is easy to refill even on the go.


  • The mod is very portable.
  • The tank is inside the mod.
  • The tank has great capacity.
  • The tank is easy to refill.


  • Might be too small for some users.
  • Lacks power flexibility.

#10. SMOK GX350 Mod

Different colored Smok G350 mods on white backgroundIf you want a good-looking and flashy mod, this is a safe bet. It uses a nice color palette. It also uses a carbon fiber-looking sicker for added aesthetics. The body of the mod is diamond-shaped which is a fresh departure from the usual rectangular shape of most mods. The display is on top of the mod. I like this positioning since it prevents the display from becoming a fingerprint magnet.

The feature that sets this mod apart from others is its use of 4 batteries. You can operate the mod with just 2 batteries and it can reach up to 220w of power. Using 4 batteries will allow you to boost the power of the mod to 350w. You will have to buy these batteries separately. The battery door is a bit loose when there are only 2 batteries but fits perfectly when all 4 batteries are inside.

This mod has temperature control options so you can range from 200 to 600 degrees. It also has safety features like short-circuiting protection and overheating protection. It also employs a puff monitoring system and a low battery warning.


  • Uses up to 4 batteries for more power.
  • Display location prevents it from becoming a fingerprint magnet.
  • Has safety features like protection against short circuit and overheating.
  • Has temperature control options.


  • The battery door is a bit loose.
  • The battery is sold separately.

Box Mod Buying Guide

What is the difference between a box mod and a vape pen?

Vape pens are e-cigarettes and mods shaped like pens. They have a wider and longer build compared to cigarette-style devices. They have smaller batteries than box mods, however. This allows box mods to have better performance and longer life in between charging.

On the other hand, a box mod is a form of a vaping device shaped like a box. This sets them apart from the cylindrical shape of traditional or pen-style vapes. Box mods are also more complex compared to vape pens. Most box mods have circuit boards that provide more functionality. These circuit boards also allowed for an increase in the control of each vaping experience.

What makes box mods better than vape pens?

Improved battery life

The large builds of box mods mean they also have larger internal space for batteries. It is not unusual for box mods to have up to 2 batteries. Some mods even accept 4 batteries. This improved battery capacity means that they also have more wattage capability. You can use box mods longer before they need charging.

They produce better clouds

Box mods can produce more vapor per hit. This is a result of the increased wattage and better performance of box mods. Vape pens, especially the older models, are notorious for their low wattage and poor vapor output. Nowadays, we have sub-ohm vapor box mods that reach up to 300w. They produce clouds that can fill up a good-sized room in just a couple of hits. This is the main reason why box mods are quite popular among cloud chasers. Regular vapers also love box mods because these devices give them better control over how much vapor gets produced with each hit.

What is the difference between regulated and unregulated box mods?

Regulated circuit boards allow a user to have better control of a device. On top of that, they also ensure that the box mod won’t fire in case of a malfunction. When a vape mod includes these circuit boards, they are called regulated box mods. These are ideal for new users because they don’t have to monitor the device for safety, the circuit does that for them.

Veteran vapers though prefer to have more control over the construction of their mods. To ensure that they can have a mod to their liking, the build their own vape box mods. These mods are what we call unregulated mods.

Unregulated mods are simple in construction. You can build them with just an atomizer, a battery, and a housing. The danger with these unregulated mods is there is nothing to prevent them from firing if the battery is defective.

What are the most common mod styles?

Dual 18650 box mods

As its name implies, these box mods use 2 18650 batteries. Typically, a dual 18650 vape mod has a wattage range of up to 220 watts. Most of the box mods you will find in the market fall under this category.

Triple 18650 Box Mods

These box mods require the use of 3 18650 batteries. Because of the third battery, you can vape at higher wattages for longer periods of time. However, to accommodate the third battery, these mods are bigger. They also weigh more than dual 18650 box mods. The third battery also affects the shape of the box mod. Instead of the classic box shape, these mods have a more ovular shape.

These are ideal for vapers who enjoy vaping at high wattages. The increased battery capacity can help you vape longer at up to 200 watts.

Squonk Mods

While most box mods have an external tank, squonk mods use an internal tank of e-liquid. A use squeezes the plastic bottle to send e-juice through a 510 connection to a bottom-fed atomizer. Squonk mods are best used in rebuildable tanks.

If you want to cut out the need to drip or refill your tank the traditional way, squonk mods are the ones for you. These are convenient and easy to use. If you want to take advantage of an increase in e-juice capacity, then this is a great mod for you.

Most people think that squonk mods are new. However, squonk mods have been around for almost a decade. The first squonk mods started appearing around 2010. They are popular among hardcore vapers. Vape companies started producing their own squonk mods in 2015.

All in one vape mods

Vape mods that have both the battery and the tank contained in the same body are all in one vape mods. The only part of the mod that protrudes from the box is the drip tip. They don’t have tanks attached to the exterior of the box mod. Most all in one mods have AIO markings.

Because there is no protruding tank, all in one mods are portable. They are also more secure because the tank is inside the body of the mod. This also means that there is less chance of the tank breaking. Some users don’t like all in one mods because they are difficult to refill. Swapping out atomizer coils is also challenging.

DNA box mods

DNA mods are well-known for their accuracy and performance. They are also battery-efficient. DNA is a chipset produced by Evolv. DNA boards are the best in the vaping community.

When people talk about the accuracy of a DNA chip, they refer to how much power is delivered to the atomizer. If you set the DNA mod to 60 watts, the output is 60 watts. This is what you will get every time. Some mods fluctuate. DNA mods do not fluctuate. Because of this accuracy, DNA mods also help you maximize your coil life.

How do I charge my vape mod batteries?

If you have a built-in or internal box mod battery, you can connect your mod to a USB port for charging. It usually takes about 2 to 3 hours for an internal battery to fully charge. The charging time will depend on the capacity of your internal battery.

If you have separate 18650 vape batteries, it is better to use an external battery charger. Even if your mod has a port that you can connect to a USB charger, I don’t recommend charging the vape batteries inside the mod. Charging your battery using a separate vape battery charger will result in a faster and more efficient battery charging.

What is a firmware upgrade and what can it do for me?

Vape mods with firmware upgrades are premium devices. A firmware upgrade is a method of allowing you to download the latest operating software into your vape mod device. This is the same as your mobile phone updating to the latest version. Initiating a firmware upgrade is simple enough. You just need to connect to the manufacturer’s website. Make sure that you connect your mod to your computer via the USB port.

Some firmware upgrades help in expanding the power output of your vape mod. Others add new features or functionalities. It really depends on the manufacturer on what they want to improve on their existing devices.

With the help of firmware upgrades, you can keep up with the latest vaping technology. This is a means of making sure that you have new features in your box mod without buying a new device.

Box mods that come with upgradeable firmware are nice to have. These are additional features that are not essential but if you can have it then go for it. This feature is especially useful for those who love to experiment with different vaping styles.

What is a power curve?

Most of the premium mods have a custom firing profile. This feature is also known as a power curve. A power curve lets you program up to 10 seconds of atomizer firing.

So, why is it important? A custom fire profile means that you can program a wattage output for each second that you press the fire button. Let’s say that you want the initial hit to be mellow but want it to get harder after a few seconds. You can program your mod box to do just that. You can program your first second to fire at 40 watts, the second to fire at 50 watts, the third second to fire at 60 watts and the remaining six seconds at 85 watts.

You can also set a custom fire profile with a hard initial hit that gradually mellows down. If you like using a box mod with a consistent power output or one without any variations, then the custom fire profile won’t be too much of a deal for you. The normal variable wattage mode is more suited for you. Additionally, most vapers fire the atomizer for just about 4 seconds when vaping. This means that you might not use up all of the 10 seconds of a custom atomizer. However, it is still nice to have this option available if you want to try it in the future.

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