Best CBD Wax 2021

If you have ever heard of or tried CBD, you may already know that this cannabinoid shows a lot of promise as a therapeutic compound.

One of the best things about CBD is that you can take it in more ways than one, such as tinctures, edibles, topicals, and e-liquids. But a product category that you wouldn’t usually hear of is CBD concentrates, also known as CBD wax. These contain highly concentrated cannabinoid extracts that are perfect for people looking for stronger potency of CBD.

CBD wax effectively helps relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and a bunch of other maladies, depending on the kind of ingredients used to formulate the product.

Wax is fast-acting and effective and gives you a calming buzz that will help you have a stress-free day. It is perfect for experienced vapers, dabbers, and all those looking for a product with a high CBD content.

The product is gaining a lot of popularity among people and many companies are scrambling to manufacture and sell good CBD wax.

However, only a few companies produce premium-quality CBD wax, making it all the more difficult for consumers to find them.

Through this buyer’s guide, Vapor Vanity offers unbiased and well-researched info to help you find the best CBD wax brands.

So, let’s get started.

Top Picks

#1. Cheef Botanicals CBD/CBG Wax 1:1 + Terpenes

#2. Extract Labs OG Blue CBD Crumble

#3. CBD Living CBD Dabz Shatter 1000 mg

Types of CBD Wax

Most CBD products are made from hemp extracts, which contain a myriad of natural compounds, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanical extracts, which work synergistically to enhance the effects of this cannabinoid.

CBD wax is a thick and highly viscous substance, known for its wax-like appearance. You will also find these products in several varieties based on their texture and consistency. These are:

CBD Budder

Budder is a type of hemp wax that is derived by treating hemp extracts with different levels of air pressure and very high temperatures. The resulting product has a fluffier and lighter consistency — much like butter — unlike most other CBD waxes.

CBD Shatter

Shatter gets its name from the fact that it shatters like broken glass when touched. CBD Shatter is made by heating CBD under high temperatures and letting it settle to get its brittle structure.

CBD Crumble

As the name suggests, this type of wax has a crumbly texture. This wax is created using pre-purged CBD oils. Due to this, the wax is quite fragile and high in moisture.

So, how does CBD Crumble differ from Shatter and Budder?

Well, the texture of crumble is less sticky than budder and more easily breakable compared to shatter.

CBD Live Resin

Last but not least, live resin is a relatively new member among CBD concentrates. It is developed by freeze-drying the harvested hemp plant before the extraction. This step preserves the cannabinoid and terpene profiles, resulting in products with better aromas and flavors.

CBD live resins are considered the best kind of CBD waxes by cannabis enthusiasts.

How We Picked Our Favorites

The team at Vapor Vanity, including our editorial and product review teams, has been a part of the CBD industry for a long time. Our writers are regular cannabis users who are used to dabbing and vaping, and this knowledge reflects in their articles and blogs.

Our product testers also do an extensive study before shortlisting the products and test each one of them to be extra sure of their quality, safety, and efficiency.

We also consult cannabis experts and prominent cannabis websites to ensure that our observations are spot on and understand their opinions on making and selling good-quality CBD products.

Our team combed through the various lab reports and CoAs and ranked the products based on attributes such as potency, flavor, effectiveness, price, bioavailability, and other services provided by the brand.

Our team did a thorough check on the reviews and testimonials posted on the brand website, social media, and other online platforms.

Rest assured, our list features some of the best CBD waxes in the market today.

Best CBD Wax Reviewed

#1. Cheef Botanicals CBD/CBG Wax 1:1 + Terpenes

Cheef Botanicals is a leading producer and distributor of 100% natural, safe, and effective CBD products in the US. The brand has a massive line of CBD products, from edibles and tinctures to topicals and much more, which has helped them earn a stellar reputation among customers in the CBD marketplace.

Its line of CBD wax offers clean and pure CBD and CBG along with beneficial terpenes that incite the entourage effect, offering the consumer a truly effective and utterly gratifying experience.

Smoking or vaping this product promotes instant relaxation and ensures overall wellness. The presence of terpenes also elevates the flavor and aroma of the CBD+CBG Wax.

All the products undergo third-party lab tests for quality, safety, and efficiency with the reports displayed on the brand website.

The product is available in four different sizes.


  • Contains natural, non-GMO ingredients
  • Has 99% pure CBG and CBD
  • THC-free
  • Fast-acting and effective
  • Offers fast shipping within 2–4 days via USPS
  • Has a 45-day money-back policy for unsatisfied customers
  • Offers special discounts and promotional deals from time to time
  • Responsive and proactive customer support


  • No free shipping
  • No international shipping
  • No variation in flavors

What Customers Say

Cheef Botanical’s CBD+CBG wax is a relatively new product in the hemp marketplace. But the product has received positive reviews and customer ratings.

Customers commented that the product helped them manage anxiety, stress, and pain and effectively cleared the mind, helping them focus and perform better. They also loved the company’s refund and returns policies and the support offered by the Cheef Botanicals team whenever they had queries.

Our Opinion

We were very satisfied with the brand’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. The CBD+CBG Wax not only smelled and tasted good, but it also gave us ample relaxation after a long day at work.

Vaping such a high-quality product would definitely make you feel special. Each batch of the brand’s products comes with consistent quality, flavor, and feel. The brand never fails to live up to its reputation. The clean, pure aroma and flavor left a pleasant and lasting impact.

A tiny blob of this concentrate was good enough for a long vaping session. The presence of CBG made it so much better. And, the terpene blend was simply awesome!

We had a lot of queries, though, all of which were graciously handled by the warm and well-informed customer support team.

Kudos to the team!

#2. Extract Labs OG Blue CBD Crumble

Extract Labs is another leading manufacturer of premium CBD products. The company, which operates out of Boulder, Colorado, ensures that all its products are made from natural and organic hemp, with the extracts safely and efficiently obtained using the CO2 extraction method.

Extract Labs is a lab at its core. So, all its products undergo extensive analytical laboratory testing to determine and ensure their safety and quality. You can grab the lab reports and CoAs on the company website using a tracking number.

All their products are devoid of pesticides, heavy metals, and anything that could contaminate the product. Contaminants generally carry an immense health risk.

The OG Blue CBD Crumble is made from broad-spectrum CBD distillates, with a broad range of natural terpenes typical to this hybrid strain, offering consumers a wonderful vaping or dabbing experience. The OG Blue was created by breeding two popular strains, the OG Kush and the Blue Crush.

This third-party lab-tested product comes in a 1g (0.03oz) container, containing 800mg of CBD and 200mg of numerous minor cannabinoids. The product, which has its base in natural American-origin hemp extracts, has an earthy flavor, coupled with a smooth, blue raspberry- and grape-like flavor. While it’s best consumed by vaping or dabbing, you could also mix it in any fatty oil and use it in your preferred manner.


  • Natural and legally compliant CBD products made from US-grown hemp
  • Comes at an economical price
  • Contains 800 mg of CBD and 200 mg of minor cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Allows free shipping on orders over $50
  • Contains strain-specific hemp-derived terpenes


  • Lab results weren’t available on the product page
  • Returns of orders worth more than $500 are subject to a 25 % restocking fee
  • Has a 7-day money-back policy for unsatisfied customers

What Customers Say

Extract Labs products are quite popular among CBD users. Those who’ve tried the OG Blue CBD Crumble have given it a lot of positive reviews and high ratings.

They say it is among the best CBD Crumbles they have ever used. They all loved the fruity aroma and flavor as well as the effects that go with this fine CBD product.

The users have said that the product helped alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety, allowing them to stay calm and focused throughout the day. They also noted that it helped improve sleep patterns, ensuring that they woke up feeling fresh and pumped.

Customers also appreciated the brand’s customer support and fantastic shipping and return policies, gaining them a place in our list of the best CBD wax brands.

Our Opinion

As always, Extract Labs never disappoint us. This particular product was fantastic. We loved the sweet, smooth flavor and the mild, fruity aroma of this concentrate.

The smell was not overbearing at all. It was quite pleasant, yet strong.

The effects were nice and long-lasting. It helped us numb all that restlessness, tiredness, and pain that we accumulate through the day and gave us a good night’s sleep. But you could try it during the day, as well, if you are ever too edgy or anxious about something.

#3. CBD Living CBD Dabz Shatter 1000 mg

CBD Living is a brand known for producing some of the most sophisticated and superior-quality hemp products in the CBD industry.

Their products are manufactured using a unique process called nanotechnology, unlike several other CBD companies. This increases the efficacy and bioavailability of CBD by about 90%. Amazing, right?

CBD Living’s CBD Dabz Shatter is a perfect choice for those who are into dabbing. The company provides detailed lab reports testifying to the safety, potency, and overall quality of the product.

CBD Dabz shatter is available in four delicious flavors — Zkittlez, Durban Poison, Orange Cookies, and Gelato.


  • Made from organic non-GMO hemp
  • Extracted via the CO2 method
  • 100% free of THC, solvents, or pesticides
  • Moderately priced
  • Free domestic shipping on all orders above $75
  • Honest and supportive customer service


  • Lower CBD potency than most other similar products
  • Single size

What Customers Say

Those who have tried these dabs by CBD Living had only positive things to say about the product. They were super satisfied with its quality, purity, flavor profiles, and overall effectiveness.

They were impressed by the brand’s proprietary water-soluble nanotechnology that enables quick CBD absorption, allowing the users to achieve maximum benefits.

The supportive customer care team, convenient shipping and return policies, and an excellent website to boot, have ensured a wonderful shopping experience.

Our Opinion

Fantastic products, awesome customer support, and clean packaging to go with them – this product offers optimal value for money. It helped us all with issues such as nausea and pain. It had an overall soothing and calming effect and lasted quite long – which is why this brand made it to our list of Top CBD Waxes.

Buyer’s Guide for CBD Concentrate

Since there are many CBD companies out there making CBD waxes, a few may be selling products that may not be good for you in the long run.

So, it becomes all the more important to steer clear of those brands and choose the right brand and product for you.

To help you in this endeavor, we at VV have put together some key factors that you must look for while shopping for good CBD wax concentrates.

Let us go over those key pointers.

Hemp Sourcing

While shopping for a good CBD wax, you need to look for brands that source their products from organic and non-GMO hemp grown in the US, as the country has strict laws and regulations for farming hemp plants.

You must look for products certified by the US Hemp Authority to be sure about their quality. You can get this information on the product label or the brand website.

Extraction Process

The method of extraction is yet another way to discern whether the CBD wax is of good quality. Look for brands that derive their hemp extracts using the CO2 extraction process instead of methods using solvents such as butane, ethanol, or acetone.

This is a crucial factor, as some of these solvents are difficult to purge from the final extract, and their presence may cause severe health issues.

Quality and Purity

As a potential buyer, one of the most important things you need to look for is the quality and purity of the CBD wax.

The CBD wax must contain only pure hemp extracts along with a blend of terpenes and other beneficial plant cannabinoids without any cutting agent, pesticide, or synthetic additive. The presence of these chemicals can hinder the overall quality of the product and even jeopardize your health.

Third-party Lab Reports

Most brands send their hemp extracts to be tested at third-party labs to get an unbiased report of their actual contents.

Consider the brands that are open to displaying their lab reports so that you know what you are buying and are sure of its contents.

Avoid the brands or companies that are reluctant to share these details, as they may not be that trustworthy or authentic as they say.


Always look for the ingredients list on the lab report or product label to ensure that only natural ingredients are used to produce the CBD wax. They should be free of synthetic chemicals and other contaminants that can reduce the quality of the wax, making it unsafe for consumption.

Product Variations

Considering the popularity of CBD wax concentrates, many companies produce and sell different variants. So, you must look for different options in container sizes, potencies, strains, and flavors, to name a few. Keep experimenting with the different variants to find the perfect one for you!

Brand Credibility

Since there are different ways to derive CBD extracts and make different kinds of CBD products, many brands compromise on the quality to increase their profit margin.

And that is what you must look out for. Never compromise on the quality in favor of lower prices, as it can do more harm than it’s worth.

Buying CBD products from such brands can ruin your whole experience and make a dent in your wallet too!

Hence, go for a reputable brand while shopping for quality CBD wax.

Do proper market research and look for customer reviews and ratings to make sure that you make the right choice.


Lastly, you must take note of the prices. Remember that CBD wax concentrates are highly potent, with over 90% of CBD content along with a nice blend of botanical extracts, cannabinoids, and terpenes, So, it is only natural that it may be a little more expensive than some other hemp-derived products.

Consider its efficacy and quick action while buying the product. That makes the price worth it! Avoid brands selling products at lower rates. Also, do a proper study to get an idea about industry prices before placing your order.

CBD Wax: Vaping or Dabbing?

Vaping and dabbing are two ways by which you can take CBD wax and ensure that you can enjoy its effects and medical benefits without any hassle.

But which method is better? Now, that is an ongoing debate.

Vaping is quite popular among CBD users purely because of the convenience and ease of use. But dabbing is not far behind and is quickly gaining a lot of fanfare.

Dabbing requires a more extensive set-up with dabbing rigs and a blow torch while vaping only needs a vape pen or a mod device.

For the inexperienced, vaping would be a better option, as it is more straightforward and comfortable to use, especially while on the go.

But for the more experienced consumer who is looking for a more fun way to inhale CBD vapors, dabbing is the way to go.

But it eventually boils down to your personal preference, as there is no scientific evidence that either method is more effective or safer than the other.

FAQs About CBD Wax

Q: What is the best way to use CBD Wax?

A: There are two popular ways to use CBD wax.

Dabbing is one. You will need dab rigs or dab pens, along with a bunch of other tools for dabbing. It’s quite an elaborate set-up if you are new, but effective nonetheless.

Vaping is an easy and convenient way to inhale CBD wax, as it only involves using a vape pen or a mod. These are sleek and stylish little devices that you can carry around in your purse or pockets. Simple enough.

Q: How are CBD dabs different from CBD wax?

A: CBD wax is a type of CBD concentrate, meaning that they have a high CBD concentration. So, you do not need to take it in large quantities to enjoy the desired effects.

CBD wax contains over 90% of CBD, but it also includes a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD dabs, on the other hand, contain pure CBD with few other natural extracts.

Q: Is it safe to consume CBD wax?

A: Yes, but you need to pick the CBD wax from a reputable and trustworthy brand to ensure that you get a safe and premium CBD product.

CBD wax concentrates offer quick and effective relief from aches, stress, and a host of other health issues. They are high on potency, allowing the CBD to enter your system faster compared to other methods and offer the desired relief.

Q: Is CBD wax legal in your state?

A: Yes, CBD wax is federally legal across the US, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. But the caveat is that it should not contain over 0.3% of THC.

Yet, you must read up all the rules and regulations of your state before placing the order.

Parting Thoughts

The popularity of CBD wax and other CBD products has gone up over the past couple of years.

These products have very high concentrations of CBD, thereby acting as a natural treatment against many health issues, including anxiety, pain, inflammation, and sleep disorders, to name a few.

Do you enjoy vaping or dabbing? Or, are you just looking for a highly potent and clean CBD experience? Then, CBD wax is your best bet!

In this article, we brought you some of the best brands selling CBD wax, along with their pros, cons, and what customers like or dislike about them. It should help you pick the right product without having to spend hours on research.

Try them for yourself and let us know how these products worked for you.

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