Best Christmas Gifts for Vapers 2015


For the mechanical mod lover

Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit

We first reviewed the Lone Wulf back in January, and we still haven’t found a mech mod that even comes close. This one is constructed in America and the quality/attention to detail put into the manufacture of this mod is obvious. Buy one quality mech mod and it’ll last a lifetime. Buy a shitty one from China and you’ll be buying another one next month.

Lone Wulf


For the fan of box mods

Kanger SUBOX Kit

It’s one of the most popular box mod kits ever made for a good reason. It simply works. It might not have all of the most flashy features, but it’s a dependable mod that should be in every vaping enthusiast’s rotation.


Conflict 50W Temperature Control Kit

This brand new kit provides the latest temperature control technology in an affordable package that includes both the Conflict box mod and perfectly compatible Conflict tank. Highly recommended.


For the person who likes both mechanicals and box mods

Hell Hound Mechanical Box Mod

The Hell Hound is a box shaped mechanical mod from Wulf Mods, the same manufacturer who designed the Lone Wulf. Bonus points: Most vapers don’t have a mechanical box mod, so most hardcore vapers will appreciate having one of these to round out the collection. Read our review of the Hell Hound here.

Hell Hound Box Mod

For the person who wants to quit smoking, but doesn’t want to get involved in all of this advanced nerd stuff

Vaporcade E-Cigarettes

These cig-a-likes might not get the approval of vaping nerds, but they get the job done. If you know someone who wants to quit but doesn’t want to walk around in public with a huge metal dildo sticking out of their face, this is the perfect way to get them off the cigarettes.


Juul E-Cigarette

This futuristic looking, rechargeable e-cig is a great way to quit smoking. It looks cool, and there are multiple flavor pods available.



Stocking stuffers

Technically, every vaping product is small enough to be a stocking stuffer. But these little add-on items aren’t cool enough to be the main gift, so that’s why they’re in this section.

Digital Ohm Reader

With the safety issues that have been popping up recently with mechanical mods (uneducated people blowing themselves up), it’s important to get an Ohm reader. This cheap stocking stuffer will make sure that your favorite vaper stays safe.



Lithium Ion Battery Case

Give your favorite vaper the gift of safety. Might not be as cool as getting a sweet new tie or pair of socks, but at least their legs won’t catch on fire when they carry batteries in their pocket.


Pre-Wrapped Coils

Pre-wrapped claptons will always be appreciated for the RBA fan. Unless they’re a super nerd, then they’ll be offended and awkwardly try to show off their mad coil wrapping skills.

clapton pre built

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