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After much research and testing into CBD tinctures, we determined that the best is from Hemp Bombs because of its potency and variety of flavors. If you’ve never tried CBD before and don’t know exactly what features you’re looking for then you can’t go wrong with Hemp Bombs. It’s the overall best and easiest to use CBD tincture out there.

Hemp Bombs Tincture

Hemp Bombs is available in 300, 600, 1000, 2000, and 4000 mg concentrations. It has the highest concentration of CBD out of any of Hemp Bombs products. This high-quality tincture is available in a variety of flavors including peppermint and watermelon. Each bottle contains 30ml of CBD oil that has been tested by independent labs for purity and potency. One serving size is approximately half of a dropper, giving you 16.6mg of cannabidiol per serving and 60 servings per bottle.

Why It’s The Best: Hemp Bombs is the best CBD tincture available. Hemp Bombs has a reputation for creating some of the highest quality CBD products available. They use the highest quality ingredients and a consistently reliable manufacturing process. All of their products are third-party tested so you know that you’re getting an authentic and high-quality CBD tincture.

The available flavors are refreshing without being overpowering. If you struggle with one of the many conditions that can potentially be alleviated with cannabidiol, then Hemp Bombs tincture is the way to go.

What are CBD tinctures and how are they made?

CBD can be taken in many different forms, ranging from vape juice to edibles and everything in between. One of the most popular methods to consume it – especially if you’re a first timer – is by using a tincture (also sometimes called hemp oil tinctures).

The extraction process is relatively uncomplicated. Tinctures are created by steeping cannabis flower in a high-proof grain alcohol which is then applied to low heat for a long period of time. The heat infuses the active cannabinoids such as THC into the neutral alcohol, which is then boiled off. The remaining liquid gives you pure CBD without any of the psychoactive elements of the marijuana plant. This hemp extract is what you’re getting when you buy a tincture.

Runner Up: Koi Naturals – Great for pain relief

KOI CBD on shelf

This all-natural tincture from Koi is available in two sizes, five strengths, and four different incredible flavors. Koi sources their cannabidiol from farms in the cool, crisp mountains of beautiful Colorado. This tincture is infused with delicious flavors including lemon-lime, spearmint, and orange. All of their flavors are subtle, natural-tasting formulations that avoid that over-the-top candy flavor that a lot of other brands have.

Why We Like It: Koi is one of the most popular brands of CBD in the world. They’ve been reviewed and featured in all of the most prominent vaping publications, including here on Vapor Vanity. They have a stellar reputation and you know that you’re getting a high quality product when you purchase directly from Koi.

koi naturals

Each bottle of Koi Naturals is packed with useful cannabinoids such as CBD, CBDV, and CBG while omitting THC. These cannabinoids are blended together using their proprietary process and are designed to give you the maximum relief possible. They bind to the cannabinoid receptors (aka CB receptors) in your brain; relieving your anxiety, pain, seizure disorders, and chronic inflammation. These receptors are also responsible for regulating your mood. Once you try Koi Naturals sublingual tincture, you’ll understand why hundreds of thousands of people have been using this particular brand.

Just CBD – Great for relaxation

Just CBD tincture

Just CBD makes a quality tincture that is made from the finest hemp oil. Sourced from all-organic cannabidiol and flavors, this tincture is completely safe for adults to consume.

Everything about Just CBD is designed to give you great taste and a rapid feeling of relief. Simply put a couple drops of this award-winning tincture underneath your tongue and feel the effects of CBD almost instantaneously. This tincture comes in a convenient travel-sized bottle, so you’ll never be without your tincture when you need it most.

How do I take a CBD tincture?

Since CBD tinctures are highly concentrated, they are meant to be taken in extremely small doses. Most commercially available tinctures come in a bottle with a dropper that makes administering the smaller doses as easy as possible.

Tinctures can be added to any of your favorite foods or beverages. You can add it to your favorite soups, pastas, or other recipes that can be easily stirred. You can also add it to morning coffee, tea, or juice.

A lot of people prefer to use CBD tinctures sublingually underneath the tongue. There is some research indicating that sublingual application makes all cannabinoids, including CBD and it’s psychoactive cousin THC, more easily available in the body. That’s why this method of applying tinctures is extremely popular in epilepsy and chronic pain treatment.

hemp bombs cbd oil

What is the best CBD tincture for sale in 2019?

  1. Hemp Bombs
  2. Koi Naturals
  3. Just CBD

If you’re new to the world of tinctures, you can’t go wrong with Hemp Bombs. It has a wide variety of different strengths ranging from 300mg all the way up to a whopping 4000mg. This means that there are a variety of different price points that are great for consumers with different budgets and needs. Their flavors are uniquely formulated and are some of the best tasting out there. Hemp Bombs’ customer service team is top-notch and always available to help you out if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase. They are the best place to buy CBD today.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with any of the other tinctures on our list. They are all considered to be among the best CBD tinctures in the world Koi Naturals is extremely popular amongst both experienced CBD users and beginners due to it’s ease of use and all-natural formulation. Once you get a feel for how tinctures work you’ll start to know which features are most important for you and you’ll be able to decide accordingly for future purchases.

The most important thing is to not overthink it and just dive in. Putting a couple drops of CBD under your tongue really isn’t complicated, especially if you have previous CBD experience. It’s by far the easiest way to use CBD, since you don’t have to buy any special equipment or need to learn any special skills. With marijuana becoming more acceptable throughout the United States, CBD and THC are both becoming more widely available and commonly used. As the cannabis plant becomes less stigmatized, we’ll see more and more marijuana oil products come on to the market, giving consumers like you even more options to treat your anxiety, inflammation, and other symptoms.

What are the benefits of using CBD tinctures?

  1. Convenience. You don’t need to buy a vaporizer or any other special equipment to use tinctures. You don’t have to plug anything in and wait hours for it to charge up. When you need relief, just use the included dropper to place a couple drops underneath your tongue or mix it with your favorite food or beverage. You’ll feel the effects of CBD almost immediately.
  2. Ease of use. Tinctures are the easiest way to use CBD. You don’t need to figure out how to use a vape pen or dab rig. You don’t need to wait hours for the edibles to kick in and try to figure out how to adjust your dosage over that long time frame. Taking a few drops of a tincture is as easy as it gets.
  3. Increased bioavailability. Research shows that tinctures have a higher bioavailability than edibles and other methods of consuming CBD. A study conducted on volunteers who underwent a fast before using a tincture found that the bioavailability of the tincture was 18% higher than with a capsule.

What are the disadvantages that come with the use of CBD tinctures?

  1. Using a tincture can be awkward. If you’re in public and need some CBD immediately, it can be a little bit weird to pull out a dropper and put a couple drops under your tongue. It can be a lot easier or more convenient to just pop a capsule, eat an edible, or take puff on a vape pen.
  2. It can get expensive. CBD is expensive. Period. It costs a ton of money to grow the hemp, isolate the cannabidiol, test it for purity, and package/market it. There’s just no way around that. At this point in time there isn’t anything that anyone can do to bring the price down for the consumer without compromising quality. But if you stick to the less potent stuff (under 1000mg) then it can be a lot more cost-effective.


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