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Best Disposable E-Cigarettes

blu disposable e-cigs

What is a disposable e-cig? Disposables are a type of electronic cigarette that are pre-filled with nicotine e-juice. They are generally draw-activated, meaning that you don’t have to press a button every time you take a puff. Simply put the mouthpiece in your mouth and start inhaling. Most disposable e-cigs …

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Best Squonk Mods

squonk mod opened

What is a squonk mod and what is squonking? A squonk mod is a bottom-fed device that is designed to give you an all-in-one vaping experience. Rather than pouring your e-liquid into a tank or RDA on the top of your mod (the traditional way), squonk mods are designed to …

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Best SMOK Mods and Pod Vapes

smok mods

Why should you buy a SMOK mod or pod vape? SMOK is no fly-by-night operation. They are one of the original pioneers of the vaping revolution, having been founded in the early days when the Juul was just an idea that some nerds were working on in a warehouse in …

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Best Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts

What is nicotine salt? Nicotine salt refers to the type of nicotine that is present in tobacco leaves. The normal liquid nicotine that is found in most e-juices is a pure variant, without any extra additives. Nicotine salt, by contrast, contains the nicotine plus other organic compounds that are present …

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Best Mini Pod Vapes and E-Cigarettes


E-Cigarette vs. Vape The terms e-cigarette and vape are generally used interchangeably these days, but for the purposes of this list there are some important distinctions. The word “vape” refers to literally any type of vaporizer. Whether we’re talking about dry herb, wax, dab rigs, mods, or even the portable …

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Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers have become significantly more popular in the past few years thanks to the rapid spread of marijuana legalization. As long as public opinion keeps favoring marijuana legalization, dry herb vaporizers will continue to grow in popularity. This continually updated list will serve as a great reference to …

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Best Variable Voltage Mods


All vaping devices are generally divided in two groups: regulated and nonregulated. The later better known as “mechs”. What many people don’t know is that smack in the middle, in the cross section where those two groups meet, a third, quite interesting subgroup exists. Yes, we’re talking about Variable Voltage …

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Best Organic E-Juice


Organic e-juice was bound to happen.  Now that the e-cigarette industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar behemoth, it’s inevitable that today’s most common trends would gain a foothold in this extremely popular hobby. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years,  you’ve certainly noticed that …

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Best Cheap E-Juice Brands

Cheap E-Juice

Premium e-juice gets the vast majority of attention on vaping blogs and forums. But let’s be honest: for most of us money is a bit tight. While we all appreciate those super-expensive top-shelf brands, sometimes we just want some cheap e-juice. I’m not gonna lie to you here. Cheap e-juice …

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Best Portable Dab Rigs


Portable dab rigs are by far the best possible way to enjoy your favorite dabs. You get the pure power that dabbing is famous for in a portable package that is ideal for on-the-go use. The best eRig is the Dabado Bolt Pro 2. Each of these high-end eRigs includes …

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Best Box Mods

Best Box Mods

2017 has been a great year for vaping tech, with all different kinds of  cool box mods coming out on the market. As someone who has been vaping for many years, I can’t believe the high-quality of today’s mods. The new high-tech features that manufacturers are adding to their box …

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Best Mod Starter Kits

Best box mod starter kits

Mod starter kits are designed to make it as easy as possible to begin vaping with your favorite e-juice. These kits take the guesswork out of vaping by combining a mod with a compatible tank, ensuring that you’ll get a seamless vaping experience right out of the box. If you’re …

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Best E-Nail Box Mod Attachments

Best e-nail box mod attachments

Now that almost 60% of Americans live in a state with at least some level of weed legalization (medical or recreational), we’ve been getting a lot of people who are wondering about dabbing. Since most people who read Vapor Vanity already own a box mod, the best way to get …

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