Best THC Cartridges: Top 5 Vape Brands For Delta 8 Carts

The world is becoming more competitive with every second. We are all fighting to become relevant and prove our worth. This constant struggle to be on top has left us emotionally and physically drained. To deal with this, all of us try to find one way or the other to escape our realities. While some would like rolling down the hill, you might like to roll a joint. 

Thankfully, with the advancement in technology, now we can find everything online, including THC products! THC Cartridges have been the talk of the town for some time now. They are pre-filled, battery-operated carts that give you a feeling of Zen and are available in multiple flavors. 

If you search for delta 8 THC cartridges, you will find countless options that claim to provide a feeling you may have never experienced before. But they can’t guarantee your satisfaction. We have compiled a list of the top 5 Delta-8 THC cartridges you can find online that promise to get you high without risking your health.

Best THC Cartridges On The Market

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best THC Carts; Top Pick
  2. BudPop: Popular Delta 8 THC Oil Cartridges & Vape Pens
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Effective Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges In Exotic Flavors
  4. Diamond CBD: Extensive Range Of Delta-8 THC Cartridges 
  5. 3Chi: Economic Delta-8 THC Cartridges; 100% Natural

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best THC Carts; Top Pick

Exhale wellness is a Los Angeles-based company that has garnered fame for decades. They source their hemp from hemp farms in Colorado and claim to have cracked the code of providing the highest grade Delta-8 products on the market. 

They use cannabinoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant that helps you restore your body’s levels of stability, comfort and emotional well-being. Exhale Wellness claims that its Delta-8 products are an alternative to traditionally used medicines that provide therapeutic effects of hemp to every individual.

The products listed on the Website come in a wide variety of Delta-8 derived products such as; Delta-8 Gummies, Flowers, disposable Vapes, Cigarettes, Capsules, Edibles, etc. Each product has detailed information about the correct dosage, potential side effects and contraindications mentioned in a separate section.   

 Exhale Wellness Delta-8 THC cartridges come in a 900gm potency and offer various mouth-watering flavors of; Pineapple Express, Fruity Cereal, Blackberry Kush, Blackberry, Sour Diesel, Kush, Gorilla Glue, Herer, Mango and Cactus Cooler that give you a feeling of buzz you have never experienced before. The cartridges are available at the price of $39.95.


  • Use of premium hemp sourced exclusively from the Colorado farms.
  • Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges contain organic food-grade terpenes.
  •  The terpene is extracted from plants through the CO2 extraction method that retains the boldness of hemp.
  • Every Delta-8 THC product is formulated without MCT, PG, VG or PEG oil.
  • They are among the top-rated manufacturers for selling authentic C-Cell cartridges in the US.  


  • They provide a 25% discount to their new customers and subscribers.
  • Only uses the highest-quality hemp exclusively sourced from their Colorado farms.
  • The products are tested at different third-party lab facilities. 
  • Has a strict policy that allows no use of artificial chemicals or colors that could be hazardous. 
  • Their Delta-8 cartridges are easy to operate and are safe to use by newbies. 


  • Exhale Wellness solely operates online and does not supply their products to chain suppliers. 
  • If you live in a state that has banned Delta-8 THC products, you might never access their products.

Summary of Customer’s Reviews

Exhale Wellness requests all its customers to review the products they have tried out for over 30 days. They question their customers about their products’ good and bad features and offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction or money-back guarantee to their customers unsatisfied with their products.

According to their customers, Exhale Wellness Delta-8 THC cartridges have helped their consumers with insomnia by providing a relaxing feeling. The effect of hemp kicks in instantly and retains for longer periods without making you feel heavy-headed the next morning. 

Exhale Wellness products have helped their users unwind and clear their heads off worries and anxiety that could be relieved for some time by using their Delta-8 THC cartridges.

If you are looking for negative comments regarding the brand, you might have to look harder as they provide top-notch services to their customers. They have dedicated an entire section for customer reviews on their Website. You won’t find a single negative comment as Exhale Wellness ensures impeccable ratings by providing excellent customer services and premium quality products. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Exhale Wellness”

#2. BudPop – Popular Delta 8 THC Oil Cartridges & Vape Pens

BudPop was established in 2021 when Covid-19 stressed people out of their minds. A millennial group decided to tackle the situation by creating organic hemp products that were imperative in creating a mind-blowing experience. 

The creators of BudPop were unsatisfied customers themselves and hence decided to visit hemp farms to understand the cultivation of hemp better. BudPop sources their hemp from seeds and cultivates them according to their top-notch standards at Nevada farms, and packages them in a way that secures the originality of hemp.

They offer multiple products such as; Delta-8 Gummies, Flowers, Cartridges, Tinctures and accessories needed to store their products. Their Delta-8 carts come in two flavors: Strawberry Gelato and Grape Runtz.


  • Its cartridges are composed of concentrated Delta-8 THC. 
  • Only use carefully selected organic plant-derived terpenes.
  • No use of diluting agents like VG, PG, PEG or MCT.
  • BudPop cartridges use ceramic heaters specifically designed for their hemp. 


  • Fast shipping within 48 hours of order processing.
  • Only offers 100% organic vegan products free from artificial flavors or chemicals.
  • The products are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment.
  • Ensures the authenticity of its products through third-party lab testing.


  • Some products have a higher selling cost than their competitors in the market.
  • Strict policies regarding the refund of money and only offer a refund if the product is inadequate to use.

Summary of Customer’s Reviews 

BudPop had a smooth entrance into the cannabis market, and they have been selling some of the most potent stuff that has been reviewed to be of the highest quality by their customers. Their customers have claimed BudPop to be the most authentic brand for Delta-8 THC and CBD right now. 

Consumers reviewed BudPop cartridges to be a highly potent product and advised customers to start with half or a quarter of a puff. They believe their Delta-8 THC cartridges relieve stress and anxiety in a few puffs and leave a pleasant feeling overall. However, some customers couldn’t figure out their pricing and wanted BudPop to make their products more economical.  

According to their customers, if you are looking for a discreet, strong, but not overwhelming source of Delta-8 that does not attract judging looks from the passerby and delivers a clean sweet punch, formulated without any cutting agents and artificial flavors then, BudPop would be the right choice for you.  

=> Click here to visit the official website “BudPop”

#3. Hollyweed CBD – Effective Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges In Exotic Flavors

Hollyweed CBD was established by individuals with decades of collective experience in the Cannabinoid market. They aim to highlight CBD in a positive light and educate people about the health benefits of CBD. 

In the competitive market of Delta-8 suppliers, Hollyweed CBD has been able to achieve the status of a reliable legal hemp manufacturer due to their excellent work and outstanding devotion towards making their company an environmentally and socially responsible brand.  

They promise complete transparency and consistency to their customers and visions of creating a brand that specializes in hemp products. Their foundation is based upon 6 pillars of wellness; Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Environmental and Social. 

Hollyweed offers a variety of D8 Cartridges such as; Delta-8 Pre-rolls, Cartridges, Tinctures, Soft gels, Edibles, etc., priced at $39.95. Their cartridges come in delicious flavors of; Sherbert, Kush, Mango, Diesel, Glue and Blackberry.  

They also offer a vast collection of CBD products such as; CBD Capsules, Oils, Cartridges and Topical priced at $39.95. Their CBD cartridges come in flavors of; Watermelon, Sunset Sherbert and Jack Herer, priced at $39.95.


  • Strict use of organic products that are non-GMO and dairy-free.
  • All the products are free from vegetable glycerin, polyethylene glycol or medium-chain triglycerides. 
  • 25% off to every new subscriber on the first purchase. 


  • One of the highest quality Delta-8 THC cartridges is sourced from the highest standard of hemp grown exclusively in the United States. 
  • Exotic and exciting new flavors exclusively curated in their labs to their customers. 
  • Every product goes through testing at DEA-accredited facilities that separate them in high standards from their competitors.  
  • Offers an exceptionally fast refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the services, they return your money within the allotted time. 


  • Hollyweed adds additives or artificial flavoring to their products to diminish the smell of hemp, and all of their products are not 100% vegan.

Summary of Customer’s Review   

Hollyweed pays particular attention to its customers’ experience and is constantly improving its products to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its customers. They have been in the business for decades only by prioritizing the benefits of their customers.

They have been featured in LA weekly for their services towards their customers multiple times. The Ministry of Hemp has also credited them for their careful selection of hemp and manufacturing its derived products. 

Consumers rave about the quality of products and their efficacy from the very first purchase. They are competent in delivering the orders on time. Their customers claim that their products are soul-nourishing and make their customers crave more.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Hollyweed CBD”

#4. Diamond CBD – Extensive Range Of Delta-8 THC Cartridges

Diamond CBD consists of doctors and scientists dedicated to producing the finest, purest CBD-derived products. They have spent years researching the types and qualities of hemp then distinguished them according to their properties and effects. 

They are considered one of the finest producers of the highest quality hemp-derived products available in the world. They are one of the top companies that produce Delta-8 Cartridges and offer a vast variety of vape oils in Zkittlez, Lemon Squeeze, Banana Kush, Tangy OG, Green Crack, etc. They are priced at the lowest cost of $22.50. 

Diamond CBD offers their Delta-8 THC cartridges in two forms;

  1. 10X Cartridges; Buzz-worthy cannabinoid that contains 900mg of Delta-8 THC, natural terpene and hybrid flavoring that will make you float on the clouds.  
  2. Chill Plus; A powerful punch of 900mg of Delta-8 THC combined with hybrid flavors of herbal and pine that produces broad-spectrum psychotropic effects. 

Third-party lab testing can confirm the quality of a product by considering the sourcing, manufacturing and packaging of its products. They also have discussed each product’s effects on the human body to great lengths on their Website. 

Every product comes with warning labels and detailed guidance on using them. They specifically notify an age limit on their products and warn customers of the potency.  

Diamond CBD has been in the game for ages and is well-aware of how different combinations would affect your nervous system. They ask you to follow their instructions to experience pure bliss.


  • Has specified an age limit to warn its customers of the potency of its products.
  • Works best with a 510-compatible battery.
  • Every Delta-8 THC cartridge gives 3.75mg of product per puff.
  • Disposable cartridges for single-time use.  


  • Best quality hemp with no additional pesticides or preservatives. 
  • Wide variety of products manufactured using hemp from Scandinavia using a superficial CO2 extraction method. 
  • The vast variety of Delta-8 products and oil come in multiple flavors that leave an ecstatic feeling you might have never experienced before.
  • Prefers using eco-friendly extraction and manufacturing methods to reduce its carbon footprint on Earth.
  • Offers an additional $25 off on the next purchase if you refer their brand to your friends.


  • There is a huge variety of products that may overwhelm you in the beginning if you are new to the high game. 
  • They produce extremely potent material that may cause overdose to an inexperienced customer.
  • Inadequate use of additives in its cartridges may cause serious harm to its customers.
  • THC oil cartridges can only be used in low-heat environments as it may disturb the potency of its THC. 

Summary of Customer’s Reviews 

Diamond CBD is the most sought-after brand if you are looking for no-joke products. They don’t play around with their products and promise to deliver the products you want to remain in the sanctity of peace forever.

They believe in transparency about the entire process of their products; hence people trust them with their money blindly. They also keep their customers’ captivating minds hinged to Diamond CBD’s exclusive deals and discounts. 

Currently, they are offering a 70% discount on their products, resulting in them being sold out within hours.  

=> Click here to visit the official website “Diamond CBD”

#5. 3Chi – Economic Delta-8 THC Cartridges; 100% Natural

3Chi was founded by a biochemist with over 15 years of experience in hemp. They were the first to legally sell THC-dominated products when in September 2019, 3Chi derived a new method of extracting a pure version of Delta-8 THC from Hemp. 

The scientists at 3Chi have believed to decipher every hidden secret within the hemp plant, one cannabinoid at a time to produce a blend of the healthy and beneficial version of hemp for their customers.

They have been praised for their long-standing enormous services in the competitive market of cannabinoids due to their excelling research and innovations that have made room in the soul of their customers. 

The potency of 3Chi Delta-8 THC has been acclaimed to boost the high feeling with their pure, highly concentrated cannabinoid products. However, 3Chi produces highly potent products which, if not used under proper indications or if not accustomed to high dosage use, may cause severe harm to its consumers.

3Chi Delta-8 THC cartridges contain 95% Δ8THC oil combined with botanical or cannabis-derived terpene that gives you an unbelievable uplifting feel and elevates your mood instantly. Their vape cartridges are available in Ice Cream Cake, Gelato, Caribbean Dream, Electra, Granddaddy Purple, etc. They are priced at a starting rate of $29.99.

Their Delta-8 THC products are available at exceptional costs and come in a wide variety of Vapes, Cartridges, Gummies, Flavored and Flavorless Drink Enhancers, Baked Goods, Tinctures and Oils.


  • The highest qualities of cartridges are manufactured with the purest testing Delta-8 distillate.
  • Cartridges include C-Cell disposable cartridges and come with a high-performance battery.
  • Particular strains of Sativa/Indica/Hybrid strains that diffuse when selected.   


  • Renowned for its potency.
  • Exclusive use of MCT oil derived from coconuts.
  • 3Chi tests their products during three phases; extraction, manufacturing and finished products.
  • 3Chi provides organic products free from any preservatives, chemicals or additives. 
  • 3Chi has designed their Website to inform detailed instructions on using their products.


  • No refund policy. 
  • Unresponsive representatives and lack of customer service for quick chat options.
  • No proper provision of authentication certificates of their source of hemp. 

Summary of Customer’s Reviews

3Chi has not been reviewed negatively by its vast variety of consumers. They have been raved about on various forums for the authenticity of their hemp and its strong effects on their bodies. Some customers have addressed the effect of Delta-8 on their chest and throat as inexperienced customers have felt stinging of the throat due to the harshness of the product.

Delta-8 THC cartridge is without a doubt the most famous sold item of theirs. 

They are acclaimed to be eminent in providing high-quality, potent hemp products. However, customers have complained about their short-lived endeavors. According to some reviews, 3Chi wears off as quickly as it brings about the buzz even though they claim to provide concentrated Delta-8 THC. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “3Chi”

How Did We Come Up With This List Of The Best Delta 8 Cartridges?

When it comes to Delta-8 THC cartridges, everyone seems to be an expert on the topic. Since the legalization of THC cartridges, Delta-8 THC cartridges have spread throughout the market like a storm. Everyone is coming up with their respective modifications and twists to help them reach that high position.

We have formatted the above list by carefully inspecting the Delta-8 THC cartridges that these brands were offering and divided them into parts that could help you select the ones that work best for you. Delta-8 THC vape cartridges can be intoxicating, and while they are completely legal in most of the states in the US, we had to be sure of its effects on beginners and people used to taking Delta-8 THC products. We used the cartridges and determined that it is completely safe to be used by both.   

The degradation process of Delta-9 THC forms a Delta-8 THC oil cartridge. This process is sometimes manipulated to achieve unique results that could result in the harmful synthesis of Delta-8. Whenever a new concept launches in the market, everyone tries to get their hands on it. This rat race often results in either amazing or fatal inventions that could make you feel like you are on cloud 9 or land you in an ER at 9.

  • Skimming attentively through the fake and genuine needs expertise, our experts at the labs tested out different ingredients involved that stand out different products of these brands.
  •  All of the brands mentioned above use non-GMO ingredients and have a limited inclusion of artificial chemicals that could harm.
  • We looked through different reviewing sites that compared the different products and had genuine feedback from the user. It helped us distinguish between high-rated brands and talk and no-action brands. We have added customer reviews of these brands in detail for you. 
  • We conducted thorough research of the brands that included researching the suppliers of delta-8 of our brands. This process was a crucial step that further confirmed our decision to state these 5 brands as the best brands on the market right now.  
  • Manufacturing Delta-8 THC cartridges is an essential step that ensures the safety of our users. Our experts concluded that these products were carefully handled, and their manufacturing and packaging were closely regulated and had no room for safety hazards.
  • In the end, we tried products from all 5 brands and drew our conclusions by monitoring the highs and lows of these brands and whether they stood true to their promises.

Buying Guide for Beginners: Stay High Safely With The Use Of THC Cartridges 

We have accumulated thorough research of Delta-9 THC vape carts available by the brands mentioned above. We have discussed every detail you need before deciding which brand may suit you best. However, if you still want to research on your own and want to widen your search for brands that follow this guide to ensure the safety and authenticity of your desired choice of product.

Source of Hemp

The origin of hemp concludes the quality of hemp. Every brand has different sources and origins of their hemp in natural and organic ways. Some might grow their hemp, and some might source it from different countries. However, the important factor that affects the quality of hemp is its surroundings. If your brand of choice is sourcing hemp derivatives from the cannabis industry that goes heavy on fertilizers and pesticides, then best believe your hemp is poor in quality.

Only places that provide their hemp farms with extra care can produce hemp with beneficial properties. Added preservatives and chemicals downgrade the effect hemp produces on your nervous system and may pose a threat to your health.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Suppose a brand does not provide authentication certificates for a variety of lab test results performed to ensure the quality of hemp. In that case, they are providing subpar quality of hemp that is detrimental to health. 

Third-party lab testing is crucial in terms of manufacturing. Hemp goes through various extraction methods that could alter its significance and dosage, which should be tested before manufacturing the products and again after the product is assembled. Finished product testing is necessary to check whether the quality of extracted Delta-8 is suitable for consumption.

Extraction Methods

The Bottom-line of the extraction method is the source of extraction. The quality of your hemp plays a pivotal part in the extraction of high quality THC oil from the plant. Another point to focus on is whether your Delta-8 derived product is extracted from Marijuana or Hemp.

 It is illegal to use Marijuana in more than 20 states. If you belong to one of these states, you could face some serious criminal charges for a few minutes of fun. So, make sure your brand provides you with a certificate of authentication of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC.

Also, choose brands that actively participate in using eco-friendly extraction methods. The various brands mentioned above are fighting to control global warming and reduce their carbon footprint.  


Multiple brands in the market claim to be 100% organic and vegan, but they fail to prove their claims as they do not have the necessary resources to back their claims. The quality of your Delta-THC cartridges deteriorates as soon as they have artificial flavors and chemicals added to them. 

Organically produced hemp does not require any artificial additives that could accentuate its quality. At the same time, poor quality hemp requires artificial flavors and smell to divert the strong odors of hemp that could potentially refrain their customers from buying Delta-8 cartridges from their Website. Make sure your supplier only uses top-notch material that could provide beneficial qualities that you are paying for.   


Naturally derived Delta-8 THC oils have light pink or champagne-colored hues only. If your oil contains any other pigments, you should return them ASAP. During the filtration and distillation process, any other color that settles in your oil is an indication of improper manufacturing processes.

Good quality Delta-8 THC oil is free from any misguiding color and can only be considered harmless if filtered properly. Try to buy only transparent cartridges so you can assess the quality and color of your Delta-8 THC cartridge.

Price Range

High-quality hemp-derived Delta-8 THC cartridges and oils can be on the pricier side but know that you are getting what you are paying for. You can find Delta-8 THC cartridges for as low as $10. But are you willing to risk your health to save a few bucks? That’s the question you need to ask yourself every time you look for Delta-8 THC cartridges. 

Subpar quality products are available throughout the internet but remember, cheaper does not mean better when it comes to Delta-8 THC. The reason for high-priced products is that sourcing and extraction of Delta-8 THC is a costly process, and you may fall right into a scam if you look for cheaper products. 

Brands Reputation

You can judge a brand’s reputation by the rapport it has accumulated. Reviews are never misleading. Always look through the customer’s reviews section before choosing any specific brand. Customers’ are right most of the time. 

If a brand is claiming to be organic and harmless, read reviews and articles that state the same. If you find contradicting information online, refrain from purchasing that brand. Well-reputed brands have authentication certificates and lab-testing reports available on their Website. Read through the files as they are crucial in determining your safety. 

FAQs About THC Cartridges:

Whether you are someone who is just starting in the field of hemp-derived products or if you are a pro at it, we have assembled a list of questions that would answer all your queries. 

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid derivative produced during the degradation process of Delta-9 THC. It is a highly intoxicating psychoactive cannabinoid that gets you high without losing consciousness. It exists naturally in Hemp and Marijuana plants via naturally occurring chemical reactions. However, Delta-8 THC can be extracted in labs, which removes the safety concerns about the safety of the derived product.    

Is Delta-8 THC legal?

Delta-8 THC that is naturally derived from plants or extracted through various methods in the laboratory from the hemp plant is legal in over 30 states. It is legal under the federal law that focused on the 2018 Farm Bill that revolves around legalizing hemp-derived Delta-8 THC. However, if your Delta-8 is derived from the Marijuana plant or a high concentration of variants of Delta-9 THC, it is illegal and prohibited in the United States.

What’s the difference between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC?

Delta-8 can also be determined as a lighter version of Delta-9 THC. The two components are not very different chemically. However, the difference lies in the properties of the two compounds. Delta 8 is a viscous oil similar in consistency to Delta-9, but you need to use double the amount of dosage to get as high as you would on Delta-9 THC. 

Delta-8 THC does not provide addiction problems, paranoia, sleeping disorders or loss of consciousness. Whereas Delta-9 THC is highly addictive and causes paranoia, anxiety, increased heart rate, laziness, irrationality, incoordination and unconsciousness.  

What is the safe dosage?

There is no exact measurement that determines the safe dosage for Delta-8. Every person gets high on their body’s ability to process the psychoactive ingredient Delta-8 THC. However, there are ways that have proved to enhance the toxicity levels of Delta-8. Suppose you take slow, deep puffs for a few seconds. It affects your system differently than when you take faster puffs. Delta-8 THC is only potent when derived through specific methods and is available on the brands mentioned above. 

Can Delta-8 THC Cartridges Refill?

Yes, there are multiple brands that offer refills of cartridge oils. But they advise you to seek a professional’s help while removing the cartridge and placing a new one. It is best to take safety precautions and use the information available online to remove and insert a Delta-8 THC cartridge. Only remove the cartridge when it is empty, and you need another cartridge. Please never remove cartridges if you are unsure if the contents are safe to remove. 

Is THC Cartridge Worth It?  

 Delta-8 THC cartridges are the most hyped-up products available on the market right now. If you are looking for quick methods to get high and leave behind the hassle of rolling your joints, then Delta-8 THC cartridges are the product you need. 

Unwind from a stressful day by taking a few puffs from the cartridge. They also come in multiple natural flavors that fill your space with pleasant odors. 

Will I Get High Quickly?

Delta-8 THC is not as potent as Delta-9, which means it would take you significantly more time and dosage to get high quickly. But if you are just a new user, then the intoxicating, psychoactive component of Delta-8 may affect you faster and result in you getting high quickly. However, the effect is not very long-lasting, and you may start to sober up soon if you do not continue the process for longer periods of time.  

Are There Any Side Effects?

Delta-8 THC is known to have almost zero to no side effects. They do not bring about mental confusion, incoordination, irritability, sedation or addiction. But if you are a beginner, you might suffer from harshness on the throat, dry mouth, watery, dry eyes or poor concentration initially. 

Safest Method to Consume Delta-8 THC

The safest method to consume Delta-8 THC is through a cartridge as it contains a specific amount of product and can only be consumed so much. It does not contain addicting factors such as artificial sweeteners that could sometimes be addicting. 

Cartridges are also easy to handle and come with detailed instructions on storing them properly. They also ensure that your product stays fresh as cartridges are professionally locked and can’t be opened much easily.

Safest Method to Remove Oil from Cartridge

According to the safety guidelines available on every Website that we have mentioned above, cartridges are only safe to remove when the contents have been used completely or if there are no harmful substances left in the cartridge. 

Can Delta-8 THC Treat My Insomnia?

Delta-8 THC has been claimed to treat insomnia and anxiety by its customers. They have helped their consumers sleep peacefully at night and have claimed to surround the person with a feeling of bliss that can sustain for hours if used properly. 

Users suffering from sleep disorders have also claimed that Delta-8 THC cartridges helped them phase into sleep smoothly and helped them from experiencing fewer unwanted panic attacks. 

Will I Test Positive for Delta-8 THC?

If you find yourself in compromising situations and get tested for drugs, beware that you will test positive for drugs. As Delta-8 THC cartridges have a higher concentration of THC, they will surely show up on your drug test. Ingredients such as Marinol that contain derivatives of cannabis will test positive on a drug test as well.  

Can I Overdose on Delta-8 THC? 

There are minute chances of overdosing on Delta-8 THC as this derivative does not contain sedation effects. However, if you are a newbie, you might experience uneasiness for a couple of minutes associated with the rapid increase in heart rate and a stronger pulsation, but this feeling slides off as quickly as it advances. 

Conclusion: Enjoy Being High With Potent, Vegan & Organic THC Vape Cartridges

Delta-8 THC is the new hot item on the market. The craze is only increasing day by day, and by the looks of it, new advancements in the potency of the derivative may result in the availability of various versions of Delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 THC cartridges are also sustainable, environmentally friendly and can be used in public spaces without garnering too much attention. They do not produce smoke and come in a variety of different flavors that are not only delicious but can also provide a number of medicinal benefits. 

We have combined different aspects that can help you judge your favorite Delta-8 THC cartridge and conclude your research on which one to settle for. 

Our favorite picks from the brands mentioned above would be Exhale Wellness and BudPop, as they are both 100% organic and vegan brands that pay utmost attention and care towards their brands’ reputation and test their product at multiple steps through various third-party lab testing facilities.

They also provide you with a detailed format for properly consuming, storing, and disposing of their products. Their Delta-8 THC cartridges are popular among their consumers, are easy to handle, and pose no serious risks to health as they do not compromise on the purity and quality of their hemp-derived Delta-8 THC. 

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