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Delta-8 THC is the most trending thing in the cannabis market right now. If you’re here, you’ve probably heard of it already or may have even tried it, too!

But, did you know that it could be a healthier alternative to Delta-9 THC?

First, let’s talk about why Delta-9 THC is so frowned upon. It’s perhaps the most defamed cannabinoid of all. True, it gives you the high you get after smoking or vaping a joint. At the same time, it’s also responsible for the anxiety and panic attacks you might have felt every time you smoked up. Well, at least now you know what spoiled your party!

Due to its high psychotropic properties, Delta-9 is known to cause onsets of psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia in consumers predisposed to the condition. It is also known to cause extended episodes of psychosis.

This is also the reason Delta-9 THC is banned in several US states.

However, the introduction of Delta-8 THC has changed all that. It has all the features of THC but without the harmful side effects of its counterpart.

Formerly, THC only meant Delta-9, and most online written materials still use the term “THC” only to indicate Delta-9 THC. In this blog, however, we will use the term “THC” to mean Delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 THC is likely to be a highly sought-after product in the coming years and become just as popular as CBD (cannabidiol).

Already, the market is full of different kinds of D-8 products, including oils, vapes, edibles, and tinctures, among others. You have probably already looked up THC products online and been baffled by the sheer multitude of options. It can put even seasoned users in a spot.

Also, while choosing any cannabinoid product, you have to keep in mind several factors on which you cannot relax your standards.

In this article, we will narrow down the search for you to five THC vape juices. We will provide you with a buying guide and answer some FAQs to improve your understanding of these products. It will also help you understand the THC compound better.

How We Selected The Best THC Vape Juices?

We followed the below-mentioned steps to find the best vape juices in the market.

Popular and highly trending

We started by listing the most highly preferred brands that adhere to quality standards along with being popular. To do that, we looked for the most repeated brand names and their products on unofficial forums.

Product ratings and reviews

After short-listing the most frequently mentioned brand names, we went through the reviews and ratings of each product. The obvious choices were those with an average rating of four stars and above.

Reviews and ratings on the products’ official webpages

Ratings and reviews on unofficial forums cannot be the most trustworthy way of knowing whether the products are reliable. So we also went through the products’ official web pages to look for ratings and reviews. This way, we could be sure that the unofficial forums had not been filled with unfair fake reviews.

Looking for specialties

In our attempt to find the most reliable and suitable THC products, we also included products that are special in some way.

Making exceptions

Sometimes we had to relax our standards and make way for exceptions. If a product did not meet one or two criteria, we did not outright discard it if we thought that they had something unique to offer.

But we make it clear to our readers what we overlooked and leave it to your buying decision.


A critical factor—and even the most important for some consumers—is the price.

It’s worth mentioning here that Delta-8 THC is in its infantile stage of being a consumer product. Even though it is set to revolutionize the market of cannabis derivatives, it is yet to be made available in volumes for the masses.

Also, the compound is found in small quantities in the hemp plant. Hence, it is difficult to extract it on a commercial scale.

Therefore, Delta-8 THC products are expensive. To bag the right product, therefore, you have to dig deep into your pocket.

Top 5 THC Vape Juices

Below is the list of our selected top 5 THC vape juices along with their detailed reviews.

1. Boosted 8 Delta8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg

2. Cannoli Be D8 Delta8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg

3. Froopa Delta8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg

4. Pink8 Delta8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid 1000mg

5. Independent Vapor Nillionaire Delta8 E-Liquid -1000 mg

#1. Boosted 8 Delta-8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg

Boosted 8 Delta8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg is a highly potent product.

With the added benefits of daily cannabinoid therapy, you can be sure to get a buzz from the product’s 1000mg power.

Each bottle contains 30 ml, i.e. 1 fl. oz hemp extract particularly concentrated in the Delta-8 THC content. You can get high without any unwanted side effects—just as you desire from any legal THC.

What’s so delightful about this product is its delicious flavor. The strawberry milkshake flavor makes every puff highly enjoyable. It’s a delightfully tasty substitute to the earthy and pine-intrinsic aroma of hemp.

The total THC content, i.e. D-8 + D-9, does not exceed 0.096%. The company adheres to the general practice of keeping the D-9 content at 0.03% or less.

Also, the product contains virtually no CBD—something you may not find easily in the market. It is purely intended to give you a surge of energy, with no effect of tranquility.

Our take on the product

The flavors are mostly appreciated by all the customers. They loved the relaxing effect of the product. We noticed the responses on different online platforms and everybody had something positive to say. Many commented on the mouthwatering strawberry flavor. They felt the strawberry milkshake base offers a double treat along with the premium Delta-8 THC content.

They also appreciated the fact that the product improved their health without letting them taste the natural earthy flavor of the hemp extract.

The pure THC isolate makes it a delightful choice for people who want a pure high and no feeling of calmness. It is ideal for recreational activities and an excellent option for your late-night parties.

#2. Cannoli Be D8 Delta-8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg

Another product from the same brand is the Cannoli Be D8 Delta8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg. It is another highly preferred product offered by High Maintenance Goods.

With its potent load of 1000mg strength, you can get high with a few puffs without worrying about getting zonked—thanks to its zero CBD content.

Again, the 30ml (1fl. oz.) bottle with the tapering end makes it easy to drop the e-liquid juice into the vape device.

What makes this product special is its Cannoli Italian Vanilla Cream pastry flavor. The e-liquid packs a powerful aroma that will linger on your taste buds for some time. That makes it a good choice for people who dislike the natural flavor of hemp, which is coarse and can be harsh on the throat.

The brand has a strict standard of adherence to legal norms, and it does limit its Delta-9 THC content to 0.03% or less while making the overall THC content (D-8 + D-9) not more than 0.107%.

Our take on the product

There is only one review for this product on its official webpage. However, it is quite fulfilling in its needs for evaluating the product. It shows the brand’s promise of a powerful product that is also highly pleasurable owing to its great taste.

#3. Froopa Delta-8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg

Next on the list of flavorful e-liquid juices is the Froopa Delta8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg—another highly popular product.

Consistent with the other products in this group, the 1000mg strength will give you the same high every time you vape. With no more than 0.03% Delta-9 THC and a total of 0.098% THC content (D-8 + D-9), the product will give you the buzz in no time.

The absence of CBD makes the vape highly suitable for those who wish to party on and on without feeling the need to rest.

The marshmallow sugar cookie topped with the fruit cereal base contains the added benefit of daily cannabinoid therapy. The 30ml (1fl. oz) content is easily deliverable with the help of its narrow outlet.

You can drop the e-liquid juice inside the vape’s chamber by squeezing the bottle. You can adjust the flow without letting a drop go to waste.

Our take on the product

There are not many reviews on the product page. We deduced the product’s efficiency by taking a look at the similar products in the line and the brand’s overall ideology.

The product is highly enjoyable not only due to its perfect formulation but also due to its delicious flavor.

#4. Pink8 Delta-8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid – 1000mg

One of the most sought-after flavors in the e-liquid juice line of products offered by the brand is the Pink8 Delta8 Hemp Extract E-Liquid 1000mg.

It, too, has a strength of 1000mg, which makes it completely congruent with the other products from the group.

You can take some puffs and feel the bliss of heaven. It draws the effect from its powerful THC content—a total of 0.138%, which contains Delta-9 THC of less than or equal to 0.03%. This makes the product meet the compliance metric of the 2018 Farm Bill.

With virtually no presence of CBD, you can vape in without worrying about feeling sleepy or drowsy after some time.

The strawberry acai flavor brings you the taste of one of the most preferred beverages on the market. High Maintenance Goods is one of the few brands that offer the strawberry acai flavor with the coconut milk base.

Apart from adding an enjoyable flavor to the vape, this product does a fair job of mitigating the base taste you get from using raw hemp products.

As with the other products, the bottle is 30ml (1fl. oz) in size. You can easily carry it around in your pocket.

Drawing the e-liquid juice from the bottle to the vape is easy. All you have to do is unscrew the bottle, open the vape’s chamber, transfer some liquid from the bottle to the chamber and get going.

Our take on the product

We did not find any rating or review for the product on its official page. Nevertheless, using the information that is consistent with the line of products, we can say that this one, too, would be effective.

The different flavors are the most sworn-by feature offered by High Maintenance Goods. The strawberry acai flavor is indeed delightful.

#5. Independent Vapor Nillionaire Delta-8 E-Liquid – 1000mg

Our last product for review in the list is Independent Vapor Nillionaire Delta8 E-Liquid –1000 mg. As the name suggests, the product is rich in flavor and highly delightful to use—with zero CBD.

Consistent with the quality and strength of the previous four products, this one, too, has 1000mg strength. The formulation is perfect for those who wish to get a smooth high without drawing in repeated puffs or waiting too long to let the effects set in.

The brand has made the product highly potent with 0.089% total THC (D-8 + D-9). You can be sure not to attract any legal consequences by using the product, as the Delta-9 THC limit adheres to the legal standard of staying within the 0.03% mark.

The brand again shows its dedication to the D-8 THC market by keeping the CBD content zero. You can get high without the need to rest after some time.

Rainbow sherbet is one of the rarest flavors that you can find on the market. As with the other products in the group, the flavor masks the natural taste of hemp, as it may otherwise displease some of us.

The 30ml (1fl. oz) bottle is meant to be carried along in the pocket or handbag. It offers a handy refill for your vape without adding bulk to your pocket. The dropper outflow is wisely intended to suit every vape on the market.

Our take on the product

The e-liquid juice line of products offered by High Maintenance Goods has a dearth of reviews and ratings. But that does not limit our understanding of the products’ quality and efficiency.

The wide array of products—with perfection in their formulation and consistency in their quality—compensates for the lack of rating.

We enjoyed the product ourselves, though we’d prefer the others to this one.

Buying Guide for THC Vape Juices

You have to keep in mind several factors when you choose a THC e-liquid juice. The things we have covered in the buying guide do matter a lot and not meeting one standard may lead to a lousy purchase.

A key factor to take into account is whether the brand is trustworthy. It is difficult to trust any brand easily, given the number of factors affecting its reputation.

The best way to judge a brand’s worth is by taking a look at the number of products it offers. The following information will help you decide whether the brand is worth dealing with or not.

Source of hemp

The origin of raw hemp does matter a lot. If it is grown within the US, you can rest assured that it complies with Farm Bill 2018. However, if it is grown outside the US, the product’s farming metrics need to be looked into.

Method of growing and type of hemp used

Ideally, hemp should be organic. Non-GMO hemp is another metric that you should look at while zeroing in on your search for the right e-liquid vape juice.

Third-party lab tests

This is one of the most important factors to make sure that you won’t compromise your health. Third-party-lab-tested THC e-liquid vape juices are proven for their potency and effectiveness.

However, this is just the basic testing standard. Some brands also take into account other standards—such as detection of possible traces of microbial bodies, pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents, terpenes, traces of heavy metals, filth, etc.


Don’t look for cheap products. Accept the fact that quality comes with money. You do not want to play with your health just to save a quick buck, right? But several products are affordable as well as premium. All you require is the time and will to research.


Even though Delta-8 THC is the most happening thing in the cannabis market, D-8 products have not permeated enough, partly due to the difficulty in the extraction process. Obtaining enough isolates to make the concentrates in good volumes can be difficult.

However, that also means that many companies are making a quick buck by selling substandard and fake products. Always choose products that are created with non-GMO and organically grown hemp. You should also avoid products with additives and contaminants such as heavy metals and fillers.


Look for products that offer you options to choose from. We all love a little variety in our everyday life, right? Experiment with different flavors, strengths, potencies, aroma, and sizes. If we get a product with all of these qualities at the same price, then why not, right?

Are you still not sure whether you should go with the THC vape juices?

Don’t worry. Our pros and cons list should help you make up your mind.



  • Convenient and discrete.
  • The effects are more profound; flavors are more intense than any other way of THC intake.
  • You have direct control over the temperature.
  • Vape juices can be used for a long period; these can also be reused.


  • You will need to invest in a vaporizer and that requires more research.
  • The initial cost is high but can be managed after some time.
  • Not good for patients with respiratory or pulmonary ailments.

FAQs on e-liquid vape juices

Q: Are THC e-liquid products safe for consumption?

A: This is one of the most frequently asked questions. THC, in its original sense, is the Delta-9 THC, which is a derivative of cannabinoids. It is responsible for the high or buzz you get by consuming cannabis or hemp products. It is also known to cause short-term side effects such as nervousness and panic attacks.

Delta-8 THC, particularly in the form of e-liquid vape juices, herbs, and gummies, has marked a new beginning in the hemp industry. The newer compound, which is chemically analogous to the older one, is known for its mild high and nearly no short-term side effects.

The long-term side effects are yet to be discovered, and it will take a while for those to be tested and published.

However, for any possibility of contra-indication or drug interference, we strongly recommend you consult a physician.

Q: Will the e-liquid juice make me feel high or relaxed?

A: THC in general is one of the most potent psychoactive compounds found in hemp. Unlike CBD, which gives a relaxing effect, THC gives the user a high. Hence, a mix of CBD and THC will give you both.

If you are looking solely for a high, go for a product that focuses only on THC. The THC e-liquid juices mentioned above have zero CBD content, which makes these highly desirable for a pure buzz.

Q: Can I fail a drug test after using an e-liquid vape juice?

A: Even though cannabis products such as CBD and Delta-8 THC have been legalized in many jurisdictions, there are other concerns that you have to bear in mind.

For example, some employers may have a strict drug-testing criterion. If you fail it, you may be disqualified despite being a great candidate.

In cannabis or hemp-related drug tests, the compound that is tested is THC. Although the products of High Maintenance Goods do not exceed the 0.03% THC mark, it may still lead a user to fail the test.

The Bottom Line

THC vape juices are popular due to their ability to deliver a high. Although the brands lack enough reviews, the wide range of flavors would make these a good choice for parties as well as single-use. The firm does tick off many quality standards that you should look for while choosing THC vape e-liquid juices.

Still not convinced? You could do your own research. But don’t fall into the trap of too many products. Make note of the points from our buying guide and you are good to go. Just start with a smaller dose. Since vaping allows a product to directly enter our bloodstream, its effects are quick. Consult your medical practitioner if you feel any undesirable effects.

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