Best Online Vape Shops and Stores

We’ve compiled this list to help you sort through the heap of online vape stores. This is our official list of the biggest and best vape shops. Every site on this list is selling the latest products at the best prices. The best online vape shop is Direct Vapor.

To be included on this list a site must have a dedicated and responsive customer support team as well as a respectable return policy. If you buy a product from any site on this list, you can be assured that you’re shopping with a reputable and reliable business.

#1. Direct Vapor – Our Favorite

Direct Vapor is a beautifully designed website that features great customer support, free shipping, a robust warranty policy, and affordable pricing. This one-stop vape shop includes everything you could possibly need to get started with vaping.

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 60 day warranty
  • Low price guarantee
  • Authentic products only, no clones
Direct Vapor
Direct Vapor
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#2. VaporDNA

This California-based company was founded in 2013. VaporDNA boasts a wide selection of high-quality mods, tanks, and accessories. Their high quality site features an attractive design that makes it as easy as possible to find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s hard to determine which online vape shop is the biggest, but VaporDNA is certainly a contender.

  • Wide selection of products
  • Quick to have new products in stock
  • Regularly places items on clearance
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#3. Vapor Beast

Vapor Beast is another California-based vape shop that was founded back in 2012. They have a wide selection of both hardware and e-liquids, so no matter what type of vaper you are you’re almost certain to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Tons of different products
  • Lots of accessories in stock
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
Vapor Beast
Vapor Beast
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#4. Juul Vapor

While this isn’t a vape shop in the traditional sense, we feel like it should be included due to the overwhelming popularity of the Juul.

The Juul is one of the most popular entry-level devices on the market today. Our review of the Juul is still one of our most-viewed posts. The proprietary pod-based system makes getting started with vaping as easy as humanly possible. The Juul pods are available in a wide variety of delicious flavors, and you can save a ton of cash by subscribing to auto-delivery.

  • Best entry level device
  • Extremely affordable
  • Can save some serious coin by subscribing to auto-ship
Juul Vapor
Juul Vapor
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What are the benefits of buying vapes online?

There are tons of awesome reasons to buy vapes online instead of in person.

Online vape shops have a larger selection

Even the biggest B&M shop in the world can’t compete with the sheer size and variety of choices that online vape stores have. Whether you’re looking for a sweet new mod, a high-tech dry herb vape, or if you want to jump on the pod vape bandwagon; you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for online. They’re never out of stock. And if your favorite online shop is out of stock on what you’re looking for, one of their competitors will have it and they’re just a click away.

Products are way cheaper online

The people who own physical B&M stores have a ton of overhead. They have to pay rent on the retail space, they have to pay for employees, they have to have enough room to keep everything in stock, etc. To compensate, they have to raise prices on their products way above MSRP in some cases.

Online stores have none of those problems. Paying for web hosting and warehouse space is significantly cheaper than any of the expenses that physical stores have to worry about. This means that they can pass those savings on to you, the customer, directly. Why waste even more of your precious money when you can buy the exact same product online for so much less?

Better customer service

This one is a bit controversial. Sure, everyone loves the feeling of being a regular at a vape shop. You get to know the people behind the counter, and they’ll let you know of any cool new products that are coming out. The only problem with that ideal? It tends to not really exist in reality.

Most B&M shops are staffed by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. In some cases they might even give misleading or dangerous information. Online shops might lack the personal touch, but if you email or call them they’ll have answers to any question you could ask. And if they don’t have the answer right away? They can research it and get back to you so much quicker than the guy behind the counter at a physical shop.

Returns are also much easier online. Since online shops deal with a larger volume of products, they won’t feel the need to fight you on every single return. They’re aware that returns are part of doing business. But since physical vape shops are operating on such thin margins, they can’t risk losing money on returns. That’s why a lot of B&M’s have such strict return policies. They literally can’t afford to take products back in some cases. Why should that be your problem?

You can read customer reviews

Sure, that sweet new SMOK box mod looks rad. But does it really work the way the packaging says it does? When it comes to getting reviews from real customers, nothing beats the experience of shopping online.

Virtually every single vaping website will have a section with reviews from real customers who have tried that particular product in the past. The juice might have a cool description, but what does Unicorn Milk actually taste like? Just scroll down to the “reviews” section on your favorite vape store website and start reading.

If there are any issues with the product being defective, you’ll know before you buy. If that “premium” e-juice leaves a lot to be desired, previous customers won’t be shy with voicing their opinion. Why gamble with your money? Times are tough these days and it’s not worth it to just blindly buy something without reading reviews anymore.

There’s no pressure

We all know the feeling. You show up to the B&M shop with some questions about a new mod, and the guy behind the counter immediately starts pressuring you to buy. You feel guilty, thinking “well he did spend a lot of time helping me out. It would be rude not to buy”. And then you walk out with something you didn’t even want in the first place.

There are no high-pressure salesmen online. If you’re researching a new RDA and spend a few hours scanning different websites for more info, you don’t have to worry about the guilt trip. If you don’t want to buy it you don’t have to. The worst case scenario is you might get a few automated emails, but that’s what spam folders are for.

If you prefer to shop in a relaxed environment where you can take all the time you need to make your decision then an online vape shop is ideal for you.

What is the best online vape shop?

  1. Direct Vapor
  2. Vapor DNA
  3. Vapor Beast
  4. Juul Vapor

Why you should trust us

The Vapor Vanity review team has a combined decades of experience in the vaping industry. Our team spent over 172 hours testing out the various websites on this list. We scoured the internet for official reviews from other vaping publications as well as reviews from real people just like you. We ranked the stores on this list according to a variety of different factors. We judged them according to customer service, design, product variety, shipping speed, pricing, and more.

As long as you order your new vape or e-juice from one of the shops on this list you know that you’re making a good decision. We ranked all of the online vape shops on this list according to which ones we think are best, but it’s up to you as a consumer to evaluate your options and determine which one is best for your unique needs.

Which online vape store do you shop at?


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