Best Dab Rigs 2022: A Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Dab Rig

Dabbing has become one of the most popular and preferred methods of consuming weed. Dabbing calls for specialized equipment and concentrates like wax or shatter. One of the main reasons why most weed smokers prefer this method is that they get to enjoy a flavorful and smokeless high.

However, finding the right type of dab rig is where the problem lies for most people. Dozens of brands are flooding the market with different types of dab rigs. However, not every dab rig out there is suitable for you.

Not to worry, we’ve researched and provided you with the best dab rigs on the market. This article will cover the ten best dab rigs, how we made this list, and essential factors to consider when choosing a dab rig. 

Top 10 Best Dab Rig

After carrying out our research, we went one step further to review each product that made our list. These are the top dab rigs:

  1. Cheech and Chong Anthony Water Pipe Bong – Best Option Overall
  2. 40th Anniversary Cheech & Chong Water Pipe – Best for Smooth Hits
  3. Amnesia 10” Dab Rig – Best Travel Dab Rig

1. Cheech and Chong Anthony Water Pipe Bong – Best Option Overall

The Cheech and Chong brand has been around for over a decade. Moreover, this brand is known to produce some of the best dab rigs on the market. This water pipe features thick borosilicate glass, luxury packaging, and flawless percolation. Moreover, this dab rig is very easy to use. First, the vapor passes through the fixed down stem and the percolator’s submerged slits. Next, the dab rig’s water system filters and cools the vapor. 

This process creates a flavorful, smoother, more pleasurable hit that is less harsh on the lungs and throat. With this dab rig from Cheech and Chong, you will surely enjoy a top-notch performance and flavorful hits.


Fast Delivery: One of the main benefits of choosing this brand is that you enjoy fast deliveries. Order your dab rig online and expect it at your doorstep within four business days. Plus, this brand offers discounts to help you cut costs.

Smooth and Tasty Hits: Looking to enjoy some pleasurable and smooth hits, then this water pipe is just what you need. This dab rig features a two-tiered percolator which smoothens and enhances each vapor you inhale. Simply dab your favorite waxy extracts for a blissful experience.

Eye-Catching Design: This dab rig features an eye-catching design, thanks to the popular Cheech & Chong decal. Additionally, this dab rig is available in five colors, including black, red, purple, apple green, and light blue.

Longevity Guaranteed: One of the main reasons we like this dab rig is that it is very sturdy and durable. This dab rig features a strong borosilicate glass, a reinforced fixed down stem, and a double-tier showerhead percolator. Additionally, this dab features a 14.5mm male joint, 14mm female, and a Dewar joint which serves as an extra layer of durability. This robust piece can serve you for a lifetime if handled with care.


  • Colored accents
  • 11% discount available 
  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Reinforced fixed down stem
  • Stable circular foot


  • Doesn’t come with dab nails

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

2. 40th Anniversary Cheech & Chong Water Pipe – Best for Smooth Hits 

This water pipe is another excellent, high-quality dab rig from Cheech and Chong. This classic dab rig has a compact length of 10 inches and features premium borosilicate glass. Additionally, the inside of the rig features a slitted drum percolator which enhances filtration for smoother hits. Also, this dab rig’s mouthpiece is curved and slightly flared for enhanced comfort.


Guaranteed Safe Checkout: This site securely processes all your purchases and payment information. Plus, you can rest assured that this brand doesn’t share your credit card information with any third party.

Luxury Packaging: This dab rig from Cheech and Chong is available in three colors; green, purple, and black. This dab rig also features a high-quality chandelier percolator and luxurious packaging.

Superb Design: This dab rig features a tall barrel body and a strong half-inch glass base. This dab rig also has an offset 14mm male joint, which holds your favorite accessories.

Optimal Smoking Experience: With a slitted percolator, this dab rig splits the smoke into smaller particles and improves the filtration to create a softer and smoother hit. Moreover, the perc of this rig diffuses the smoke so that each hit is cool.


  • Thick quartz banger
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Chandelier percolator
  • Features a wide and stable base
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great customer service
  • 90 degree joint
  • Utilizes both dry herbs and concentrates


  • Free shipping applies to US customers only

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

3. Amnesia 10” Dab Rig – Best Travel Dab Rig

Prepare to enjoy some awesome trips with this dab rig from Famousbrandz. The Amnesia dab rig is ready to take you on an awesome trip with its aesthetically appealing appearance and smooth hits.

This dab rig is designed with thick borosilicate glass, vibrant colors, and a slitted downstem for smooth hits. The Amnesia dab rig also has a 360-degree print that offers you a perfect experience from every angle.


Colored Glass: This company has mastered the art of combining stylish, eye-catching patterns with dab rig designs. The Amnesia dab features eye-catching, bold graphics and patterns that jump off the shelf. 

Diffused Downstream: The Amnesia dab rig is designed with diffused downstream and slitted bottoms, breaking your smoke into smaller bubbles. Also, this design allows the rig to produce more bubbles, which travel through the water filter to create smooth hits.

Straight Neck and Tube: This dab rig from Famous Brandz also features a straight neck and tube. The straight neck allows the vapor or smooth to travel directly from the filtration system to the mouthpiece. On the other hand, the straight tube design makes the dab rig easy to clean and transport.

Collector’s Edition Gift Box: In addition to the pipes, each collection tube from this brand comes with a special “Collector’s Edition Gift Box.” The pipes have seven unique designs in total, and you can gather them all to give your collection an eccentric look. Each pipe has a unique look and appearance and features four beakers and three rigs.


  • Reputable brand
  • Easy cleaning
  • Thick and quality borosilicate glass
  • Includes a thick quartz banger
  • Glass on Glass Joint
  • Removable downstream
  • Portable dab rig


  • Heating may take time

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

4. Appetite For Destruction – Most Stylish Dab Rig

Another high-quality rig to go for is the Appetite for Destruction dab rig. This dab rig was designed by the popular Guns N’ Roses music band and is one of the popular options on the market. The Appetite for Destruction rig features a fixed down stem, premium borosilicate glass, and a fritter percolator.

The rig’s fritter percolator does the job of delivering optimal filtration and an enhanced dabbing experience. Moreover, this dab rig includes a 14mm quartz banger that makes using your extracts easier and more efficient. On top of that, it is relatively easy to clean this dab rig between hits.


Features a Sidecar Mouthpiece: The Appetite for Destruction dab rig features a sidecar mouthpiece that creates more distance between the banger and your mouth for excellent hits. Moreover, the funky design of the body provides a comfortable and secure place to hold it.

Official Licensed Art: If you are a rock fan, you’ll love this dab rig’s iconic skull portrait imagery. You can find the imagery from the brand’s famous album at the bottom of the rig. On a side note, this classic piece is perfect for both group and solo sessions.

Hassle-Free Returns: This brand promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy or have any issues with your order, this brand also offers a refund policy. All you need to do is contact the brand via email and request a refund.  

Excellent Customer Support: Another benefit of choosing this brand is its excellent customer service. This company provides a responsive and friendly customer support team ready to address all of your complaints. Simply use the LiveChat button to contact their customer care team, and someone will respond immediately.


  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Solid hexagonal base
  • Pearl diffuser available 


  • Features a fixed down stem

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

5. Banshee Dab Rig – Best for Beginners

The Banshee dab rig from Dopezilla is one classic and monstrous water pipe that’ll leave you wailing for more. This dab rig’s main chamber is decorated with a Dopezilla decal in black and gold and a monster logo right above it. Moreover, you can customize the mouthpiece and flared base of this dab with colored glass accents of your choice.

Additionally, this dab rig comes with a thick base, premium borosilicate glass, and a bent neck that serves as a splash guard. The job of the splash guard is to prevent water from entering your mouth when dabbing.

On top of that, this rig from Dopezilla is also available with its custom packaging. The Banshee dab rig from Dopezilla will undoubtedly make a great addition to any connoisseur’s collection.


Accepts Multiple Payment Methods: This brand accepts multiple payment methods so you can enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. Here, you can pay for your dab rig using PayPal, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and Amex. 

Drum Percolator: One of the unique features of this rig is its drum percolator. The drum percolator is in charge of breaking up the smoke and increasing the rig’s surface area for a smoother, cooler, and more filtered hit. The Banshee dab rig produces smooth hits.

High-Quality Glass: This dab rig is made of high-quality materials and premium borosilicate glass, meaning that this dab rig is sure to stand the test of time.

14.5mm Quartz banger: The Banshee dab rig from Dopezilla comes with a 14.5mm quartz banger. This accessory makes dabbing easier and more efficient by increasing the rig’s surface area to create room for bigger hits.


  • Colorful accents
  • Delivers cool smooth hits
  • Straight tube design
  • Thick mouthpiece
  • No carb hole


  • May be difficult to clean

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

6. Digital Dab Rig – Best for Smooth Hits

Famous Brandz needs no introduction when it comes to delivering high-quality dab rigs. This digital dab rig from Famous Brandz features a sturdy base, a premium glass pipe, and a futuristic design.

This dab rig also has a removable slitted downstem for easy cleaning and smooth diffusion. Furthermore, this dab rig looks even more sophisticated thanks to the black accents on the mouthpiece and the thick, robust round foot.


Custom packaging: Dab rigs from this brand are safely stored and delivered in their own colorful and matching boxes. Therefore, you can choose what color or design of box you want your rig to be delivered.

Built-in Ice notches: This dab rig is designed with ice notches, allowing you to place ice cubes in the tube and dab with a frosty touch. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Another advantage of choosing this brand is their money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your order, Famous Brandz offers a hassle-free refund policy. However, note that you have just 30-days to return the product after receiving your order.

Experienced Brand: Famous Brandz is one of the big names in the dab rig industry. This brand has been around for over a decade. Plus, they have a proven track record of providing their customers nothing but the highest quality oil rigs.


  • Includes a thick quartz banger
  • Quality materials
  • Straight design
  • No carb holes
  • Dynamic futuristic design


  • Features a weighted base

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

7. Eclipse Dab Rig – Easiest to Clean

Another top-notch dab rig to go for is the Eclipse 6.25” Dab Rig from Evolution. This dab rig comes with a big and thick base, a glass nail, and a female jointed dome. Additionally, this dab rig features a showerhead diffuser and fixed down stem.

The down stem splits the smoke into smaller particles and increases the rig’s surface area. Plus, the rig’s down stem enhances the smoke’s filtration to create a gentler and cleaner hit.


Delivers Powerful Hits: Don’t be fooled by the compact size of this dab rig. Although it might look small, it has incredible percolation power. This dab rig delivers perfectly smooth and powerful hits, which is something you won’t expect from such a small rig. 

Premium Materials: Another benefit of choosing this brand is that all their products have been thoroughly tested and selected. Dab rigs from this brand are made of sturdy borosilicate glass, which means that your dab rig won’t break easily after a hard fall.

Features a Bent Neck: Another unique feature of this dab rig is its bent neck, which gives it an aesthetically pleasing look. Besides its aesthetic function, the bent neck acts as a splash guard, which keeps water away from your mouth. 

Available in Different Colors: The Eclipse 6.25” Dab Rig is available in seven colors. You can choose to order a white, light-blue, yellow, black, apple green, orange, or purple dab rig.


  • Dome and dab nail Included
  • Includes a splash guard
  • Sturdy base


  • It may be difficult to clean

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

8. Maui Wowie Dab Rig – Famous for Durability

The Maui Wowie 10” Dab Rig is another classic rig from Cheech and Chong. This dab rig was made from six handcrafted glass pieces to provide you with the best possible smoking experience.

The Maui Wowie 10” Dab Rig has a 14.5mm female joint, thick borosilicate glass, and a special 40th-anniversary collectors’ box. Also, the Maui Wowie 10” Dab Rig features a 14.5mm male joint and a quartz banger nail, making it perfect for concentrate enthusiasts. 


Flared Mouthpiece: With its flared mouthpiece, this dab rig forms in your mouth like a glove when you smoke, providing you with better comfort and an airtight seal.

Eye-Catching Design: This dab rig has colored accents on the foot, percolator, and mouthpiece. Also, it is available in three colors: green, purple, and black. So, there is sure to be a color that suits your style.

Outstanding Service: This brand offers one of the best customer services in the industry. They promptly handle customer complaints and offer fast and free shipping services.

Multiple Payment Options: This brand also allows you to pay for your dab rig using different payment options. This brand supports Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal payments.


  • Features a quartz banger nail
  • Splash Guard available
  • Decorated with Cheech & Chong’s decal
  • Easy returns


  • Heating may take time

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

9. Hurricane 8” Dab Rig – Best for Temperature Control

This classic dab rig by Evolution will leave you breathless! The Hurricane 8 dab rig features a powerful percolator that delivers smooth hits and a premium borosilicate glass for added durability. Also, this dab rig is eight inches tall and features an angled mouthpiece. Moreover, it includes a 14mm male joint and a 14mm female vapor dome to improve comfort and stability.


Thick Foot: This dab rig features a circular and thick foot that provides stability. Also, the angled mouthpiece of this rig enables you to smoke in a relaxed and more comfortable position. 

Colorful designs: This dab rig is decorated with colored glass accents on the fixed down stems, arms of the vapor dome, mouthpiece end, and rim of the circular foot. The “Gold Evolution” decal on the rig’s glass body can also be found.

Different Color Options: The Hurricane 8 is available in seven color options, including pink, purple, white, red, orange, black, and apple green. So, you can head online and select the color that suits your style. 

Easy Returns: Another benefit of choosing this brand is their hassle-free refund policy. This brand allows you to request a refund and return the product if you are unsatisfied with your order.


  • Easy to clean and store
  • Strong joints
  • Dome and nail included
  • Available in a selection of colors
  • Slim angled mouthpiece


  • Not very travel-friendly 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

10. Famous X 6” Bell Dab Rig – Best Travel Dab Rig

If you are searching for a classic scientific-style rig, look no further. This dab rig features a stemless design and makes a great addition to your collection. The Famous X 6 Bell rig is 6”/15cm tall and is made from borosilicate glass.

Plus, it is one of the best portable dab rigs on the market with a powerful percolator. Moreover, this dab rig is relatively easy to clean and maintain and delivers smooth hits. Additionally, it is made using quartz bangers, which offer extremely high heat tolerance, making it the ideal choice.


Top Security: Famous Brandz is one of the few brands that value customer security. This brand goes the extra mile to ensure that all your personal information and purchases are kept private and secure. 

Fast and Free Shipping: Another benefit of choosing this brand is their fast and free shipping services. Orders placed on this brand’s website are shipped for free. Plus, you can expect your products to arrive at your doorstep within four business days. 

Enormous Hits: You can trust this dab rig to deliver powerful hits each time you dab. This dab rig features a powerful percolator, which helps ensure you enjoy a pleasurable dabbing experience. 

Premium Materials: This brand also doesn’t fall behind in quality materials. This dab rig is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is highly durable and will last a long time.


  • Showerhead percolator
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Custom packaging
  • Stemless design


  • Heating may take time

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong Anthony

How We Made This List

With hundreds of dab rigs available on the market, you may be wondering how you can locate a high-quality dab rig. We researched and chose the best options based on certain criteria to save you stress. Read on to see what we looked for.

What We Looked For

There are so many designs, styles, and options for dab rigs. Therefore, we had to be strategic when picking the best options on the market. Here are the factors we considered when making our list:

  • Brand Reputation: Brand reputation was the first factor we considered when making our list. We determined a brand’s reputation by checking customer reviews and how long the brand has been in the business. We checked and ensured that every brand on our list had a proven track record of delivering high-quality services and products.

On the other hand, we checked the brands’ customer reviews and ratings and ensured that only those with a high number of positive reviews/ratings made our list. Additionally, genuine customer reviews helped us determine whether or not the brands were who they claimed to be.

  • Filtration System: The rig’s filtration system is the next factor we considered when making our list. Note that dab rigs with a bad filtration system tend to produce rough smoke, and you may cough excessively when using them. Only dab rigs with a top-notch filtration system made our list to ensure you enjoy cool hits.

On a related note, there are dab rigs designed to function without water. However, it is never a good idea to use dab rigs that don’t cool off their cannabis concentrate first. Therefore, we only included rigs with a water filtration system for the best experience. 

  • Stability and Sturdiness: Another vital component that makes a quality rig is the stability and sturdiness of the rig. Although most people tend to overlook this factor, it is one of the key factors determining your dab rig’s longevity.

Dab rigs with a poorly designed structure or base tend to fall and shatter easily. Therefore, only dab rigs with a good base and structure made our list. 

  • Percolation System: The percolation design and system also greatly influences the type of smoke your dab rig produces. There are dozens of dab rigs that have a poorly designed percolator. Moreover, even the slightest shake can cause such percolators to break. As a result, only dab rigs with a good percolation system and design made our list. 

Buying Guide: How to Get the Best Dab Rigs

If you don’t want to waste all day sifting through the market, you can refer to our list to get the best dab rigs available. Although we’ve provided you with some of the best dab rigs available online, we still want you to enter the market with as much knowledge as possible. When purchasing a new dab rig, consider the following:

  • Consider the Different Rig Types

The first thing to note is that there are different types of rigs/materials available online. The most popular options include:

  • Electric Dab Rig

Unlike traditional dab rigs, electronic dab rigs, also known as “e-rigs,” don’t require a torch to heat them up. Instead, they require an external power source. Additionally, they maintain temperature easily and consistently, which helps preserve the dab’s flavor.

On the downsides, electric dab rigs are more expensive than other rigs, depend on an electricity source, and are not the best option for dabbing on the go. 

  • Glass Rig

Glass dab rigs are available in various sizes and shape options. Generally, they are made of borosilicate glass, a sturdy form of glass that can withstand high temperatures. Glass rigs are the best for those who would like to use aftermarket accessories.

They are also popular for their ability to maintain the flavor of cannabis concentrate. However, the downside of glass rigs is that they require regular cleaning. 

  • Silicone Dab Rig

Silicone dab rigs are often the more affordable option on the list. They are very portable, easy to clean, and compatible with a wide range of aftermath accessories. Additionally, silicone rigs come in various styles and colors and are highly durable. However, they are not that great at maintaining the flavor of cannabis concentrate.

  • Consider the Different Nail Types

The dab nail is one of the most important components of a dab rig. Moreover, the dab rig’s entire operation revolves around the dab nail. There are five main types of dab nails, and they include: 

  • Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass nails are the least expensive option on the list, and they are strong based on glass standards. However, they have too many disadvantages. Borosilicate glass nails are fragile and break easily, meaning you must replace them regularly. Additionally, they don’t retain heat like other nails on the list.

  • Ceramic

Similar to glass, ceramic nails are also cheap and break easily. However, they retain heat far better than glass.

  • Quartz

Quartz nails surpass both glass and ceramic nails in terms of durability. Plus, they don’t overheat easily, so your dabbing experience should be enjoyable. Although quartz nails hardly ever become extremely hot, they also don’t hold heat for very long. As a result, your wax may heat, but it won’t create much vapor.

  • Titanium

Titanium dab nails are very light but exceptionally durable and strong. They are practically unbreakable; thus, they will likely outlast your dab rig. Titanium nails hold heat better and heat up more quickly than the other four nails listed above.

However, they have one major flaw, they overheat quickly and can burn your wax rather than produce vapor. Titanium nails are best for experienced dabbers who know how to handle their overheating issue.

  • E-Nails

E-nails are a more convenient choice that is still very new to the market. E-nails heat up without the use of a butane torch. They heat up rapidly, and they offer complete temperature control. You can also adjust the nail’s temperature to suit your concentration. However, they are expensive, and you have to stick close to a power source to use them. Ultimately, e-nails make an excellent purchase if you have the cash to spare.

  • Look for Rig Accessories 

You’ll need a couple more things in addition to your dab rig to complete the dabbing process. Also, note that we highly recommend having some of these accessories. Examples of accessories you must have include:

  • Dabs

Your dab rig requires some form of concentration to work. Different types of dabs include crumble, oil, soft wax, and sap. Also, note that your choice of cannabis concentrate will slightly impact your dabbing experience. However, the concept remains the same.

  • Torch

Unless you own an e-rig, you’ll need a torch to heat your rig. These are usually refillable butane torch lighters and come in different sizes.

  • Reclaim Catcher

You’ll have to get one online if your dab rig doesn’t come with a reclaim catcher. The main job of a reclaim catcher is to catch any resin or reclaim that would coat the inside of your rig. They also keep your rig clear and free of clogs, improving the flavor and dabbing experience.

  • Cleaning Tools

Although your rig will be fine without any special cleaning tools, purchasing them would still be wise. Keep some isopropyl alcohol, microfiber cloth, and cotton swabs on hand for routine maintenance. Maintaining your rig regularly is easier than trying to clean it after allowing it to become clogged for several weeks.

  • Carb Cap

This dab tool helps you trap heat, control airflow, and increase convection. All you need do is cover your heated nail with the cap after you apply the dab. Although you can dab without a carb cap, it’s best to do so for the best low-temp dabbing experience possible. Furthermore, it allows you to get more value from your concentrated material.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are dab rigs recyclers?

A recycler rig is a special type of rig made to provide weed users with the best possible smoking experience. A recycler rig works by combining the potent and flavorful dab with the smooth bong hit. Also, dab recyclers are designed with a better filtration system and deliver a cleaner hit.

Recycler rigs get their name from the internal loop that causes the smoke to recycle after each hit. The smoke travels into the water reservoir as the dabber takes a hit. The smoke and water continue traveling together from there, passing through percolators, the second chamber, and finally, the separation tube. This cycle keeps going until the user ultimately inhales.

On the other hand, recycler dab rigs have a distinctive and appealing look in addition to many other benefits. First, they have a better filtration system and deliver smoother and cleaner hits. Additionally, they deliver much cooler hits, allowing weed enthusiasts to smoke more concentrates at a go.

On top of that, most recycler rigs are designed with a splash guard that prevents splashes and spills. Overall, a recycling rig significantly enhances the flavor, which is why people prefer to dab.

  • How much does a dab rig cost?

Fortunately, hundreds of quality dab rigs on the market won’t break your bank. If you are new to the dabbing world and want something simple and cheap, you can find good dab rigs that cost between $10-$50. Also, if you just want something simple, you can go for nectar collectors, which cost between $10 and $20.

However, note that nectar collectors are not full dab rigs; they work similarly and offer a pleasurable dabbing experience. As you increase your budget, you’ll discover that many dab rigs in the $30–$50 range are mini dab rigs rather than rigs of low quality.

Mini dab rigs are compact and portable and also deliver enormous hits. So, don’t let their size fool you. If portability is more important to you than cloud capacity, you can find many interesting rigs at a low-price range.

  • How to clean a dab rig?

Most dab rigs are relatively easy to clean; they need a little wiping with a microfiber rag or towel. Silicone rigs are one of the easiest rigs to clean, and they are even considered dishwasher-friendly. On the other hand, you may have a tougher time cleaning a glass dab rig.

Most people recommend heating your rig upside down to allow any resin to drip out. Additionally, you may find that boiling specific rig accessories can help remove any concentration residue.

  • How do you use a dab rig?

The kind of dab you have or purchase will determine how you use it. Electric dabs usually have a button you can push to turn it on/off and control the rig’s temperature. Plus, an electric dab doesn’t require the use of a torch.

On the other hand, a traditional dab rig requires using a torch to heat the dab nail to your desired temperature. Once the nail is heated, use a dab tool to apply a small amount of concentrate material. Once the concentrate vaporizes, place your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale deeply.

If you own a carb cap, place it over the hot nail to increase convection as you inhale. Once you’re done, clean the rig thoroughly with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Also, we highly recommend getting a special cleaning brush to make cleaning more intricate pieces easier. After wiping the rig with alcohol, allow it completely dry before wiping off the alcohol with a dry cloth.

  • Can you smoke dabs without a rig?

Yes, consuming cannabis concentrates without a rig is possible. We recommend going for vaping pens. Vaping pens are available in different varieties and may work with vape oil, raw cannabis flower, and concentrates. Other alternatives to dab rigs include e-cigs, mods, vapes, tanks, and e-hookahs.

  • What are the benefits of dabbing?

One of the main benefits of dabbing is that it delivers a powerful dose of marijuana within a short period. Plus, the effects kick in faster than other consumption methods. So, if you’re dealing with nausea or pain, dabbing is one of the best ways to get quick and effective relief.

A dabbing hit can alleviate the symptoms within a few minutes. Additionally, dab rigs deliver clean and smooth smokes that are easy on the lungs and throat when you inhale. Lastly, dabbing concentrates are small and easy to conceal.


Dabbing is one of the most popular and effective ways of consuming weed. Dab rigs have a special setup that allows the user to enjoy a smooth and flavorful dabbing experience. Are you in search of a new dab rig? We’ve provided you with a list of the ten best dab rigs on the market.

These dab rigs come from reputable brands and are made with the finest of materials to ensure durability. Plus, the majority of dab rigs that made our list are portable, easy to clean, and have a top-notch filtration system.

Table of Contents

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