Best E-Nail Box Mod Attachments

Now that almost 60% of Americans live in a state with at least some level of weed legalization (medical or recreational), we’ve been getting a lot of people who are wondering about dabbing. Since most people who read Vapor Vanity already own a box mod, the best way to get started with dabs is to use a 510-threaded e-nail attachment that you can just screw on to the box mod that you already own.

The best e-nail box mod attachment for dabbing is the Kandy Pens ICON Attachment.

Here are a few good options that will get you ready to start dabbing using nothing else other than the box mod you already own.

What is the best e-nail box mod attachment?

  1. KandyPens ICON
  2. Atmos Studio Rig
  3. Source Nail

#1. KandyPens ICON Attachment

If I had to recommend only one, I’d go with the ICON Attachment from KandyPens. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other e-nail attachments out there, but the quality of this thing is worth it in my opinion. It includes three different nails (quartz, ceramic, and titanium). You’ll also get an LED light so you can dab in the dark! The ICON definitely has a cool factor that other attachments lack.

KandyPens ICON Attachment
KandyPens ICON Attachment

#2. Atmos Studio Rig Attachment

Atmos is well known for some of their herbal blend vape pens (we even reviewed a couple of them a while back). This Studio Rig Attachment is an excellent, highly affordable way to start dabbing with your box mod. Coming in at about 20 bucks less than the standard $99 that most e-nail attachments cost, the Studio Rig is still an incredibly high quality piece of equipment. It also includes and herbal blend attachment if you want to mix it up and vape some herb instead of just dabbing.

Atmos E-Nail
Atmos Studio Rig Attachment

#3. Source Nail Attachment

The Source Nail Attachment was designed by Source Vapes for their excellent Source Nail Signature Kit. Fortunately they decided to also make it available as a standalone product so you can use your own box mod with it. The glass and nails are all expertly crafted. This is an all-around solid attachment that will give you a great introduction to the world of dabbing.

Source Nail Attachment
Source Nail Attachment

Whether you end up buying one of these e-nail attachment or go with something else, if you’re looking to get started with vaping wax and you want the best experience you can possibly get, you won’t be disappointed. E-nails give you a much better vaping experience than what you’ve experienced before. Once you start with dab nails, you’ll never want to go back to cheap wax vape pens ever again.

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