Best CBD Cream For Pain Canada: CBD To Treat Chronic Pain

Treating chronic pain issues with traditional creams and other OTC medications is a thing of the past. 

All-natural CBD solutions have emerged as potential remedies for different health conditions, including pains and aches. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if you say you’ve been thinking of switching to a CBD cream for pain

But picking the best CBD cream for pain in Canada from among the vast product range can seem challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you out. 

Top 3 CBD Creams For Pain In Canada

  • CBDNorth – Overall Best CBD Body Balm For Pain
  • CBD2HEAL – Best Healing Salve For Chronic Pain 

#1. CBDNorth – Overall Best Body Balm For Pain


The brand CBDNorth works with the aim to produce safe and high-quality CBD products for addressing several health conditions. In fact, it’s highly renowned among long-term CBD consumers all over Canada for its range of potentially effective solutions. 

This CBD cream brought forth by the brand is no exception, as its ingredients are tested by third-party laboratories to comply with stringent quality standards. Plus, each ingredient used is 100% natural, which helps consumers derive optimal benefits. 

You can even check the lab test results anytime as authentic reports are available on the official website. On top of that, the dozens of genuine and glowing customer reviews speak volumes about the quality that this brand provides.

Based in Vancouver, the brand also offers a unique CBD assistance program for Canadians in need, whereby they’re entitled to special discounts on their orders. Some of the potential beneficiaries of the program are people from low-income families, teachers, senior citizens, and Public Safety Workers. 

Furthermore, the brand has a quick and effective shipping policy, whereby the products are delivered to any region of the country in 2-5 business days. 


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Detailed dosage guides
  • May nourish the skin
  • May relieve pain


  • Free shipping only for orders over $99


A. Healing Effects

Joint and muscle pains that persist for months and even years are common among people of all ages. This cream may work wonders in treating such pains and creating a soothing effect on the affected body part. Thus, whether you’re suffering from osteoporosis or sore muscles post rigorous workout sessions, this option might reduce the discomfort and pain to a great extent.

Apart from relieving pains and aches, this balm may also help repair damaged, itchy, and dry skin. That’s because it comes with a range of anti-inflammatory ingredients that effectively treat such skin conditions. In fact, people suffering from eczema may also benefit considerably by using this balm in the long term. 

B. Ingredients

Interestingly, the CBDNorth CBD Body Balm utilizes synergistic plant extracts in its formulation, which lend highly potent pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. These include Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, and Marigold or Calendula oil. 

While Jojoba oil has excellent wound-healing and anti-acne properties, Rosehip oil contains antioxidants in abundance and may reduce signs of skin aging. As for Calendula oil, it can help cure bacterial skin infections. 

Another point worth noting is that all ingredients used in the CBD Body Balm, including the hemp extract, are sourced indigenously. And other than the three oils discussed above, the formulation also contains shea butter, Vitamin E, and organic coconut oil. 

C. Three Variants

The availability of three different variants of this cream is among its most widely appreciated features. You can get the cream in an unscented version and two others with Rose/Vanilla, and Lemongrass/Lavender scents, respectively. 

For users who prefer an all-natural and pure experience without additional scents, the unscented variant will be a perfect choice. It will only provide them with a gentle, creamy, and smooth essence of shea butter. 

Speaking of the Lemongrass and Lavender variant, it contains a refreshing spark of lemongrass and a hint of soothing lavender. While the former may provide additional pain-relieving benefits, the latter may help treat acne and anxiety issues. And the Vanilla and Rose scented cream may have mood-lifting effects and reverse signs of aging. 

D. After-Sales Service

Last but not least, many customers have appreciated the customer support service provided by the brand, whereby representatives promptly cater to any needs or queries of the customers. If you have any general queries or a question related to your order, just get in touch with the brand via mail, social media, or e-forms. 

Visit the Official Website of “CBDNorth”  for the Best Discount

#2. CBD Magic – Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream 


Next on our list is CBD Magic, a brand that has long been focussing on developing superior quality pain-relieving CBD creams for Canadians. And we can confidently say that it has been successful in its endeavor, as each of its creams has been loved by CBD users of all ages. 

Coming to its full-spectrum CBD pain cream, it’s made using 100% pure hemp extracts and a potent blend of different natural ingredients. This ensures the brand maintains its reputation of producing high-quality CBD solutions. 

In addition to providing top-notch quality for its versatile product range, the brand also caters to its customers with efficient support and after-sales services. Each product comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which is fairly sufficient to ensure that a product is indeed delivering the claimed benefits. 

Another noteworthy aspect of this brand is that its official website has separate pages dedicated to different health conditions. This ensures you’re easily able to find the product you’re looking for. 


  • May improve clarity and focus
  • All-natural ingredient profile
  • Free country-wide shipping
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Efficient customer support


  • Doesn’t offer scented versions


A. Versatile Application

The best part about this cream is its multi-purpose use, as it’s one of the few CBD creams on the market offering such versatility. Thus, it works well beyond just doing away with pains and aches owing to the presence of several other cannabinoids apart from CBD in the formulation. 

As a result, the “entourage effect” is created, which results in the cannabinoids making each other more powerful by working in unison. This ultimately helps prevent issues such as nausea, anxiety, and stress, while also improving mental focus and clarity. 

Moreover, it fights, heals, and prevents potential inflammations, several sleeping disorders, and infections. 

B. Size

You’ll be glad to know that this full-spectrum cream comes in several sizes, ranging from 500 to 4000 mg, to meet different potency requirements. 

Notably, the 500 mg or 2 oz container is perfect for those new to the world of CBD healing solutions and willing to buy it as a trial pack. This gives them an opportunity to ascertain whether the cream is working for them and to increase the dosage accordingly. 

C. Informative Resources For Users

We also found the website of the brand to be quite informative. It consists of a number of valuable resources for first-timers to help them understand the positive effects of CBD and other essentials pertaining to the usage of different products and dosages. 

Firstly, it consists of a vast blog section, where detailed articles are included that talk about the different aspects you need to be aware of before purchasing CBD products. You’ll also find many charts and dosage guides that will assist potential consumers with the right way of using each product suitably. 

D. Extensive Testing 

CBD Magic regards delivering superior-quality products as its top priority. As such, it conducts all necessary tests to ensure its products offer the desired safety and potency. 

All products including the pain creams undergo rigorous testing by professionals working in authorized third-party labs to make sure the products meet the industry standards. This ensures the consumers get access to nothing less than premium quality. Moreover, the cream is subjected to pesticide tests as a part of the process. 

E. Positive Customer Feedback

The success of CBD Magic as a leading CBD brand is evident from the number of positive reviews received from verified customers. 

In the case of the CBD cream, many have reported that they noticed a marked reduction in their joint pains and aches within a week of regular use. Furthermore, some have praised the product for curing chronic conditions such as arthritis of the knees and hands. 

Visit the Website of  “CBD Magic” for the Best Discount

#3. CBD2HEAL – Best Healing Salve For Chronic Pain 


We found this brand worthy of inclusion as it’s another highly trusted name on the market for CBD creams and oils. CBD2HEAL functions on the basis of a simple principle of providing affordable and quality CBD products produced from mature non-GMO industrial stalks of hemp. Even the manufacturing procedures utilized for the products abide by the Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP), Canada. 

Apart from that, it’s known for offering a variety of CBD healing solutions to its customers including edibles, creams, pet-friendly oils, vapes, and tinctures. The formulations of the brand are designed by an expert team comprising chemists who have vast experience in CBD innovation and research. 

This is why the ingredients, as well as resultant products, comply with the efficiency and quality standards set by the brand. Additionally, the third-party laboratory tests assure consumers that they’re buying the safest and most potent CBD oils and creams. You can check the verified reports anytime on the official website of the brand in case you’re doubtful about any ingredient. 

Users are also offered free shipping for all orders, irrespective of the region they live in. 


  • 99% CBD isolate content
  • Trusted brand
  • May offer instant pain relief
  • Free shipping policy
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Doesn’t offer any entourage effect


A. Ingredients

The company has a range of CBD isolate products under its belt, implying that the CBD extract used is 100% pure and doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids. As for this healing salve, it’s made using 99% CBD isolate that’s extracted from local organic farms. Owing to the high CBD content of the cream, a little amount is sufficient to reduce the pain. 

The cream also includes several organic ingredients such as coconut oil, berry oil, cayenne pepper, beeswax, and several others. As the ingredients are purely organic, you can use the cream on your skin without having to worry about any adverse effects. But make sure you use this cream in a controlled amount each time. 

B. Potency

This CBD2HEAL cream comes in small containers that are easy to carry anywhere you go, which makes it ideal for use during travels. And like our previous recommendation, this cream is available in multiple potencies ranging from 500 to 4000 mg. 

For new users, it would be best to go for the smaller dosages such as 500 or 1000 mg and enhance the dosage if required. 

C. Potential Health Benefits

Similar to the other options on our list, this cream also comes with lots of potentially healing effects. Primarily, it may help reduce pain in the joints and muscles. The natural components other than CBD may also help in treating such chronic conditions. Plus, you may get relief from skin issues such as acne, inflammation, and cracked skin. 

D. Refund And Shipping Policies

CBD2HEAL ensures all its customers are able to avail of a refund policy that’s flexible enough to resolve any issues they face with its products. Anyone who isn’t satisfied with a product can request a full refund in the first 30 days of the purchase.

Also, upon usage, if the cream doesn’t seem to be of any help or causes adverse allergies and side effects, CBD2HEAL will grant a refund within a month. Note that such a policy also makes it clear that the brand is confident about providing customers with the desired results. 

The shipping policy is also quite efficient, apart from being free of cost for all Canadian citizens. Moreover, the brand ensures all orders placed within 9 a.m. are shipped on the same day. While it takes two to three business days to deliver orders in towns and cities, five to eight days might be needed for rural regions. 

Visit the Official Website of “CBD2HEAL” for the Best Discount

How We Made This List Of The Best CBD Relief Salves:

At this point, you might be wondering how we managed to zero in on three options for our list despite the availability of a multitude of brands. That’s why we’ll be telling you all about the method we adopted, including the important criteria we took into account. 

For starters, we compiled a list of all the well-known brands on the market that sell CBD creams for pain. And we weren’t surprised that the list ended up being quite long. 

Next it was time for us to conduct extensive research on every listed brand based on the customer reviews and ratings for different products. We also took into account the nature and source of ingredients used in the pain creams and examined the test reports on their websites provided by third-party labs. 

On the basis of these inferences, we shortlisted the brands that met the stringent quality and potency standards that we had chalked out beforehand. The result was a considerably shorter list, but we still had more work to do as the remaining brands could still leave the users confused about their choice. 

Thus began the second leg of our research, whereby we reached out to each of the brands for a deeper insight into their manufacturing procedures and other important policies. Also, we took relevant inputs from experienced CBD users, media sources, and industry experts. 

That’s how we narrowed down our list to the three best brands that we’ve discussed in our guide. 

Now, let’s take a quick look at the key factors that were part of our quality standards: 

  • Nature and source of the hemp extract
  • Customer feedback
  • Manufacturing facilities utilized
  • Dosage guides
  • Potential benefits
  • The THC content of the products
  • Brand reputation

Buyer’s Guide: All That You Need To Know Before Buying CBD Cream For Pain Relief

Irrespective of the number of CBD creams flooding the market, you’d always want to settle for the best. 

At the same time, it’s essential to keep in mind that different brands produce creams in their own way. A product that’s beneficial for a particular person might not yield the same benefits for another user. So, you should be clear about your requirements before making a suitable choice. 

You’d also have to be aware of the presence of any allergy-causing ingredients. So, we’ve added this section to our guide consisting of the different factors to keep in mind while purchasing the best CBD cream for pain in Canada.  

1. Potency And CBD Extract Type

The majority of CBD creams use primarily three types of extracts of CBD, i.e. isolates, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum variants. Creams containing isolates are fit for users who prefer to abstain from THC and other similar cannabinoids. As for the broad-spectrum type, it comprises a range of cannabinoids, though it’s free of THC. 

The full-spectrum type is what most users opt for as it preserves all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in the hemp plant, including THC. This helps generate the much-desired entourage effect that’s considered more effective compared to the cannabinoids working solo. 

Additionally, we found in the course of our research that the majority of topical creams contain 3-8 mg of CBD. Users suffering from chronic pains might prefer higher potencies, while first-timers should start with a lesser CBD content and gradually increase the potency. 

2. Organic Formulation

No matter the brand you’re choosing, you should always look for creams made from non-GMO and organic or industrial hemp varieties. These will be free from pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and herbicides. Such ingredients are sourced from trusted organic farms in the country.  

In the case of all reliable brands, the source of the hemp is mentioned on the packaging or the official website, so do watch out for the list of ingredients. 

You should also be careful to ensure that the other ingredients added are sourced naturally, as that will rule out chances of allergic reactions. In the same way, you should go for unscented versions if you prefer to avoid any kind of fragrance. Note that many reputed brands offer CBD creams that come without fragrances, so you’ll easily be able to find such an option. 

3. Dosage Guides

Reliable CBD brands are aware that everyone might not have enough knowledge regarding the ideal frequency of application for CBD creams. As such, they include an extensive guide on the right dosage for different potency needs on their website. Such information is also mentioned on the packages. 

That’s why we’d recommend noting the dosage advice carefully before starting to use a CBD product. 

4. Authenticity

As the competition between different CBD brands grows with each passing day, it’s not unusual for them to make false or outrageous claims just for selling their products. That’s why users should remember to check the lab test results uploaded on the brand websites for the overall CBD concentration in the products. 

The certificates must also declare that the cream is devoid of chemicals such as fertilizers, metals, or pesticides. Also, keep in mind that several brands offer money-back guarantees for a certain duration from the purchase date in case users aren’t satisfied with the results. 

5. Application

When it comes to understanding your needs, it’s important to know the health concerns that the different ingredients of the cream can address. 

For instance, many brands solely utilize pain-relieving ingredients for their creams, whereas others include additional components such as calendula or jojoba that may nourish the skin. And there are others that may also boost clarity and focus in the users. 

6. Shipping Policy

Last but not least, the shipping policy of the brand is an important aspect to check while going through its official website. You will always want the product to be delivered quickly and with no or minimal extra charges. 

Know that the brands that offer free shipping for their orders are ready to bear the costs of delivering quality products to their customers. In the long term, the shipping policy determines whether the brand will be able to build a trustworthy relationship with customers. 

FAQs About CBD Creams For Pain Canada:

Q1. How do CBD creams help reduce pain? 

In simple words, a CBD cream primarily works by activating the endocannabinoid system present in your body that affects the pain and pleasure sensations you experience. Whenever you feel an itch or pain, some skin receptors (CBD2 and CB1) instantly release signals through neurotransmitters to dampen the sensations. 

On using any CBD cream on the affected area, the ingredients bypass such receptors and directly contact the neurotransmitters. This gives rise to a much faster pain relief mechanism. The cream goes deep down through the skin to bind the receptors present there and in the tissues and nerves to treat inflammation and pain. 

Plus, sufficient research has been conducted into such claims, which has suggested that CBD indeed reacts with the receptors to reduce inflammation and pain. 

Remember that these creams possess a thicker texture, which causes the skin to soak them up though they stay intact in the bloodstream. Considering this, you may regard CBD creams as “target-oriented” treatments for muscle pain. 

Q2. Do CBD creams have any side effects? 

Though CBD creams won’t get you high per se, they do come with certain side effects, which may include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness or drowsiness
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Dry mouth

If you experience such conditions, you shouldn’t use the cream any further and get in touch with your physician as soon as possible. 

Q3. How do you apply a CBD cream? 

As CBD creams are necessarily topical, users can utilize them in the same way as other pain-relieving balms or creams. Note that the rule of thumb is to take a tiny amount and massage it gently onto the skin on the affected portion. 

Several creams come with traces of arnica or menthol, which may render a warm or cool sensation upon application. In such cases, it’s best to use small amounts initially and increase the amount gradually after you’re accustomed to such a sensation. 

Patch testing the cream is a great idea as that will help you ascertain whether it’s suiting your skin. Apply a little bit of the cream to your palm to check for any inflammation or irritation. If you experience a burning sensation or rashes develop on the skin, it implies the ingredients aren’t compatible with your skin type. 

Q4. Can CBD creams work instantly? 

The efficiency of a particular cream would vary with its ingredients along with the overall quality on offer. Notably, low-quality creams will take more time to act on the pain and irritation and might not offer the desired effects in the long run. 

But in the case of high-quality creams, you might witness effective results in as little as an hour. There are a few other factors at play such as the frequency of application, dosage, and the response of the body to the particular cream. 

Q5. What’s the shelf-life of CBD creams, on average? 

A misconception regarding organic creams is that they may have a shorter shelf-life. However, such creams may last as long as 1.5 years if stored in a spot that’s away from moisture and heat. 

Note that the expiration date will be provided on the jar with the cream, hence you shouldn’t apply it after its shelf-life is exhausted. 

Q6. Does CBD cream interact with other medications? 

CBD creams can potentially interact with several products including over-the-counter herbal products, and prescription medications. While some shouldn’t be taken with CBD at all, others might have to be modified to prevent any serious issues. 

Q7. What are the areas where you can apply a CBD cream? 

As mentioned earlier, a CDB cream has to be applied in the same way as other ointments or pain-relieving creams. Some problem areas where you can apply the cream include:

  • Heels and feet
  • Elbow and knee joints
  • Around the nose
  • On the temples 
  • Shoulders and neck

Owing to the higher concentration of CBD, a little bit of the cream can have a pronounced effect on the pains or aches you might face. Again, you should follow the instructions for the dosage provided by the brand that might require you to reapply the cream at intervals of 3 to 4 hours. 

Q8. Does CBD cream have any effect on blood pressure? 

A few research studies suggest that CBD products might result in the lowering of blood pressure. Notably, a recent study found that it might have a vasodilatory effect on rat and human arteries. The authors suggested that CBD might improve blood flow as it widens blood vessels. 

Q9. What’s the ideal dosage for first-time users of CBD?

With regard to using CBD in topical form such as in lotions, creams, and salves, you’ll have to divide the total CBD content by the number of milligrams (mg) in the package. 

This will tell you the amount of CBD in one ml of the product. If you’re a first-time user, you can then take a dosage of 30 mg CBD using a metric spoon by scooping out 7.5 ml from the container. 

Conclusion – Which CBD Cream For Pain Should You Buy? 

All set to purchase a suitable CBD cream for pain Canada? So, go ahead and adopt this all-natural and safe solution to staying pain-free, comfortable, and healthy. 

Each of the products we’ve included in our guide has been subjected to extensive research and has also been tested by experienced members of our team. Hence, rest assured that going for any of these will be one of the best decisions you’ve made to date. 

Still, we’d like to share with you our top choice from the list before signing off. The CBDNorth CBD Body Balm is the best of the lot as it offers the potential effectiveness that consumers desire and consists of beneficial plant extracts that enhance its formulation. 

Side by side, the efficient shipping policy, and unique financial assistance program adopted by the brand suggest that it regards customer satisfaction as its topmost priority. 

With that, we’ll wrap things up for today. See you soon!

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