Best Sub-Ohm Tanks

Sub-ohm tanks are rapidly increasing in popularity. Competitive vapers use them but they are also popular among regular vapers who love great flavors and huge vapor clouds. If you’re looking for a great sub-ohm tank, here is a list of the most popular sub-ohm tanks right now.

The best sub-ohm vape tank is the Horizon Falcon King.

What is the best sub-ohm tank?

  1. Horizon Falcon King
  2. Freemax Mesh Pro
  3. Uwell Valyrian
  4. Geekvape Alpha
  5. SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King
  6. Mig Vapor WTF
  7. Sense Screen

#1. Horizon Falcon King

This is the successor to the famous Falcon Tank. It measures 25.2mm at its base. The tank has a capacity of 5 ml which means it has enough juice to last for an entire day even if you’re a heavy vaper. It has a top cap that swivels open if you need to refill it. If you’re looking for a tank that can last you an entire day, then this is something we’d recommend.

The Falcon King uses a triple airflow system located at its base. This allows users to have more than enough air for their vaping needs. You can also adjust the airflow to a setting that suits your preference.

The coils are the strongest suit of this tank. The M1+Mesh coil system that they use produces fantastic results. The flavor profile it produces is comparable to that of RDAs. The dual mesh coils make for quick firing.

The aesthetics of the tank itself makes it a standout. It looks great, especially with the stylish cutouts. The sides are a bit raised so they double as an additional grip if you need to unscrew it. I also like that the tank is short but not too short. The short distance that the vapor needs to travel adds to the flavor profile. There are just some reports of customers complaining about leaks. This is something a prospective buyer needs to consider.


  • Efficient air flow system
  • Great mesh coils
  • Easy to grip


  • Possible leaks
Horizon Falcon tanks
Horizon Falcon

What is sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is a term for using a vaping device equipped with atomizer coils that have a resistance of less than one ohm. Sub-ohm tanks began appearing in the market around the year 2014. Why would anyone want a tank that has less than one ohm of resistance? Well, sub-ohm tanks create more vapor and great flavors. This is because a sub-ohm tank increases the power output of fixed voltage devices. This allows mechanical vape mods and non-variable regulated devices to produce large vapor clouds without sacrificing flavor.

#2. Freemax Mesh Pro

The Freemax Mesh Pro is a sub-ohm tank that a lot of people have high expectations of. This is the follow-up to the extremely popular Fireluke Mesh. The Fireluke Mesh is the first sub-ohm mesh tank. What makes this tank even more interesting are the 4 new coils that come with it. You have a single mesh 0.15 ohm, a 0.2-ohm double mesh, a triple mesh 0.15 ohm and a 0.12 single mesh. Vapers who like to experiment with different coils will like this tank.

The Mesh pro measures 28mm wide which makes it wider than other tanks. It is even wider if you use the bubble tank. This means this is not an ideal tank if you’re fond of that sleek look.

The tank can store 5 ml of e-juice but you can push it up to 6 ml if you use the bubble tank. The vapor that this tank produces has a nice clean flavor. Vapor production is also great and can definitely compete with other tanks. One thing that we did not like about this tank is the noise that it emits. A fast draw on the mod results in a sound, not unlike that of air escaping from a balloon.

The top-fill uses a push-to-open mechanism. This is a bit of a concern for use since twist-to-open caps are more secure. A push-to-open cap is easier to accidentally open. Even a child can open this kind of top cap.


  • Can hold up to 6ml of e-juice
  • Wide variety of coils
  • Great vapor production


  • The top cap seems less secure
  • Emits noise during fast draws
Freemax Mesh Pro

#3. Uwell Valyrian

This is a sub-ohm tank whose name any Game of Thrones fan will immediately recognize. Even its packaging harkens to the popular fantasy series. The stylized lettering and the dragon emblem make this tank quite appealing. You can get the Valyrian in 5 different finishes. If you’re a fan of GoT, this is a tank you should not miss.

The tank itself is 25 mm wide and uses Pyrex which makes it quite durable. In the event, no matter how unlikely it is, that you manage to crack the tank, there is a spare one available for a quick replacement. The tank comes with 2 coils included. Both of them are 0.15-ohm vertical coils. They have an operating wattage of 95 to 120w.

Uwell went all-out with the airflow system in the Valyrian. While others have airflow vents in the form of tiny slits or holes, this tank has 3 large slots. These should be more than enough airflow for your vaping needs. Airflow is easy to control with just a simple twist of the airflow control ring.

When it comes to flavor, this tank delivers great output. The vapor it produces is also quite good. Just make sure to stick to around 80w to 90w while vaping if you want maximum flavor with each draw. Using the tank at higher wattages seem to thin out the flavor.


  • Great packaging
  • Good airflow system
  • Good flavor profile


  • Thin flavor at high wattages
Blue Uwell Valyrian tank
Uwell Valyrian

What are the advantages of sub-ohm vaping?

The number of vapers getting into sub-ohm vaping is steadily increasing. Aside from the great volume of clouds a sub-ohm tank produces, there are other benefits to sub-ohm vaping. These include:

  • Intense flavor profiles: The coils of a sub-ohm tank can vaporize a large quantity of e-liquid at a time. This results in the user’s taste buds getting hit with more flavor. As a result, a single draw using a sub-ohm tank can give the vaper a better appreciation of the e-juice flavor he is using.
  • Increased airflow: Sub-ohm tanks have great air flow systems. This is because a sub-ohm tank is best when used with a straight to lung draw. The increased airflow is also crucial in ensuring that the high heat coming from the coils properly cools down.
  • Huge clouds: Cloud chasers will fall in love with sub-ohm tanks. A sub-ohm tank can produce more clouds compared to ordinary vaping devices. This is one reason why those who love performing vape tricks always use sub-ohm tanks. A sub-ohm tank is also a must-use for those who vape competitively.

#4. Geekvape Alpha

If you’re looking for a sub-ohm tank that looks stylish then the Geekvape Alpha is something worth considering. This 25mm tank can hold 4 ml of e-liquid. Geekvape Alpha’s capacity is a shade lower compared to its competitors. The construction uses resin and steel as build materials. If you like classic and reliable sub-ohm tanks, this one is worth buying.

This tank has a locking top-fill feature. Just flick open the top to reveal the Open button. Although this tank is easy to refill, users might encounter some difficulties when using larger bottles. It also uses a new Meshmellow coil system. This system uses organic Egyptian cotton. The use of this variety of cotton for wicking is a departure from the usual Japanese variety that most tanks use.

When it comes to flavor, the Alpha delivered what I was expecting from it. The flavors are enjoyable and consistent after break-in. We mentioned this because the first few draws that we made yielded vapor that tasted a bit like new plastic. However, the said unappealing taste disappeared completely after a few hours of use. The clouds that this tank delivered are also great and even hard-to-please cloud chasers will like this tank’s output.

Overall, this tank is something that we’d recommend to anyone. Just make sure to give it a few hours to for the plastic-taste we mentioned earlier.


  • Consistent flavor after break-in
  • Good vapor production
  • Innovative wicking system


  • Low tank capacity
  • Plastic-like taste during initial use
Geekvape Alpha

What can I do to make sub-ohm vaping safe?

Use regulated mods if you’re new to sub-ohm vaping

Regulated mods are safer to use. If you are new to sub-ohm vaping, using regulated mods is the safest way to do it. A regulated mod allows adjustments to the wattage sent to the coils. Regulated mods also have a lot of safety features. An example is protection against an electrical shortage.

Handle batteries with care

A battery handled carelessly can cause a lot of harm to the user. Pushing a battery beyond its limit can result in a battery leak and possible explosion. As much as possible, go for a high-quality battery. You might save money by using low-quality batteries but you might be courting danger as well. There are rechargeable batteries available that are both high-quality and affordable.

One thing that a responsible vaper always does is check on the condition of his batteries. If you see anything odd on the battery, like deformation, replace it immediately. There are box mods with battery packs available if you cannot regularly check your batteries. A battery pack also comes equipped with safety features such as an electrical regulator.

It is also best to avoid placing batteries in your pocket. A battery can leak or explode when its metallic part rubs or come in contact with other metallic items like coins or keys.

Monitor resistance

It is important to always monitor the resistance of vaping equipment. For batteries, make sure that you stay within the safety limits of your battery. Invest in a multimeter. This is a device that you can use to measure sub-ohm resistance. Although there are cheap multimeters available online, go for one that may be a bit pricier but more reliable. A cheap multimeter might not yield accurate measurements. If you are unsure how to measure sub-ohm resistances, there are a lot of free online calculators you can use. You will need to use a coil with higher resistance if the calculations show that you exceeded the amp rating of the battery that you’re using.

#5. SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King

If you’re after a tank with a large capacity then the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King is your best bet. This tank has a capacity of 6ml. The capacity of most tanks is just 4 to 5ml. You might be thinking that 2 ml doesn’t sound much. However, if you consider the fact that an average user vapes just around 3ml of e-juice a day, 2ml is already equivalent to more than half a day of extra juice. If you’re looking for a tank with enough e-juice for an entire day of heavy vaping, this might be the one for you.

As for its build, this tank follows the design of other tanks in the TFV line. It has aggressive knurling on the top and bottom parts. They also retained the three-piece design used in other TFV tanks. One thing that sets it apart from other TFV tanks are the airflow holes. Although it retained the two-slot bottom airflow system of the TFV family, the airflow holes are much bigger.

As mentioned earlier, the Cloud Best King comes from the family of TFV tanks. This is a family popular among cloud chasers. The Cloud Beast King certainly proved that it belongs to this family. If you love blowing huge clouds, this tank won’t disappoint. It has massive coil-heads that enables it to produce more than enough vapor clouds for even the most demanding chaser. This is mostly thanks to the 3 coils of this tank.

These coils are rated 60W to 350W which makes them ideal for those who love vaping at high wattages. However, this means that this tank also consumes battery life like crazy. For us, this tank works best when used at over 200W. Regular vapers might raise an eyebrow but this tank is not really for regular vapers.


  • Generous air flow holes
  • 6ml tank capacity
  • Great vapor production


  • Disappointing at lower wattages
SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King tanks
SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King

#6. Mig Vapor WTF

The strongest suit of this sub-ohm tank is its craftsmanship. We fell in love with how well-made this tank is. It’s stainless steel and glass body makes it sturdy and safe to use. It uses 510 threads so it will fit almost any mod you have. Another thing that we liked about this tank is the fact that its threads seem resistant to stripping.

This atomizer can store up to 3.7ml of e-juice. Not as large as others in this list but definitely more than enough to last an entire day of vaping. For its wick, it uses organic cotton and Kanthal. The coils have resistances of 0.5 and 0.2 ohm.  This means users can choose whichever coil they think will work best for their needs.

Airflow won’t be an issue thanks to the large air holes of this tank. These air holes assist in producing large vapor clouds with minimal effort. The WTF Sub-ohm tank is a good option and can definitely satisfy a vaper’s needs.

The one that we got is the gunmetal tank and it looked understated but elegant. There are other options like black, red, white, or stainless steel. If you want to be a bit playful, you can try their Green Sploched variant. They also have a tank in black rubber finish. The black one looks elegant as well but we were a bit apprehensive about the rubber finish. It can make gripping the tank easy but rubber finishes are notorious for peeling off.


  • Large air holes
  • Sturdily-built body
  • Good coil selection


  • Rubber finish may peel off
Mig Vapor WTF

#7. Sense Screen

If you’re looking for a tank that can deliver superior flavor, then the Sense Screen tank is a great investment. This tank is famous for going toe to toe with the Falcon tank and giving it a run for its money. So, if you’re a fan of the Falcon, this is a good tank to try.

The design of the Sense Screen tank is similar to what other brands use. It has curved glass and bottom airflow. This tank also uses a proprietary 810- like resin drip tip.

One of the things that we really love about this tank is its coils. Most of the time, the default coils are just OK and the user needs to replace it to meet his demands. This is not the case with the Sense Screen. The coils that came with this tank are exceptionally good. These coils produce great flavors. It also helps that the coils of the Sense Screen are long-lasting.

The great vapor-producing properties of this tank are thanks largely to its coil heads.  There are 3 coil heads a user can choose from. This tank comes with a dual, triple, and quad coils. The best one for us is the quad mesh coils. This is the one that delivered the best flavors. It also has a 7ml capacity which means you can enjoy these great flavors longer.

One small complaint that we have concerns its designs. The designs are fun to look at but not really for those looking for a discreet-looking tank.


  • 7ml tank capacity
  • Three coil heads included
  • Produces good flavors


  • Designs may be too quirky for some
Black Sense Screen tank
Sense Screen

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