Best Delta 8 THC Capsules in 2021

The world of cannabis is expanding. Although humans have been using the drug for over two millennia, many novelties have arrived in recent years.

Scientists have discovered the potencies of the individual constituents of the drug. Many firms have found ways to isolate some of these components and are on a quest to improve their formulations.

Until recently, cannabidiol (CBD) was the only cannabis isolate to be subjected to scientific tests and improvement. But then came Delta-8 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), an analog compound of Delta-9 THC. And it changed the market of cannabis derivatives for good.

But like all fresh discoveries and inventions, myths and half-truths surround Delta-8 THC, too. For instance, are you aware that unlike what many believe, CBD and Delta-8 are derivatives of hemp and not of cannabis?

To help you understand better, here’s the low-down.

Hemp is a subset of the cannabis group of plants. What makes it distinct from other cannabis plants is that it naturally contains a low amount of Delta-9 THC, which is a rather noxious compound. This phytochemical is responsible for the undesirable effects—such as anxiety and panic attacks—that you get after smoking up a joint.

Delta-8, on the other hand, is rather a benevolent compound that will make you feel euphoric but cause few or mild side effects. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that D-8 THC’s potency is only about 2/3rd of the D-9 THC’s potency—evened out!

So what’s the best way to consume the Delta-8 THC compound? Well, you can smoke it, vape it, use a local applicator, or even snack on edibles such as gummies.

Or, you can pop some pills! Delta-8 THC capsules are a highly sought-after product, as they do not have long-term side effects as vaping or smoking do. These don’t affect your lungs and are suitable for those who suffer from pulmonary diseases.

But among the plethora of capsules in the market, which one should you buy?

To make life easier for you, we did extensive research and settled on these three top names that are reliable and premium.

  1. Exhale Well Delta-8 THC Softgel Capsules
  2. NuLeaf Naturals D-8 THC capsules–Full Spectrum
  3. Diamond CBD Chill Plus Delta-8 Poppin Gel Capsules–20X

But first, you have the right to know how we zeroed in on these brands.

How We Selected These D-8 Capsules

We went about our search in a pretty objective manner. Here are the steps we followed to narrow down our search.

Finding the most trending and popular products

We started by looking for the most popular and happening products in the market. We went through the unofficial online forums and looked for the most repeated names. Easier said than done!

Going through the products ratings and reviews

Most of us glance through the number of stars received by a product to figure out its popularity. However, glimpsing at only a few ratings and reviews is not a reliable way of knowing the brands’ or products’ hold on the market. It’s better to go through the reviews and ratings in detail to know the pros as well as cons, which we did.

Correlating ratings and reviews on official web pages

This is a way of being doubly sure about the products’ potency and all the tall talk by the brand. Only the products with a good official rating made their way to our final list.

Important qualities

We made sure that the hemp used in the product was grown organically and in the US and the process of cannabinoid extraction followed federal regulations. All the products were tested by a third-party lab. When a brand met all the above criteria, only then did we add it to our list.

Since Delta-8 THC is found in very limited quantities in nature, it takes a lot of knowledge, money, and resources to come up with a pure and potent product. Our buying guide is the best way to gauge the products’ capabilities so that you can make the final decision for yourself.


This is a very important factor because Delta-8 THC is expensive. Firstly, it is a new compound. So, there’s a lot of speculation and doubt around it even though it is legal in many US states. True, it has enjoyed a surge in the market since its launch. Nevertheless, it has been somewhat unsuccessful in making its way to general use.

Secondly, the extraction process is expensive because the compound is scarce in nature. None of these factors can, however, justify a disparity in prices. However, it is worth noting that some brands make their products special, which might justify a slightly higher price.

The Best Delta-8 THC Capsules In The Market

So, here are our final contestants. The order is general and does not indicate the superiority of any product over the others.

#1. Exhale Well Delta-8 Capsules

The brand name is intriguing, isn’t it? It suggests that the brand sells alternatives to prescriptions. Indeed, ATLRx, as a seller of hemp-derived products, vouches to make the herb’s natural potency and effectiveness available to commoners.

ATLRx aims to be not only a part of but also at the forefront of the CBD-based health and wellness movement, which is securing a firmer grip all over the world.

With its products, the firm offers preventative and curative ways of maintaining wellbeing. It achieves this by bringing the best-quality CBD products to its customers.

The brand has a highly practical method of advertising itself in the market. It sells T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and so on apart from its hemp-derived products.

The founders of ATLRx began researching CBD’s prowess within the area of their immediate reach. They started this by substituting prescription medicines with CBD’s natural healing properties.

To make CBD available on a large scale, i.e., for commercial purposes, the makers of the brand started looking for grey areas in hemp cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing. They eventually capitalized on them and have introduced some marvelous products in the market.

ATLRx also strives to continually innovate in the CBD line of products. It does so with its seamless research and development.

The raw hemp is organically grown in Colorado and processed with the help of its state-of-the-art equipment.

With the CO2 extraction process, ATLRx ensures that its products are as efficacious as it promises them to be.

About the capsules

The Delta-8-infused capsules have been designed for convenience and discreetness that you do not get with smoking up or vaping. A soft gel or capsule only needs some water to swallow it down—no prepping, and no looking over your shoulder.

The bottle is made from opaque, white plastic; still, placing it away from direct sunlight is recommended.

The bottles come in two different volumes—375mg and 750mg—which have varying capsule strengths of 12.5mg/pill and 25.74mg/pill, respectively.

The content of 30 pills in each bottle is designed for a month, i.e. one pill daily. However, with regular use, the tolerance to the drug may rise, and you may eventually increase the pill intake.

The hemp-derived content is compliant with federal laws.


Hemp extracts, i.e., Delta-8 THC. Specifications on the carrier oil and other cannabinoids are not mentioned. The pills possibly contain CBD, too. The gelatin used in making the coating is likely of animal source.


12.5mg/pill in a 375mg bottle and 25.74mg/pill in a 750mg bottle


  • US-grown hemp
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • 0.3% or less Delta-9 THC content
  • 30-day return policy
  • Super-critical CO2 extraction method
  • Potent concentration of Delta-8 THC due to the extraction method
  • Tested by a third-party lab. COAs (certificates of analysis) are available on the website.
  • Hemp compliant with farm laws


  • No mention of whether cruelty-free or animal-based gelatin used
  • No mention of whether GMO or non-GMO products
  • Online reviews are limited

User Experience

From retailers to wholesalers, everyone seems pretty satisfied with the brand’s capsules. Although there are not many product reviews on the brand page, customers seem to have found it simple to order and the delivery was painless. Customer service was approachable and no major issues occurred.

Customer Support

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Money-back policy
  • Customer service contactable over the phone

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#2. NuLeaf Naturals Delta-8 THC Softgel Capsules

NuLeaf seems to be a very practical brand that works on every aspect that matters. You can, therefore, see its dominance not only in the Delta-8 THC line of products but also in other hemp derivatives such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Founded in 2014 by a group of medication enthusiasts, the brand is committed to creating the world’s best cannabinoid products in terms of potency as well as purity.

NuLeaf Naturals has many pioneering innovations in the field of hemp production. It is also one of the most sworn-by brands in the US.

The company has attracted over 20,000 positive customer reviews, which reflects the brand’s true standing in the market.

You can, therefore, rest assured that you are dealing with an industry expert that has been in the game for some time and knows what it’s doing.

The brand uses only organic raw hemp in the capsules. The hemp is US-grown. What’s more, it uses the Green Extraction process—a method requiring no harsh, chemical solvent. Then, the products are CGMP certified. They are also produced in an ISO-certified facility.

The final products are tested by third-party labs for quality, too. Unlike many other brands, NuLeaf Naturals’ third-party lab tests are extensive and check for any possible traces of pesticides, molds, fungi, herbicides, heavy metals, and the like. The tests also report whether the samples have sufficient amounts of each cannabinoid and other derivatives of hemp, such as terpenes.

With all these checks, the brand promises to offer us the natural drug’s healing properties that can be helpful in a lot of ways.

Loaded with terpenes, NuLeaf Naturals’ products widen the drug’s usability of therapeutic applications manifold.

One thing that may disappoint users is that the brand does not offer too many options in terms of products. All you’ll get are Delta-8 oil and capsules.

About the capsules

The pills come in soft gel form. The oil inside the pills is a whole plant extract, containing full-spectrum Delta-8 THC, which is a naturally occurring combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The carrier oil is virgin organic hemp seed oil, which delivers the drug with its utmost potency.


Hemp seed oil and full spectrum Delta-8 THC


7.5mg/soft gel in 150mg or 450mg bottle options


  • Full-spectrum Delta 8
  • Third-party lab tests done
  • The green extraction process used
  • Derived from organic hemp
  • CGMP-certified products
  • US-grown hemp
  • Light defiance glass bottle


  • No unconditional returns option
  • No Delta-8 THC isolate option
  • No cruelty-free products for vegans

User Experience

The Delta-8 THC product in the soft gel form has many positive reviews and ratings with a total rating of 4.9 out of 5. The review section has comments that display the product in a positive light.

Apart from the product’s strength and efficacy, the brand’s overall services and timely delivery have been rated highly too.

Customer Support

  • Returns only allowed under certain conditions
  • 2 to 3 days shipping within the US
  • Free shipping
  • Direct customer service contact number
  • Enrolment option with the offer

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#3. Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus CBD Delta-8 Poppin Gel capsules 20X

The brand focuses on making innovative CBD hemp extracts with its continuous R&D in the field. It also promises to make its products available worldwide.

Comprising a strong team of doctors and scientists, the research and development department is in continuous pursuit of introducing and reintroducing the purest and finest CBD products, which include Delta-8 THC as well.

The goal is to create products of diverse and high-quality hemp extracts that have distinctive properties and a broad profile of cannabinoids along with other hemp-derived natural phytochemicals. The brand offers products with several compounds such as CBD, Delta-8 THC, CBG, broad-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, and full-spectrum CBD.

What’s more, Diamond CBD sells a range of products with different modes of administration in varying degrees of strength.

Naturally, the firm has a whole array of leading products in the market—a massive 10 on the market list.

The hemp is organically grown and the products are made by eco-friendly processes, tested by third-party labs, and do not contain GMO or synthetic chemicals.

Diamond CBD conducts third-party lab tests on each of its products whereas many brands test only the processed hemp. In Diamond CBD’s case, the lab reports, therefore, evaluate every individual product for potency.

However, the products are not evaluated for pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, microbial bodies, and enzymes.

Despite the shortcoming, the brand has a strong foothold in the market, with thousands of satisfied customers.

About the capsules

Diamond CBD’s Delta-8 capsules are highly preferred by their patrons. The brand’s prominence and credence in the market are the biggest attractors for many newcomers.

The psychotropic high you get with the Delta-8 THC capsule is as effective as the brand promises it to be, and this is what all the fuss about.

The company produces all the D-8 THC products from the hemp grown in the states of Kentucky and Colorado, and Scandinavian countries in northern Europe.

The pills contain hemp-derived Delta-8 THC along with a CBD isolate; however, Diamond CBD is loath to reveal all the details.

The naming pattern used by the brand is significant. In the case of its Delta-8 THC capsules, “20X” indicates 10mg Delta-8 THC + 10mg CBD.


Bovine gelatin, purified water, hemp extracts, i.e., Delta-8 THC, CBD, and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil.


10mg CBD + 10mg Delta-8 THC/soft gel, 20 capsules per bottle


  • CBD + D-8 THC
  • Eco-friendly extraction method
  • Tested by a third-party lab
  • Up to 0.3% Delta-9 and up to 0.3% Delta-8 THC
  • 2-day free express shipping on orders >$100
  • Free shipping on subscriptions
  • All products are 100% organic and non-GMO
  • 30-day refund policy on unopened products


  • No vegan gelatin used
  • No Delta-8 THC without CBD
  • No return option for dissatisfaction

User Experience

The Chill Plus CBD Delta-8 Poppin Gel Capsules – 20X have good overall reviews. Customers praise the product’s effectiveness, especially on physical pain, arthritis, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Many also say that it’s easy on the tummy.

With a 4.8 rating on a scale of 1 to 5 and with 22 reviews, we can say for sure that the products are well-liked.

Customer Support

  • Rewards after every purchase
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping within 2 to 3 days on retail orders over $100
  • Direct phone support
  • Up to 70% off on registration

Buying Guide For Delta-8 THC Capsules: How To Buy

Choosing the right Delta-8 THC capsule is a hassle. You have to keep several things in mind to find the right product.

By reading the following guidelines, you will know which brand(s) to trust.


This criterion is very important if you wish to get a good effect of the drug. Some brands only offer isolates, some offer full-spectrum, some offer only broad-spectrum, while others have CBD-infused Delta-8 THC to offer.

It depends on your personal preference and convenience whether you want only the buzz or buzz with relaxation. If you are fond of the former, then Delta-8 THC is the best for you. If you have a liking for the latter, then CBD + D-8 THC is a better choice.

The carrier oil not only forms the base for mixing the hemp derivatives but also aids their assimilation. Some brands use coconut oil; some use hemp seed oil, whereas others use more than one carrier oil.

Third-party lab tests and quality

Well, even though we become experts of Delta-8 THC products, we cannot be expert enough to judge the drug’s purity.

The best way to judge purity is by knowing whether the brand conducts third-party lab tests. If it does, the lab reports are usually posted on the website.

It is worth noting that not all brands include similar criteria in their third-party lab tests. Some only look for the cannabinoids’ presence and strength. Others conduct more thorough tests that include the detection of pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, allergens, microbial cells, enzymes, and so on. Choose the brand that gets its products tested by an ISO-accredited lab.


Delta-8 THC has generated enough buzz in the market. Nonetheless, it has not been able to permeate into the regular use of a large customer group. Besides, the drug is naturally found only in small quantities, which makes it difficult for the firms to isolate and make it commercially available.

Hence, Delta-8 THC products are expensive. However, while looking for such an item, please don’t Google “The cheapest Delta-8 THC capsules”. That might land you with a fake or an unsafe product.

Brand trustworthiness

It may be difficult to find the right brand. Many new firms are heard of in the market for a while—and then they are lost in a sea of oblivion.

As stated above, third-party lab tests are a sure way of knowing whether the brand is reliable. A firm offering a money-back guarantee is likely to stand by its products.

Buying Guide for Delta-8 THC Capsules: Dosage

Be it any cannabis or hemp derivative, popping pills is not the quickest way of getting the effects. Unlike vaping and smoking, a pill takes longer for the drug to take effect. It has to go through the digestion process and the subsequent assimilation into the bloodstream.

It may take 1 to 4 hours for the drug to show its effects. Avoid taking multiple doses, which may eventually lead to overdosing.

The dosage of the Delta-8 THC compound—or any cannabinoid, for that matter—is not very standard. It differs from one individual to another.

Factors such as age, gender, body size, fat content and muscles, and weight affect the results.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you start with as low as 10mg and gradually increase to the desired level. The gradual increase results either from the simultaneous build-up of the body’s tolerance levels or adjustment of the drug’s effects on the body.

Points to note while taking Delta-8 THC capsules

If you are trying out Delta-8 THC for the first time, or want to get into the habit of using it regularly, note these points:

  • Personal safety: Delta-8 THC is a psychotropic drug with powerful mood-altering properties. We strongly advise that after taking the drug, you do not drive or operate any heavy machinery or system that demands your active attention.
  • Medical complications: If you have some serious medical problems or are on prescription medication, consult your doctor to find out any possible drug interference or contra-indication.
  • Legal concerns: Delta 8 THC is legal in many jurisdictions in the US and elsewhere. However, some local jurisdictions may still have restrictions on the drug. Consult a legal expert to avoid any trouble.
  • Likelihood of failing drug tests: Delta-8 THC is chemically similar to Delta-9 THC. Besides, most brands cannot make a complete Delta-8 isolate. Therefore, the products have some amount of Delta-9 THC. Hence, it is likely that you will fail a drug test after consuming a D-8 product.
  • Product longevity: Delta-8 THC capsules are perishable. They may not last for a long time after you open the lid. Although refrigeration is not necessary, it may extend the product’s life. Also, store them away from direct sunlight or humidity.

Delta 8 THC Capsules: FAQs

Q: Are Delta-8 capsules as potent as Delta-9 joints? How long is it until they show their effect?

A: Capsules have delayed effects, as the pill takes longer to digest, and subsequently the drug needs to get assimilated into the bloodstream. It may take from 30 minutes to an hour.

Smoking up, on the other hand, is the fastest way of getting high. That is because the Delta-8-THC-filled air particles immediately get mixed with the oxygen in the lungs and enter your bloodstream.

Regarding the second question, Delta-8 has nearly 2/3rd the potency of Delta 9.

Q: Is Delta-8 a safer alternative to Delta-9?

A: Yes, Delta-8 has fewer and less intensive side effects in the short term than Delta-9. However, the compound’s long-term side effects are yet to be discovered.

If you have any medical condition or are on some prescription drug, consult your doctor to avoid any complications.

Q: Are Delta-8 THC capsules safe?

A: Yes, they are. All capsules recommended in this article are checked by labs for their safety, potency, and purity. They are created with organic ingredients and all federal regulations are followed. You can go for these capsules without worrying about any repercussions.

Parting Thoughts: Which D-8 Capsules To Buy?

We have talked about three brands that are tested thoroughly in every aspect. However, we don’t want to push you toward any brand. We can’t make the ultimate choice for you; you need to figure that out for yourself.

Just keep in mind that the brand you choose should meet all the parameters from the buying guide. Also, do remember to consult a doctor if you are on medication.

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