Best Delta 8 Vape Juice: Top 5 Brands of 2021

If you’re reading this article, you are probably well-acquainted with Delta-8 THC’s gaining popularity and its myriad of diverse benefits.

Delta-8 has become a target for many curious hemp enthusiasts. The buzz surrounding this newly discovered cannabinoid has attracted many consumers, including those who love to smoke hemp flowers, prefer tinctures and gummies, and even topicals, to make a beeline to shops making or selling Delta-8 products.

While some are just curious about its effects, others want to utilize its varied facets. After all, it seems like it has all the good qualities of both CBD and Delta-9 THC, but without any of the undesirable effects or legal hassles of the latter.

For those among you who prefer vaping cannabis extracts, you probably enjoy the experience more than anything else. So, you must be looking for good and reliable cannabis brands that manufacture and market Delta-8 vape juices, especially if you are into customizing every part of their experience.

So, here are some of the best options for you…

Choosing the Best Delta-8 Vape Juice

Many companies are making products infused with this cannabis extract to make lives simpler, easier, more relaxed, and uplifting. Quite a few of these companies include vape juices (we are not talking about vape cartridges here) in their offerings.

Choosing the best out of so many brands and their products can be quite difficult. Working so hard for something that should provide you relaxation is no fun.

It involves some serious hard work and know-how about the market.

That is why our team at VV has undertaken this intensive work to find for you the Best Delta-8 Vape Juices in the market – so that you can relax and enjoy the calm and peace.

Our dedicated team of researchers and testers have investigated and assessed thousands of brands and examined their products. We trust their experiences and opinions, and so can you.

Before we tell you which brands these are, here is a list of things we did to ensure we can find the best brands of delta-8 vape juices without any bias…

We conducted thorough research and considered:

  • Customer reviews on brand and third-party websites
  • Brand practices and reputation
  • Opinions and experiences of customers and experts (through surveys and interviews)
  • Reviews and feedback on social media platforms by customers and experts with long-time experience in the industry.
  • Assessing our testers’ personal experiences, which is the final, but the most important, level in our decision-making exercise.

So, here’s the list of the Top 5 Delta-8 Vape Juices that come with 1000mg of pure Delta-8 extracts.

Top 5 Delta-8 Vape Juice

#1. Boosted 8’s Delta-8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid

#2. Cassadaga Liquids Cannoli Be Delta-8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid

#3. Froopa’s Delta-8 THC Hemp Extract E-Liquid

#4. Ends Game’s Pink8 Delta-8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid

#5. Independent Vapor Co.’s Nillionaire Delta-8 E-Liquid

Best Delta-8 THC Vape Juice

#1. Boosted 8’s Delta-8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid

Although not much is known about the appearance of the brand Boosted 8 in the market, we do know that it manufactures one of the safest, and the most potent and effective Delta-8 vape juices.

The brand does not appear to have its own website. It continues to market its products through different cannabis product distributors, social media platforms, and online retail stores, such as High Maintenance, Great CBD Shop, Great Hemp Shop, etc., where you can find and purchase Boosted 8 Delta-8 hemp extract e-liquids.

Available in 30ml bottles of 1000mg potency, this product is an excellent product that can be made a part of your daily wellness regimen. It contains pure and potent Delta-8 THC hemp extract and hemp and other botanical terpene-based flavors that make vaping an enjoyable experience.


While several brands, offering Delta-8 vape juices, are crowding the marketplace, what sets Boosted 8’s Delta-8 vape juice from the others is its premium quality and incredible strawberry milkshake flavor.

The brand offers pure hemp-derived 1000mg of Delta-8 THC. The ingredients used in formulating the product have all been tested by third-party Kaycha Labs. You can access these lab results from any online shop that sells Boosted 8’s products.

According to the lab reports of this product, the product is pesticide-free, chemical-free, and made from organic ingredients, assuring users of the quality and safety of the products.

According to the lab reports, the Delta-8 vape juice by Boosted 8 contains a fine blend of 0% CBD, 0.096% THC, and 3.341% cannabinoids. So, you can totally rely on this product to offer you a highly effective and potent dose of Delta-8. It will help reduce your stress and provide you with a calming and relaxing feel.

Apart from its effectiveness and premium quality, the flavor of this Delta-8 vape juice is another aspect that’s worth mentioning. Boosted’s strawberry milkshake flavor effectively masks the hempy flavor of the extract and offers this e-liquid an excellent taste and aroma. Consumers can experience the relaxing effects of a vaping session while enjoying the taste of strawberry milkshake.


  • Premium quality, synthetic chemical- and pesticide-free
  • Lab-tested ingredients and end-product
  • High level of transparency on the brand’s part
  • Potent and effective product
  • Delightful strawberry flavor and aroma; no hempy, earthy, or bitter notes of the plant extract


  • Limited information on the company
  • Limited availability on retail stores
  • No official website or company store


The customers who have tried Boosted 8 delta-8 vape juices have given quite a few positive reactions to the product’s quality, efficacy, and aroma.

Consumers quite enjoyed the flavors; found them “delightful”, in fact. Many customers called this vape juice very “effective” as they provided “extremely relaxing vape sessions”.

Overall, Boosted 8’s Delta-8 vape juice is a quality product that has worked wonderfully for most regular delta-8 consumers. Many customers who had visited the retail stores were satisfied with this vape juice, adding that it has helped them overcome issues, such as sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress.

Most of them were so delighted with this product that they have become repeat customers and have even recommended them to others as well.


Going by its brand reputation, customer reviews, and other relevant information, we were looking forward to trying this out.

Customers loved Boosted 8’s delta-8 e-liquid as much as we did. It has definitely helped reduce stress and relax the body. The high is gentle and does not seem to interfere with any existing medications.

We did not use this product during the day, but we don’t see why it should not be as long as you are not going to operate any heavy machinery or drive yourself home.

The brand seems to be genuine and so is the product. No complaints there.

#2. Cassadaga Liquids Cannoli Be Delta-8 E-Liquid

Cassadaga Liquids Cannoli Be Delta-8 THC hemp extract e-liquid offers the benefits of wholesome cannabinoids with Cassadaga Liquids’ Italian vanilla cream-filled pastry base.

The vape juice is available in 1000mg potency in 30ml bottles. It contains pure and the finest quality hemp-derived Delta-8 extracts that are highly effective and potent, making it totally worth your investment.

The manufacturer of Cannoli Be, Cassadaga Liquids, no longer ships directly to customers. So, in order to purchase this product, you must visit a local store or an authorized third-party retailer. You could also buy them from online retailers like High Maintenance Goods or find an authorized distributor here.

Not much else is known about the manufacturers of Cannoli Be Delta-8 vape juice.


The first thing we noticed about Cannoli Be’s Delta-8 e-liquid was its amazing flavor.

Cassadaga Liquids’ Italian vanilla cream-filled pastry base of the Cannoli Be is just spot on. Consumers loved this aroma and flavor as much as the product’s potent dose of high and relaxing feel.

With this vape juice, you can enjoy a pleasant high with the amazing taste of dessert. We must admit, it was truly awesome! Very impressive, indeed!

Consumers can enjoy the vape while they derive its benefits and hence, the product has become one of the best-selling e-liquids.

Coming to the quality and safety of the Cannoli Be delta-8 vape juice, you can easily view the lab reports that reveal the level of transparency of the brand. This vape liquid contains a blend of 0.283% THC, 0% CBD, and 3.148% total cannabinoids. All of the product ingredients are third-party lab-tested as well.


  • Premium-quality product
  • Third-party lab-tested ingredients
  • Excellent taste and aroma
  • Very potent, indeed!


  • Limited information on brand and brand practices
  • Limited information about the company that own it and its policies are available online
  • Limited variants in sizes, flavors, and potencies


As per the large number of customer reviews that we found, customers seem to have had a good experience with the Cannoli Be Delta-8 vape liquid.

Most customers spoke of their perfectly delicious dessert-like flavor and the absolute delight that each vape session with Cannoli Be gave them.

Most of them also spoke favorably about the overall effects, including the “subtle high” and health benefits, like better sleep, overall uplifting moods, deep relaxation, and balanced emotions, within minutes of each session. Most customers have given the product a high rating as well.


Though we couldn’t find much information about the brand, we have looked through hundreds of third-party websites and authorized distributors of Cannoli Be and found that the brand is definitely among the more reliable ones.

The customer reviews have definitely established a positive reputation for the brand, while the product’s flavor and efficacy have impressed us. Overall, it is a great vape juice.

#3. Froopa Delta-8 THC Hemp Extract E-Liquid

If you are looking for premium quality delta-8 vape juice then you can quite confidently count on Froopa. Its marshmallow sugar cookie flavored vape juice, topped with a fruit and cereal base, ensures premium quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Available in a 30ml bottle, this 1000mg Delta-8 vape juice can effectively work for customers of all kinds. Its flavorful taste and aroma, combined with pure Delta-8 extracts will surely do the trick for you.

This vape juice contains pure and premium-quality Delta-8 derived from hemp to effectively enhance your daily wellness therapy.

Froopa’s Delta-8 THC vape juice brings the perfect blend of cannabinoids (0.282% total THC, 0% CBD, and 3.050% total cannabinoids) with a delightful flavor. The product contains premium quality ingredients, all of which are third-party lab tested for safety, efficiency, and potency.


Choosing Froopa Delta-8 Vape Juice will prove to be an excellent decision if you’re looking for a genuine, nicely flavored, high-quality Delta-8 product. You get 1000mg of pure and safe Delta-8 THC, with the scrumptious flavors of marshmallow sugar cookie and fruit cereals.

Froopa’s Delta-8 THC meets the standard quality parameters and is safe for human consumption. Customers loved the flavorful vaping experience.

Coming to its ingredients, it contains the highest proportion of premium-quality hemp-derived Delta-8.

To get a more detailed idea about the product’s composition, you can check out the lab test report that is easily accessible on all the online retail stores wherever this product is available.

All in all, Froopa’s Delta-8 THC vape juice is a quality product that you can depend on for feeling energized, focused, and calm any time of the day.


  • Premium-quality ingredients
  • Pure, hemp-derived Delta-8 extract
  • Positive brand reputation
  • Affordable prices
  • Unique and amazing taste/ flavor
  • Highly effective


  • Limited information on company practices
  • Limited information on brand
  • Limited variants, sizes, and potencies


The customers who have used Froopa’s Delta-8 THC vape juice have mostly given positive responses about the product. It has been found to be effective in promoting daily life activities as well as for relaxing after a hard day at work.

Some customers even praised the product for the boost in energy that it provides, while others benefited a lot from its calming effects by reducing stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

But mostly, customers loved this vape juice because of its quick action and, of course, the amazing flavor that it comes with that makes each vape session blissful.


Froopa’s Delta 8 THC e-liquid is one of the most effective and fast-acting vape juices that can be used to feel energetic as well as to relax.

We loved the flavor, of course, but the best part about this vape juice was the blissful and absolute calmness with which it fills your mind and body.

We give a big thumbs-up to this product.

#4. Ends Game’s Pink 8 Delta 8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid

Ends Game’s signature hemp extract e-liquid, infused with the relaxing yet uplifting component – Delta-8 THC – contains a fruity combination of strawberry, coconut milk, and acai.

That, combined with the 1000mg of Delta-8 THC, makes it one of the best products in this market segment.

Made from pure hemp-derived Delta-8, this product will definitely boost your daily wellness regimen with vitality and vigor, as you go about your daily activities.

Being highly effective, this Delta-8 infused vape juice will give you good quality, yet mild high, with subtle yet positive changes in your health condition.

Available in a 30ml bottle, this vape juice packs a potent dose of 1000mg of Delta-8 per bottle and delivers a lovely fruity mix of flavors with each vape session. So, get ready to have some fun with this flavorful, premium-quality Delta-8 THC vape juice.


Pink8 Delta-8 THC vape juice is a wonderful product with many advantages over its rivals in the market.

Like most of our selections, this product also comes in an awesome flavor. The amazing and unique blend of fruity flavors bursts through your body with each puff from this vape juice.

The flavors seem absolutely fresh – like freshly cut and squeezed strawberries and acai juice. That, along with the refreshing and creamy taste of coconut milk, will simply douse your agitated mind, calming your mind and body, and readying you for yet another eventful and fun-filled evening.

Coming to the quality of the hemp extract, the product has passed the quality standard checks as indicated in the lab reports. The Pink8 Delta-8 vape juice is third-party lab tested, ensuring potent and safe levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and most importantly, pure and natural Delta-8 THC. It contains a blend of 0.220% total THC, zero CBD, and 3.076% total cannabinoids.

The lab reports indicate Ends Game’s brand transparency and reliability, besides the quality of its extracts and Delta-8 products.

This vape juice is definitely one of the best choices for Delta-8 vaping enthusiasts, looking for premium-quality, flavorful, and effective vape sessions.


  • Fresh and fruity flavor
  • Positive brand reputation
  • Premium-quality, pure, and safe ingredients
  • No synthetic chemicals, no pesticides
  • Third-party lab-tested products


  • Limited information on company and brand practices
  • Limited variants


Most customers loved Ends Game’s Pink 8 Delta 8 THC vape juice for its refreshing flavor, amazing after-taste, and impactful dose of Delta-8. Customers appreciated the nice blend of juicy strawberries and acai with refreshing coconut milk.

Besides, this vape juice seemed to work wonders for many consumers with issues relating to sleep, stress, and anxiety.

What’s more, many customers even quit taking their prescription medications for insomnia after starting on these vape juices.


Ends Game’s Pink8 Vape Juice is certainly one the best, all-natural e-liquid, which has been able to help people with some common health issues, besides getting them high – legally! Its amazingly juicy and refreshing fruity flavors definitely floored the customers – as it did us!

Not many vape juices have this unique blend of flavors.

Our experience with Pink 8 Delta 8 THC e-liquid has also been excellent, especially for its incredible taste and fast-acting effects with each drag.

We think it’s a must-try for all your guys out there!

#5. Independent Vapor Co.’s Nillionaire Delta-8 E-Liquid

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or a newbie, you can depend on Independent Vapor Company for that perfect vape fix.

Independent Vapor Co. is a trustworthy brand that offers several Delta-8 THC products. The brand practices are quality controlled; its products are quite safe and of premium quality.

Available in a 30ml bottle, its 1000mg Nilliionaire Delta-8 e-liquid is available in a delightful Rainbow Sherbet flavor to boost your vaping experience with each drag.

The product is third-party lab-tested and, overall, reliable.


Independent Vapor Company uses its signature blend of rainbow sherbet base in its Delta 8 vape liquid to enhance your daily dose of cannabinoids. With its amazing blend of pure and potent Delta-8 THC and smooth yet strong aroma of citrus berries, Nillionaire will surely give you an unforgettable vaping experience.

The pure and premium quality of its Delta-8 extract, combined with the delightful flavor of rainbow sherbet, produces a smooth and creamy vapor.

According to the product’s lab test reports, the vape juice contains a blend of 0.089% total THC and 2.972% overall cannabinoids. The product is totally natural, with no GMO, synthetic chemicals, or pesticides.

Overall, Nillionaire Delta-8 e-liquid by Independent Vapor Co. is a vape juice that you can rely on to give you an incredible vaping experience.


  • Organic, premium quality
  • Positive brand reputation
  • Third-party lab-tested product
  • Good flavor and taste


  • Limited product availability
  • Limited variants/ sizes/ potencies
  • Limited information about the brand


In the course of our research, we found many a customer talking about how well this product helped them overcome their strong dependence on conventional drugs and how positively it changed their lifestyle.

Besides, the brand also has a strong and able customer support team.

As for Nillionaire’s flavor and efficacy, customers loved the subtle high, interesting combination of flavors and the sweet relaxed calmness that these vape juices instilled within seconds.


Happy customers equal to repeat customers. This product gave us what we expected from a Delta-8 vape juice and we will definitely give this another try, at least once more, if not more. Our experience with this refreshing rainbow sherbet vape juice was quite pleasant. We would grant Nillionaire a good rating as well – it is worth spending your money on.

The Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best D-8 E-Liquid?

While researching hemp-derived vape products for your next (or first) Delta-8 Vape Juice, you should be prepared with a buying guide that will tell you exactly which parameters to check in a product (and its brand) before deciding to buy.

Here’s what you need…


The first thing you should look for is quality.

For that check out the brand’s practices, reviews, and lab test results (make sure they are third-party lab-tested). This will give you a clear idea of their authenticity, transparency, reliability, and product quality.

Brand Reputation

In the hemp industry, reputation holds an important place. Check the brand reviews on the company website and on third-party websites. Also, check out for any awards or certifications that the brand has received.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Most reputable brands in the cannabis industry make their lab-test reports available online. So, make sure to check these reports before placing the order. Make sure the products are safe, potent, and do not contain high levels of Delta-9 THC. Also check to see the proportions of each of the ingredients, especially the hemp-derived ones.


When it comes to pricing, remember that hemp-based products are expensive. Don’t go looking for cheap products. This is especially true for Delta-8 products, as their content is quite low in natural hemp plants. So, the cost of developing these products is high. If you’re looking for quality Delta 8 products then pricing needs to take a backseat.


Checking the ingredients label is essential to ascertain the safety and efficacy of the product. This will help you identify any component to which you could be allergic. Also, you can find out if the products are free of contaminants and harmful agents.

Delta-8 Vape Juices: FAQs

Q: Is vaping Delta-8 THC safe?

A: Vaping Delta 8 THC is indeed safe, as long as you pick the right brand of product. Make sure you purchase from a reliable and reputable brand that is well known and well-reviewed in the industry. Look up product ingredients, labels, lab-test reports, and customer reviews online. Legitimate brands will offer you genuine Delta-8 THC products that do not contain delta-9 THC higher than 0.3% by dry weight. Delta-8 is safe and beneficial for human consumption, whether or not you choose to vape it. However, stay away from vapes, in general, if you suffer from a pulmonary condition.

Q: Are there any side effects of using Delta-8 THC vape juices?

A: Although it is absolutely safe to vape Delta-8 THC, experiences may differ from person to person. While most vapers don’t, generally, suffer from any kind of side effect after using Delta-8 Vape juices, one could experience dryness of mouth, dryness of eyes, among other rare and subtle side effects. But these are common among people who are generally allergic to cannabis.

Q: What are the active ingredients of Delta-8 vape juices?

A: In most Delta-8 e-liquids, manufactured by reputable hemp companies, Delta-8 THC is the main active ingredient. However, some e-liquids also contain other cannabinoids and terpenes for higher effectiveness. Usually, Delta-8 vapes do not contain any CBD.

Some brands may also choose to combine additives, preservatives, cutting agents, and even leave out residual solvents. Such additives could potentially harm you and intensify possible side effects, posing some serious health risks in the long run. So, always check carefully to see if these components are present in the product. If they are, you would do well to stay away from such products.

Q: How long does Delta-8 THC take to show its effects?

A: The time taken by Delta-8 THC to show its effects may vary from person to person. It also depends on several other factors, such as delivery method, chronic ailments, existing medications, specific formulations, etc. While gummies and other Delta-8 edibles could take around 1 to 1½ hours to exhibit effects, vaping takes much less time to have an impact. It takes about 30 minutes to kick in.

Final Thoughts: Choose Wisely

In this article, we have reviewed five genuine and reliable brands that sell good quality Delta-8 vape juice. We have armed you with all the necessary information about the brands, besides giving you our honest and unbiased opinion based on our experiences.

However, we would still suggest you do a bit of research, yourself, before placing an order.

Lastly, we would urge you to talk to your medical practitioner before taking the plunge.

After all, nothing else matters – if not your health!

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