Best Glass Pipes

Whether you prefer a pipe because of the conveniences that it allows for travel, you like looking at the colors as you use it, or just prefer the feel of glass fully encompassed in your hand, there really is something truly special about smoking from a glass pipe.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best glass pipes available for purchase online and brought them to you here, at Head Shop Headquarters. Here they are all in one place for easy, discreet browsing.

Why Use Glass Pipes?

You may be asking yourself, “If you sell bongs and pipes, why would I want one over the other?” The truth is, you want both. But there are certain times when you don’t want to deal with pulling out your bong. Sure, there are some added benefits that come from smoking from one our best rated percolator bongs, but the ability to carry a pipe in your pocket can’t be overlooked. 

Characteristics of a Great Glass Pipe

When it comes to buying a glass pipe, there are certain specs and characteristics you should look for. Here are the things you should always look for when buying the best glass pipes:

  • Thick glass. You will drop it, so thick glass will make sure that it doesn’t shatter. Double or triple blown glass is sturdier and will be less likely to break if you drop it.
  • Color and design. Part of the reason that you are selecting glass is because the look. When selecting your pipe, make sure that you select one that looks cool and fits your personality.
  • Carb. Make sure that the hole isn’t too narrow or too wide. You don’t want to have to hit it too hard or light your lungs on fire.
  • Overall size of the pipe. Is it something you want to carry comfortably in your pocket or in your clutch? Do you travel with it a lot? Do the overall dimensions concern you? Keep these in mind as you make your decision.
  • Make sure your bowl size is just right. Having a bowl that is the right size is essential. Depending on the quantity that you smoke, having a small bowl may mean that you are spending too much time having to prepare your pipe instead of smoking it.

Finding the Best Glass Pipe for You

As you take the aforementioned into consideration, make sure that you use those features to help find the perfect glass pipe for you. Ultimately though, it is going to come down to a few things: peer reviews, appearance, and price.

Below is a breakdown of some of our highest rated products—an array of products that covers everyone’s smoke needs. Look through our best glass pipes below, or search our entire online glass pipe collection if something below doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Best Glass Pipes

  Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe Grav Labs Spoon Pipe Empire Glass workspsychedelic Spoon Pipe Empire Glassworkz Octopus Spoon Pipe
Product Image        
Our Rating 5/5 5/5 5/5  5/5
Price  $24.95  $24.95  $34.99  $59.99
Link to product page Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!

Making the Cut: Glass Pipe Reviews

Grav Labs Sherlock pipe for those that love a longer pipe with some curves. Grav Labs produces some of the most reliable daily pipes on the market.

Grav Labs Glass spoon is a perfect little pipe you can bring with you anywhere with a range of colors to choose from and a small price tag.

Empire Glassworkz  leads the way in thick glass spoons with tons of color and this pipe is no different. It has a decent size bowl and and carb on the side.

Empire Glassworkz octopus has so much detail and colors. Its very fun to look at while smoking.

These glass pipes are all welled made with thick borosilicate glass and no air bubbles. It all comes down to what you prefer. Something simple like the Grav Labs pipes or something with a little more color or character like the Empire Glassworkz pipes.

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