Best Vape Tanks

Vape tanks here, vape tanks there, vape tanks everywhere! With so many different products in the market, it can get quite difficult to choose the best vape tank. They are available in different types, make, size, and design.

Before deciding on a tank unit, you need to thoroughly question your requirements, vaping style, and level of efficacy that you seek.

Whether you are considering an up-gradation, or are looking for a better experience, have bought a new vape mod or are new to the vaping world, this guide is your best vape tank resource to make a good selection.

Here, you will find information on the types of vape tanks, factors to consider before making a purchase, and a list containing our top picks. So, read through and find the best vape tank on the market.

What Is A Vape Tank?

A vape tank is the part of the vaporizer that holds the vaping liquid. Manufacturers usually make their tanks, but some vaporizers also come with the option of housing a unit customized to your preferences.

Why Do You Need A Vape Tank?

The answer to this is pretty simple and straightforward: vape tanks act as a storage unit for the vape juice. While you can vape without a tank, it is better suited to experienced vapers.

Vape Tanks Vs Dripping

Dripping is a form of vaping, wherein the user has to keep feeding the coils with the vaping juice every few drags. It doesn’t require a tank and is often the preferred method of vaping by the ones addicted to tinkering, as it requires custom-built coils.

Dripping costs more initially due to its pricey custom-built coils, whereas tanks cost more in the long run. Dripping is time-consuming, decreases the battery life of the vaporizer, and is a potential hazard if not done correctly.

Using vape tanks, on the other hand, requires very low maintenance, since it has higher compatibility with a wide range of devices, and produces good quality vapor.

Best Vape Tanks

Types Of Vape Tanks

Vape tanks are found in a lot of varieties. Depending on the material used and method of construction, they can be classified into:

1. Clearomizers

Clearomizers are tanks that use wicks and are made from plastic and are transparent. These vape tanks are best suited for beginners, infrequent vapers, and those that don’t like to fiddle with complicated technology. These tanks are usually inexpensive and easy to use.

2. Cartomizer

Cartomizers are vaping tanks that use cotton to deliver the vape liquid to the coil for heating.

3. Glassomizer

Glassomizers are tanks that are made from glass for durable and long-lasting usage. These vape tanks also feel good in your hands.

4. Tanks

A tank is an advanced version of a clearomizer with a replaceable coil and a larger capacity. Tanks produce good vapor, have adjustable airflow, suitable for sub-ohm vaporizers, and are cheaper in the longer run.

5. Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable atomizers offer great user customization by letting you build your coils. These atomizers are not meant for beginners, and are ideal for those people who like to have a better vaping experience.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Rebuildable tank atomizers are an improvement over a standard atomizer. These atomizers can be fixed with a self-made coil. They produce excellent vapor, but require a lot of user experience.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

Rebuildable dripping atomizers are the best for those who prefer big clouds. These atomizers don’t hold any vape juice, and require the user to keep dropping liquid on the wick. They are not good for on the go vaping, but are inexpensive in the long run.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers

A good mix of the other atomizers, rebuildable dripping tank atomizers and have a large capacity to last for an entire day of vaping. They are easy to use, but are not suitable for beginners.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Vape Tank

There are a lot of factors to consider before buying a new vape tank, and some of them are:

1. Airflow

The amount of air that a tank allows to flow inside it is an important aspect to consider when looking for new vape tanks. The more the airflow in a tank, the cooler the vapor and bigger the clouds will be. For a more traditional vapor, consider buying a tank with lesser airflow.

2. Compatibility With Pre-made Or Custom Coils

Clearomizers usually are compatible with premade coils, while the rebuildable ones allow you to build your coil for more customization. Vape tanks that require premade coils to be used are ideal for beginners, whereas the ones that are compatible with custom coils are good for more experienced vapers.

3. Resistance

The resistance level of coils is another important factor to think of. Higher resistance coils produce larger coils, while the lower resistance ones produce less vapor.

4. Size

Vape coils come in a large variety of sizes. The smaller ones require you to keep dropping the liquid on the wick after every few puffs, while the larger ones are better than those who like on the go vaping.

5. Type Of Threading

Vape tanks can be found with different types of threading. Some of them are made specifically for certain vaporizer brands, while most have the universal 510 threading that is compatible with most of the vaporizers in the market.

6. Materials Used

The material that the vape tank is made from decides the look, feel, and experience of vaping. While plastic atomizers are cheap and lightweight, the glass ones feel premium and are more durable. Tanks can also be made from aluminum and stainless steel.

7. Design

We would sound pretty corny if we don’t put this quality here. After all, who wouldn’t want to look stylish while vaping? Vape tanks can be found in a lot of styles, some of them are extremely simple and others look pretty hi-tech.

Working Of A Vape Tank

The vaping liquid stored in the tank is absorbed by the wick and transferred to the coil. The heated vaporizer coil atomizes the liquid into vapor to be then inhaled by the user. Vape tanks usually last for around 4 weeks in case of non-replaceable coils, and up to 12 weeks if replaceable coils are used.

Best Vape Tanks

Cleaning A Tank

Reusable tanks need to be regularly cleaned to maintain their integrity and quality. Vape tanks must be rinsed in clean water, to get rid of any old vaping liquid that might be left inside the tank.

Storing A Vape Tank

When not in use, store your vape tanks in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Storing unclean tanks can lead to their deterioration in the long run.

Top 25 Best Vape Tanks 2020


1. Pulsar APX Wax

APX Pulsar Tank

The Pulsar APX Wax Atomizer Tank – Black Out Edition is a replacement vape tank made for the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer. This atomizer tank features unsurpassed quality with its resilient steel body, that both looks and feels premium.

This vape tank has a triple quartz rod atomizer along with a quartz heating chamber and 2 O rings that provide large clouds, without compromising on the flavor of wax concentrates. The Wax Atomizer starts producing clouds within 5 seconds, and also comes with a steel dabber tool for ease of use.

Check out the Pulsar APX Wax tank, here. 

2. Kandypens K-box

Kandypens KBox Tank

KandyPens K-Box Atomizer Tank has a ceramic tank with a large surface area for cloud rich vapors. This Tank Atomizer provides seamless performance with no leaks or messes due to its deep-dish style. This tank provides good flavor without combusting the material.

Check out the Kandypens K-box, here. 

3. G Pen

G-Pen Dash

Designed as a replacement vape tank for G Pen Connect Vaporizer, the G Pen Connect Tank features proprietary reverse airflow technology with a ceramic heating element, for large clouds with maximum flavor.

Check out then G Pen, here. 

4. Kandypens Slim Tank

Kandypens Slim Tank

The KandyPens Slim Tank is a vape tank that features an aesthetically pleasing design, along with compactness. It has a capacity of 0.5 ml that lets you enjoy flavorful vapor clouds while on the go. The Slim Tank has 510 threading which makes it compatible with any device.

Check out the Kandypen Slim Tank, here. 

5. Innokin

iSub Tank

The iSub Apex Tank by Innokin has a large capacity of 3 ml and is compatible with all iSub Coils. This Mod Tank unit features the best in design, with a compact stainless-steel body and Pyrex Glass Tank. The iSub Apex Tank has a solid spin top-fill system that lets you fill the tank with liquid, while the raised adjustable airflow is customizable to your needs.

This is the best vape tank that doesn’t leak and offers unmatched flavor, with just the right amount of clouds for the ideal vaping experience. This vape tank has a wick made with 100% Japanese organic cotton for smooth wicking. The Prism Flavor+ and the Prism convection airflow system deliver natural flavor.

Check out the iSub Apex Tank by Innokin, here. 

6. Smok TFV8 Cloud

A beast of the vape tank world, the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank is made especially for cloud chasers. With a humongous 6 ml capacity and adjustable airflow, this vape tank can last for an entire day.

The proprietary turbo engine coils, Delrin drip tip, and convenient hinged top-fill cap provide flavour rich dense clouds. The Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank is a state-of-the-art sub-ohm tank with dual flow slots, making it the best vape tank for big clouds.

7. G Pen Nova

The G Pen Nova Tank – Cookies Edition is a no-nonsense 510 threaded vape tank that features both style and functionality. This vape tank is compatible with all vaporizers, with a 510 threading on their batteries, that makes a colorful addition with a burst of youthfulness.

8. Smok TFV12

TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Vape Tank by Smok is a classic vape tank that is known for its performance and efficiency. It is known amongst the cloud chasers as the best vape tank that also provides great flavour.

This tank comes with a plethora of additions, including 1xV12 Prince-T10 Decuple Coil Head, 1x V12 Prince-X6 Sextuple Coil Head, 1x V12 Prince-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head, 1x Replacement Glass Tank Section (8 ml), 1x Convex Bubble Tank Glass Tube (6 ml), a Spare Parts Pack, and a user manual.

9. Horizon Falcon

Designed to deliver, the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Vape Tank features a beastly capacity of 7 ml that can support an entire day of vaping. This vape tank has a classy bulb-shaped design, and comes in a variety of stylish colors to appeal to vapers of all ages.

The Falcon Sub Ohm Vape Tank is made with premium quality stainless steel, and pyrex glass for extra durability and resilience. It has a gold plated 510 threaded connection that makes it compatible with any vape mod and has an excellent airflow system for cool vapor. The sloped resin wide bore drip tip smoothly transfers the liquid and has an easy to use top fill design.

10. Vandy Vape Kylin

The Vandy Vape Kylin M 24 MM RTA Vape Tank has a honeycomb air flow structure for great clouds with fantastic flavour. It is made from ultra-resilient stainless-steel and Pyrex glass for long-lasting durability.

This vape tank has an overall liquid capacity of 4.5 ml for on the go vaping, and features the universal 510 threaded joint. Some of its other superior features are a 24 mm base diameter.

It also features a unique clamp-style build deck – a dual clamp-style, spring-loaded clamp mechanism; along with a dual bored 20-multihole top airflow control ring, a unique single mesh heating element layout, threaded top fill system, detachable structure, and an 810 wide bore resin drip tip.

11. Freemax Fireluke 2

An innovation over their original series, the Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Vape Tank by Freemax is a beastly device addition. The feature worth talking about for this vape tank, is its incredible construction made with stainless steel and Pyrex glass.

A cut above the rest, the Freemax Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Vape Tank comes in a plethora of colors including golden metal, black, stainless-steel, red, blue, green, and rainbow. This vape tank has an 810 tip to ensure great-tasting dense clouds and an adjustable airflow ring at its base for user customization.

This vape tank has a capacity of holding up to 5 ml of liquid at a time, a slide to open top fill design, and lastly, a 90% tea fiber cotton with 10% organic cotton coil construction.

12. Horizon Falcon King

An innovation above the rest, the Horizon Falcon King Sub Ohm Vape Tank has a compact and lightweight design. For those who love big clouds with no compromise in flavour, this vape tank is the best one out there.

It has a premium looking and feeling stainless-steel body along with resin, and comes in a large variety of colors to appeal to your taste. The Falcon Kin Sub Ohm Vape Tank has the universal 510 threaded joint, which makes it compatible with a large number of vaporizers. It measures 59.5 mm x 25.4 mm, with a glass tube diameter of 26.2 mm.

This vape tank has bamboo fiber coils, and features a new click to open or close refilling mechanism, a unique resin wide bore drip tip, and follows a top refilling system. This vape pen is an ideal fit for most vape pens available in the market.

13. Vaporessor NRG

The Vaporesso NRG PE VAPE Tank is a stylish, modern, and elegant tank upgrade to any vaporizer. With an incredible capacity of 3.5 ml, this vape tank can last an entire day of vaping. It features unsurpassed quality with its high strength stainless-steel construction and multiple colors that will surely turn quite a few heads in your direction!

The Vaporesso NRG PE Vape Tank comes in a full kit also containing a 1 x Vaporesso GT4 Meshed Replacement Coil, 1 x Vaporesso GT4 CCELL Replacement Coil, 1 x Replacement Glass, and a 1 x Bag of Spares. To add to this, it has the universal 510 threaded joint, 25 mm diameter, dual bottom adjustable airflow for cooler drags, and a sliding top-fill cap.

14. SX Mini Hakutaku

Want a vape tank with a fancy name? The SX Mini Hakutaku Sub Ohm Vape Tank delivers flavorful great clouds, with fantastic efficiency and functionality.

This vape tank has a large capacity of 4.5 ml, compact 26 mm diameter, has a strong stainless-steel construction with a borosilicate glass reinforcement, a threaded top fill system, dual slotted bottom airflow control, 810 PEI drip tip, and a universal 510 threaded joint. The SX Mini Hakutaku Sub Ohm Vape Tank is the ideal addition to your vaporizer.

15. Aspire Cleito Shot

The Aspire Cleito Shot Disposable Sub Ohm Tank is an inexpensive vape tank that is designed to impress. It has a large 4.3 ml capacity, which makes it great for on the go vaping and has a disposable tank design with a 27 mm diameter.

The Aspire Cleito Shot Disposable Tank is made from food-grade PCTG plastic tank construction, with a diamond style knurled top cap, a threaded top fill system – single fill port, an integrated 0.3-ohm mesh coil – rated for 35-45 W, and a non-adjustable diamond design airflow system.

Its innovative linen fiber and organic cotton wicking medium preserves the flavour of the liquid, while its 510 threaded joint makes it compatible with a large variety of vape tanks.

16. Uwell Nunchaku 2

A state-of-the-art innovation by Uwell, the Nunchaku 2 Sub Ohm Tank boasts good capacity at 2 ml and superb performance. This vape tank has an advanced self-cleaning technology that frees you an arm exercise from having to scrub it out every other week.

It has a superior stainless-steel body, with Pyrex glass reinforcement for added durability and a smart top-fill mechanism for leak-free refills. The Nunchaku Tank has a compact 29 mm diameter with plug and play installation.

The dual slotted bottom airflow control ring provides just the right amount of breathability to the tank, for the best clouds with great flavour. In this set, you will find 1 x Uwell Nunchaku 2 Tank, 1 x 0.2ohm UN2 Meshed-H Coil, 1 x 0.14ohm UN-2 Meshed-H Coil, 1 x Spare Glass Tube, 1 x Pack of O-Rings, and lastly a 1 x User Manual.

17. Horizon Falcon

The Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Vape Tank Bundle is a complete kit that every vaping enthusiast dreams to own. With an incredible liquid capacity of 5 ml for day-long vaping and a compact size (Glass Tube Diameter: 24m/ Excircle Diameter: 25.2mm/Tank Length: 55mm).

This vape tank is a must-have. The liquid guiding element is made from 70% cotton and 30% wood pulp. The Falcon Sub Ohm Vape Tank comes in various classic colors (stainless-steel, black, blue, rainbow, green, and red) for you to choose from.

This bundle comes with 1 x Horizon Tech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank, 1 x Horizon Tech Falcon Replacement Coils, 1 x Set of O-Rings, 1 x M1 Falcon Coil (0.15 ohm), 1 x F1 Falcon Coil (0.2 ohms), 1 x 11mm Bore 510 Drip Tip, 1 x 8 mm Bore Resin Drip Tip, and 1 x Spare Glass Tube.

18. HellVape Drop Dead

A collaboration by HellVape and Heathen, the Drop Dead RDA 24 mm is a piece of art. Featuring a full 304 stainless steel body with a 510 gold threading, this vape tank has 14 airflow holes, with downward sloping motion on each side.

The tank has a base diameter of 24 mm with a 5 mm deep juice well to safely hold your vaping liquid without any leaks or accidental spills. The Drop Dead RDA has a proprietary PEEK insulator and an internal barrel lock. It has a stunning design with an engraved design.

19. Dead Rabbit

Another brilliant collaboration by HellVape and Heathen, the Dead Rabbit RTA Vape Tank has a stainless-steel body, with Pyrex bubble glass reinforcement. This vape tank has a capacity of 4.5 ml to hold enough juice for long vaping sessions.

Undoubtedly an object of envy, this vape tank features gold plated screws and an 810 resin wide bore drip tip. It is compatible with both single and dual coil configurations for user customization. The dual top side airflow redirects into the inner coil chamber and it has a knurled and threaded top fill system.

20. Smok Resa Prince

The Smok RESA Prince Sub Ohm Vape Tank boasts a beastly 7.5 ml capacity and a compact body that is great for on the go vaping. It has 510 universal threading with a superior stainless steel and resin body, along with a high-grade bubble glass fixture for extra reinforcement.

The Smok RESA Prince Sub Ohm Vape Tank has high-temperature resistance, and a convenient top-fill rotary design with lock button mechanism for added protection against leaks. This vaporizer accessory has the universal 510 threading, which makes it very compatible with a wide range of devices.

Designed for second looks, this vape tank comes in a lot of colors to suit your style. The tank has a massive dual adjustable airflow control at the base, with an 810 cobra resin ultra-wide drip tip and a performance grade V12 Prince Coil Structure.

21. Kanger

The Kanger Auro Nicotine Salt Vape Tank is a powerhouse of performance and compactness. It is an engineering marvel, with a body made from premium quality materials. This vape tank has a very modern and minimalistic design which will add just the right touch of elegance to your vaporizer.

The Auro Nicotine Salt Vape Tank is built to deliver stunningly natural flavour without any change or burning. This unit can hold up to 2 ml of vape juice at a time, and has the universal 510 threading that makes it compatible with a lot of devices.

22. Sikary Nunu

Sikary Nunu Disposable Sub Ohm Tank is extremely affordable and made for those who prefer low key vaporizer accessories. It is a no-nonsense vape tank, without the unnecessary frills and can hold up to 3 ml of vape juice.

This vape tank comes in a set of 3 and measures 24 mm in diameter, with 40 mm height. The Sikary Nunu Tank comes with a 9mm bore 510 drip tip at the top, along with dual adjustable airflow control to provide the best clouds, without compromising on flavor.

23. Sense Blazer

Sense Blazer 200 Sub Ohm Tank is the new kid on the block with style and panache. This vape tank features 6 ml liquid capacity for a full day of vaping. It has many advanced features, like the reverse sandwich-style coil, 26 mm reservoir diameter, flip hinged top-fill system, 1/8th turn-lock ring, dual fill port, blazer 200 coil family, 0.6-ohm ceramic coil, Japanese organic cotton core, food-grade porous ceramic sleeve, dual parallel configuration per coil, and three auxiliary wicking holes.

It has a universal 510 threading with copper contact and stainless steel with glass construction. The vape tank innovates in increasing wicking transfer by decreasing surface area, and has a Japanese organic cotton wick, features a quad adjustable airflow, and a strong copper contact. It comes with a 12mm Delrin drip tip for the extra pizzazz, making it just the best vape tank for tech-savvy individuals.

24. Innokin Zenith

The Innokin Zenith MTL Vape Tank comes in three beautiful colors (black, stainless steel, and maroon). This vape tank has a diameter of 23 mm, with an incredible 4 ml capacity that can last for an entire day of vaping.

The Innokin Zenith MTL Vape Tank has an easy to use twist to open top fill design, and adjustable airflow slots with 4 different air holes. The vape tank has a glass body, with a 510 stainless steel threaded joint. The entire set comes with 1 x Innokin Zenith MTL Vape Tank, 1 x 1.6ohm Zenith Coil (Pre-Installed), 1 x 0.8-ohm Zenith Coil, 1 x Extra O Ring & Drip Tip Pack, and a 1 x Quick Start Guide.

25. Sigelei Moonshot 120

The Sigelei Moonshot 120 Sub Ohm Vape Tank is made with SS303 stainless steel, and features the top cap style ULTEM drip tip. It has a 24 mm base diameter with a mind-blowing 5.5 ml vaping liquid capacity to last for a long time.

The adjustable bottom airflow and the cotton wick provide a great tasting drag with no compromise on cloud formation, making it an ideal choice for all vapers. The kit comes with 1 x Sigelei Moonshot 120 Sub-Ohm Tank, 1 x Moonshot 120 0.2 ohm Coils, 1 x Replacement Glass Tank Section, Spare Tank Seal, and a User Manual.

The Moonshot 120 Sub Ohm Vape Tank is a great accessory for cloud chasers and those who want a well-rounded flavour.


From complex rebuildable vape tanks to the simpler clearomizers, there are many vape tanks available in the market. For a vaping enthusiast, it is important to have a good vape tank that can be carried around and one that also provides good flavorful vapes.

However, with so many options, selecting one doesn’t always have to be a difficult job. We sincerely hope that our guide helps you find the best vape tank for your vaporizer. Why wait? Get yourself one of these vape tanks and blow clouds like a boss!

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