CBD chewing gum is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. The best CBD chewing gum is MedCBDX.

The increasing popularity of CBD has led to the supplement being added to a wide variety of products including vape oils, lotions, tinctures, gummies, and more. With the growing CBD market, it was inevitable that manufacturers would begin adding it to chewing gum. Once considered a niche product, it’s rapidly growing in popularity amongst CBD users for it’s ease of use and discreetness.

What is the best CBD chewing gum?

  1. MedCBDX
  2. Endoca
  3. Every Day Optimal

#1. MedCBDX

This extremely affordable gum is manufactured using the highest quality active ingredients, which are then added to a powdered gum base and then turned into tablets using a direct compression method.

This state-of-the-art manufacturing process is designed to ensure consistency from piece-to-piece. Chewing gum made using the tableting process gives a better delivery mechanism for active ingredients and supplement like CBD. Each table contains 10mg of fast-acting CBD.

Who it’s for: MedCBDX is designed for consumers who want a fast-acting supplement that features high bio-availability. It’s for the CBD customer who wants something discreet and convenient at an extremely low price.

#2. Endoca

Each piece of Endoca gum contains 15mg of CBD and is made with natural chicle gum sourced from the Mexican rainforest. This gum includes natural additives like Xylitol, a delicious sweetener found in birch trees, peppermint and mint essential oils, and sunflower lecithin.

This CBD gum is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Since Endoca is made from all-natural ingredients, it breaks down naturally and helps reduce the amount of litter in our environment.

Who it’s for: Endoca is for you if you value environmentally friendly and all-natural products. If you value premium, high-end ingredients and delicious flavors, Endoca is a great choice.

#3. Every Day Optimal

Every Day Optimal is one of the most popular CBD companies out there. They’re mostly known for their line of vape juices, but did you know that they also make CBD gum?

Each piece of this gum contains 10mg of high-quality CBD. They are designed to be fast-absorbing and long-lasting. The delicious cool mint flavor makes this one of the best tasting CBD products out there.

Who it’s for: Every Day Optimal is great for fans of mint flavors. If you’ve tried any of the other products from this brand and loved them then you’ll definitely enjoy their line of CBD gum.

Why should you use CBD chewing gum?

CBD chewing gum gives you the incredible health benefits of CBD in it’s most easily absorbed form. If you want to feel the effects quickly, sublingual administration using tinctures or chewing gum is one of the fastest ways.

If you’re someone who chews gum on a regular basis anyway, why not use a healthier alternative? Regular gum is packed full of sugar and unhealthy artificial additives. With these CBD chewing gums, you’re getting a natural substance and all-natural flavorings.

CBD is in everything nowadays. Chewing gum is one of the newer, less common options. But with the increasing acceptance of CBD throughout the United States, we can expect to see more and more people using chewing gum supplemented with CBD.

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