Portable dab rigs are by far the best possible way to enjoy your favorite dabs. You get the pure power that dabbing is famous for in a portable package that is ideal for on-the-go use. The best eRig is the Dabado Bolt Pro 2.

Each of these high-end eRigs includes both the e-nail itself and a powerful battery base that is designed to give you as much raw power as you can handle.

If you’re ready to get your dab on, picking any one of these powerful devices will give you everything that you need to get started. The VaporVanity editorial team has verified that these are some of the best rigs on the market today, so you can rest easy knowing that as long as you choose from this list, any decision that you make is certainly going to be a good one.

What is the best portable dab rig?

  1. Dabado Bolt Pro 2
  2. Dr. Dabber Boost
  3. Dr. Dabber Switch
  4. Vivant Incendio
  5. Sutra DBR

#1. Dabado Bolt Pro 2


The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 is the high-end version of the original Bolt. The Pro version is a massive upgrade of the original; featuring a powerful 18650 battery, all-new XL nails for *huge clouds* and flavor, a max temp of 980F, and more.

This eNail kit includes three different nails: quartz, titanium, and ceramic. It also allows you switch between a low-temp flavor mode and a high-temp cloud-chaser mode.

Dabado has an incredible reputation for quality in the dabbing community, and the Bolt Pro continues that legacy of excellence.

Who it’s for: The Bolt Pro 2 is for the serious dabber who wants the best that money can buy. If you want a pure-play dab rig (no dry herb or e-liquid capabilities) that has a massive temperature range and creates enormous clouds then look no further. Dabado is a worldwide leader in dab rigs, so you know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

It’s also great for anyone who is a fan of other Dabado products (original Bolt, Bolt 2, original Bolt Pro) and wants an upgrade. The Bolt Pro 2 expands on the capabilities of the other products in the Dabado lineup by providing even more advanced features and high-end craftsmanship. If you’ve ever owned or used a Dabado eRig before, you’ll be completely satisfied with the brand new Bolt Pro 2.

#2. Dr. Dabber Boost

Dr. Dabber Boost eRig on white background

The Boost is considered by many people to be the “go-to” eRig for newbies who are just getting started with dabbing.


Because it simply works.

Dabbing can be super-complicated, but the Boost manages to make it as accessible as possible for beginners and experienced dabbers alike.

You get a rapid heat-up time (0 to 800F in 30 seconds flat), a glass water filtration attachment, and up to 60 uses on a single charge. Dabbing has literally never been easier than this.

Who it’s for: The Dr. Dabber Boost is a phenomenal choice for anyone who loves to dab with a water filtration attachment. The smooth vapor that you get balances out the intensity of the dab, giving you the best possible vapor quality.

If you value a brand’s reputation, Dr. Dabber Boost is one of the few great options. Dr. Dabber has, as it’s name implies, a long history of creating high-end devices for vaping concentrates. At this point, it’s safe to say that they’ve mastered the art of dabbing. When you buy a Boost (or any other product from Dr. Dabber) you know that you’re getting a product that has been created by a team of experienced dabbers who know exactly what customers like you are looking for.

#3. Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch

Let’s not mince words here: The Switch absolutely rips. Unlike most of the other electric rigs on this list, the Switch is designed to be compatible with both concentrates (replicating the classic torch-and-burn method of dabbing) and dry herbs. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and trust me, the Switch is one of the few vaporizers that can handle both types of materials perfectly.

The enormous 33.3 Watt-hour battery is designed to give you 150 full cycles on each full charge. The cool thing about that battery is that it has pass-through functionality, meaning that you can get your dab on while it’s charging.

Who it’s for: The Switch is for the dabber who wants the ability to vape dry herbs with the exact same device that they use to get those sick dab rips. The Switch is also perfect for you if you are the type of person who wants the most expensive, latest cutting-edge technology. If you value having an extended battery life, the Switch is also the only real choice.

#4. Vivant Incendio

Vivant Incendio Dab Rig on white background

The Vivant Incendio is another dab rig that gives you the ability to vaporize dry herbs using the same device. Where the Incendio really stands out, however, is through it’s use of water filtration. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the raw power of a dab rig combined with the smoothness of a water-filtered vape, look no further.

The Incendio is as close to “plug-and-play” as you can get in the dabbing world. Loading the tank up with dry herbs, or throwing a dab on is as easy as possible. If you want to preload and cap it for on-the-go use, that’s just as easy. Everything about the Incendio is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. You won’t have to constantly refer to the instruction manual to get this thing going, especially if you have previous dabbing and water perc experience.

Who it’s for: The Vivant Incendio is for the dabber who wants the smoothness of water filtration without sacrificing any power. The Incendio is also great for you if you want the ability to vape dry herbs using the same exact device. It’s also great for you if you want something that’s easy to set up and use.

#5. Sutra DBR

The DBR is the newest eRig from Sutra Vape, one of the more popular manufacturers of wax vape pens.

Sutra Vape has leveraged their expertise in wax vaping to create a super-powerful dab rig that will blow you away with its high-end performance and stunning good looks.

If you’re a fan of precision temperature control, then you’ll love the fact that the DBR allows you to adjust the temp in increments of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The large temperature range goes from a low of 300F all the way up to a high of 800F.

The cool thing about the DBR is that it includes a silicon carbide nail in addition to the standard ceramic, quartz, and titanium nails. If you like to experiment with different types of nails, the DBR is perfect for you.

Sutra DBR eRig
Sutra DBR eRig                                                                                

#6. Dabado Bolt Pro 2

What is a portable electric dab rig?

Unlike larger, more traditional dab rigs, the portable versions are powered by a battery instead of a torch. Portable rigs may look complicated, but the way they work is actually rather simple. The base of the device is known as a controller box, which is connected to the nail itself by a heated coil that transfers the energy from the battery to the nail, producing vapor.

How do I dab with an enail?

Step 1: Apply your dab on the dabbing tool.

Step 2: Turn on the heat on your rig.

Step 3: Take your dabber and apply the dab directly to the nail.

Step 4: Inhale the vapor and enjoy!

Dabbing with a portable enail rig is so much easier than dabbing with the traditional torch-and-burn method. You’re completely eliminating the most dangerous, confusing, and time-consuming part of the dabbing process: the part where you actually light an open flame and heat up your nail. Once you switch to using an electric version you’ll never want to go back to the old way. It’s easier, safer, and more efficient.

How much does a dab rig cost?

A portable dab rig will run you anywhere from approximately $100-$400. Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. A cheaper $100 rig kit will get the job done, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of the bells-and-whistles and the latest high-tech features. But if you’re just getting started and not sure if dabbing is right for you, then by all means save your cash and buy a cheap one until you’re sure you like dabbing.

When you get to the higher price levels, you’re getting more advanced features (better temp control being the most important) and sturdier construction. The nail itself will be higher quality and will conduct the heat better, giving you a better vaping experience. If you’re really serious about dabbing, you’ll want to shell out the cash for a good dab rig. It’s really not worth it to cheap out.


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