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Rebuildable Drip Atomizers or RDAs are quite popular nowadays because they allow vapers to build their own coils depending on their preferred resistance. It has grown even more popular as the number of cloud chasers grows with each passing year.

The best RDA is the X TVC X Heathen Drop Dead RDA.

This increase in the number of users also meant a huge growth in the number of RDAs available in the market. Different vape brands have been trying to outdo each other in order to attract more customers. With numerous RDAs to choose from, the search for the ultimate RDA can be a challenge. Which is why we have compiled this list of the best RDAs available right now. It will give you an idea on which RDAs offer the best features. Hopefully, this list can help you with making your choice easier.

What is the best vape RDA?

  1. X TVC X Heathen Drop Dead
  2. Wotofo x Suck My Mod Serpent Elevate
  3. Wotofo X Mike Vapes Recurve
  4. Tony B X Vandy Vape Pulse X
  5. Digiflavor X TVC Drop Solo
  6. Augvape X VapnFagan BTFC
  7. Vandy Vape Berserker MTL

#1. X c Drop Dead RDA

Red and back Drop Dead RDA
X TVC X Heathen Drop Dead RDA

The Drop Dead RDA is something that you’ll see in every single best list there is. This is the product of the collaboration between The Vapor Chronicles and Heathen. It’s a marriage between the best features of the Drop RDA and the Dead Rabbit RDA. That in itself makes this RDA one of the best by reputation alone.

If you’re searching for a great-looking RDA then this is the one for you. This is a well-machined device. From the knurling up to the engraved logo, you can immediately sense how well-made this RDA is. The paint job of this RDA is also top-quality. After a couple of weeks of use, we didn’t find any chipping at all. This will be a great RDA for those who want their RDAs to still look good even after multiple drops. The paint job seems capable of withstanding minor scratches.

When it comes to the actual building on the Drop Dead RDA, it’s pretty easy for someone with enough experience. Drop Dead has four posts with the top of the posts slanted at an angle. This means that all you need to do is drop in your leads. You can trim the leads from the bottom later on. One of the leads should go into the stainless steel posts while the other one should go into the gold plated posts.

Another thing that we like about the Drop Dead is the size of the terminals on the posts. They are quite large. This means that you can fit 3 or more coils on this deck. The large terminals also mean that you can easily maneuver inside.

As for the actual performance of the Drop Dead, it performs beautifully. The draws are as smooth as they can get. This is most likely because of the adjustable position of the airflow. There are also multiple adjustments you can do with the airflow so you can definitely find an airflow setting that will fit your needs and preferences. The hits are also flavorful which makes for a great vaping experience.

One thing that might pose a problem though is the sensitivity of the airflow adjustment. Even the slightest adjustment can mean a huge difference when it comes to the entire vaping experience. This means you need to be extra careful so you can find the setting that you want.


  • Great looking RDA
  • Easy to build on
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Great paint job


  • Airflow adjustment might be too sensitive

#2. Wotofo x Suck My Mod Serpent Elevate 24mm RTA

Wotofo X Mr.JustRight1 Profile RDA

Collaborative RDAs are growing quite popular and the Profile RDA is one of them. This is the product of a collaboration between Wotofo and Youtube reviewer Mr.JustRight1. The Profile RDA uses a spring-loaded ceramic platform. This works by pressing the cotton up in case of sag. The RDA can be totally disassembled which makes it easy to clean. This will be a great RDA for those who love to tinker with their vaping devices. If you love making sure that every single piece of your RDA is free from dirt and gunk, then this might be the RDA for you.

The Profile RDA uses a Kanthal A1 0.18-ohm mesh strip. This is something we really like because it produces a vapor that has clean and accurate flavors. The ramp-up time is also fast.

When it comes to airflow, this RDA has a dual-sided honeycomb airflow. There are 19 airflow holes on each side.

If you like squonking, then this is something that we’d recommend. The RDA’s design means that your e-juice gets delivered straight up to your coil. There is also more than enough cotton inside to ensure that you won’t have any problems with over-squonking. It can be a bit frustrating at first though. You’ll notice that the first saturation results into a really slow reclaim. However, that is something that is only problematic during the first time. After that, you won’t have any issues at all.

One issue that we encountered with the Profile RDA is the difficulty in seeing the airflow setting. You really have to squint and make sure that you have more than enough light just to see it properly. It can be an issue but since you’ll probably adjust it just a few times then it shouldn’t be that big of a problem.


  • Clean and accurate flavor
  • Great RDA for squonking
  • Easy to clean


  • Airflow setting is difficult to see

#3. Wotofo X Mike Vapes Recurve RDA

Wotofo X Mike Vapes Recurve RDA

Wotofo and YouTube reviewer Mike Vapes collaborated and the product is the Wotofo Recurve RDA. This is a highly-anticipated RDA and it did not disappoint. The tank of the Recurve is well-built. They used stainless steel for the tank material. This gave the Recurve a sturdy feel to it. The stainless steel also gave the RDA a nice hefty weight to it. It feels solid enough, unlike lighter RDAs that feel as if they’d be easy to break. True to its name, there are many curves on this RDA. You’ll find curves on the drip tip and even the top cap. The curves make the RDA easy to grip which makes it ideal for those who hate slippery RDAs. One thing that we didn’t like about the design though are the lines in the engraved logo. These lines are dirt magnets and you’ll probably see bits of dirt stuck inside those lines after just a couple of days.

As for the deck of the RDA, it has a curved shape that allows the coils to deliver maximum flavor. We like how they positioned the coil next to the airflow holes. This positioning means that air gets directed straight into the coil.

This is an RDA designed with squonking in mind. It has a 4mm-deep well. The design allows for e-liquid to be distributed from the center of the RDA and directly into the wicks. This design can help make sure that you won’t have to worry about dry hits while you squonk.

If you decide on getting the Recurve, one thing you should watch out for is your dripping. As we have mentioned earlier, this is an RDA designed with squonking in mind. If you’re not careful with your dripping, you’ll probably end up leaking juice through the airflow holes. This is easy to remedy though. You’ll just have to make sure that the airflow holes and the top cap are not aligned while you drip. And as with any other RDAs, dripping in small amounts can prevent any leaks.


  • Great for squonking
  • Can prevent dry hits
  • Sturdy construction


  • Might be prone to leaks
  • Engraved logo is a dirt-magnet

#4. Tony B X Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA

Tony B X Vandy Vape Puls X RDA

When Vandy Vape and Tony B of the Vapor Trail Channel put their minds together, the product is the Pulse X RDA. It uses 21700 batteries which makes it ideal for heavy vapers. With batteries this big, you can enjoy heavy vaping without the need to recharge or replace batteries. The Pulse X also goes up to 90w instead of the usual 80w. The extra 10w is enough to boost to allow you to get a hundred watts.

The Pulse X RDA has 6 airflow slots on each side. It also has a good style drip tip. The drip tip is a frosted type. One thing that is immediately noticeable is there is only one drip tip included. Most RDAs have two drip tips included upon purchase.

The Pulse X RDA kit is designed to look a bit squat. It looked that way because it is short and wide. This might be a strategy to allow for better handling of the mod. There are also 5 diagonal strips on the back of the panel which doubles as an extra grip for the mod. It sacrificed the aesthetics but it definitely made the Pulse X easier to hold. We have fairly big hands though so the squat-looking RDA look a bit weird.

The RDA itself is something that we really liked. The deck has a center bottom feed port. There are 4 screws protruding from the tip of each leg. What we like about this design is it allows the user to use large coils in either side of the RDA.

When it comes to performance, the Pulse X worked great. We got smooth and flavorful vapor with each draw. It also surprised us that the flavors were consistently full with each draw.


  • Consistent and full flavor
  • Can be fitted with large coils
  • Delivers smooth draws


  • Includes just 1 drip tip

#5. Digiflavor X TVC Drop Solo RDA

Digiflavor X TVC Drop Solo RDA

The Drop Solo RDA is a 22-mm single-coil RDA. This makes it a tad smaller compared to the first Drop RDA that’s 24mm in diameter. The Drop Solo uses an 810 drip tip. It has an acrylic glass drip tip. We did not particularly like the mouthpiece since it’s shape and size make it a bit weird to draw from. That said, the overall look of the Drop Solo is something that a lot of conservative vapers will like. The design looks clean and professional. It’s something that won’t look out of place in a formal setting.

When it comes to the build deck, the Drop Solo has one pair of posts to the side of its base. This is a departure from the usual two-centered pairs. What we like about this design is it allows any user to install his coils in several ways. New builders will find this deck easy to work with. It has enough room for so that even builders with limited experience can work without any difficulties.

As for its performance, we love the great airflow in this RDA. You can gradually control the airflow by closing the airflow holes one by one. One thing that users should remember though is that there are two sets of airflow adustments, one set on each side. This means that when you close one airflow, you’re really closing two of them. This might take getting used to especially for those who’ve gotten used to RDAs with just one set of airflow.


  • The design looks clean and professional
  • Easy to build with
  • Deck has a large space to work on


  • Airflow control takes getting used to
  • The mouthpiece has an odd feel to it

#6. Augvape X VapnFagan BTFC RDA

Augvape X VapnFagan BTFC RDA

As its name implied, this is a collaborative effort between Augvape and VapnFagan. BTFC stands for Bottom Top Flavor Clouds. The RDA is made of stainless steel. This gives the RDA a heavy feel to it. Those who like sturdy RDAs will like the BTFC. It doesn’t feel too heavy but it feels heavy enough to make it feel as if it can survive a few drops.

It makes use of a low-profile black Delrin drip-tip. This is built-into a removable top cap. When you rotate the top cap, it allows you to adjust the airflow. You’ll find two medium-sized holes on opposite sides. This is a departure from the usual multiple tiny holes that other brands prefer.

We love how easy it is to install coils on this build deck. Inexperienced builders can easily build on this after just a few practices. Another thing that we love about the BTFC is the fact that it has both top and bottom airflow. Just be mindful of the airflow adjustment since using both airflows at the same time can result in a really airy vapor.


  • The build is sturdily built
  • Easy to install coils
  • Dual airflows


  • Might give airy vapor

#7. Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA

Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA

The Berserker is an 18-mm single coil RDA. Its design is the brainchild of Alex from VapersMD. It is available in stainless, gold, rainbow, and black. The design and machining are some of the best that we’ve seen especially for an RDA of this price range. This is definitely a great RDA for budget-conscious vapers.

The deck looks simple yet functional. It has that old-school look that we find appealing. RDA manufacturers tend to go for the edgy, modern look but it’s often a hit or miss. The Berserker decided to go for the time-tested design. If you want a flashy RDA then this is not something we’d recommend. But, if you want an RDA that is not too conspicuous then this is something you’ll enjoy.

If you’ve seen a Berserker RTA, then you already have an idea of how this one looks. The similarities between the two RDAs are striking. There are two Phillips head screws that you can use to trap the wire. It can be a challenge to trap thin wires but we were able to do it properly after a couple of times. Because of its diameter, the deck is quite small and doesn’t allow for more creative builds.

There is a generous amount of space for cotton in this RDA. It also has a deep juice well. This makes this RDA ideal for squonking. We like how this RDA has everything completely sealed. This means that you won’t experience any leaks while using the Berserker.

We also like the airflow in this RDA. Vapers can adjust the airflow in two different ways. The RDA comes with 6 airflow inserts, each with different holes. Users can choose an airflow insert based on their preferred airflow setting. In addition, there are six airflow holes located on the top cap. These airflow holes also have different sizes. What this means is you have a bottom airflow RDA that has adjustable side airflows.

The Berserker comes with Ni80 fused Claptons. Of course, you can always switch these for your preferred coils. The tiny Claptons performed well for us and gave us a vapor with great flavors. We haven’t tried other coils with the Berserker so we know we haven’t reached the limits of the flavor profile it can produce.

They’re marketing the Berserker as a Mouth to Lung atomizer. This is something we can attest to. We were able to control our hits and we successfully got tight draws whenever we wanted to. It also worked wonderfully when we used it as a squonk mod.


  • Fewer chances of leaks
  • Dual airflow adjustments
  • Budget-friendly


  • The small deck makes trapping wires tricky

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