Black Note Review: This Juice Strikes a Chord

Often times when smokers switch from cigarettes to vaping they look for a juice that tastes like cigarettes.

They consider it exchanging one habit for another and it will be more like smoking if it tastes like a cigarette. Other people, myself included, like to get as far away from the taste of cigarettes as possible.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy a good tobacco flavor. Tobacco has an entirely different flavor than a cigarette, one many smokers of traditional commercial cigarettes do not even know the taste.

Here’s a hint toward it. You know that smell when you open a fresh park of smokes? When there are those little pieces on top? That’s tobacco and it can be heavenly.

Black Note had that in mind when it made it’s line of tobacco flavored juices, in fact their marketing material even says “a line of tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like real tobacco.” And, regardless of what kind of tobacco taste you are going for, they’ve got a juice for you.

I was sent a kit with six Black Note flavors: Quartet, Prelude, Sonata, Forte, Solo and Legato. As a consumer, I’ve gotta say, I love the music themed names and packaging, it really sets it off. Now, onto flavors.

Black Note Flavors

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We’ll start with Quartet. It is listed as being “smoky and peppery,” a Latakia blend. Quartet by Black Note is a very strong flavor, one that reminds me of being in a forest, so I would guess that’s the smoky aspect. It is similar to pipe tobacco in it’s taste, with the pepper coming in as a very strong after taste.

If you’re after a strong, woodsy, almost pipe tobacco taste, then Black Note’s Quartet is something you should definitely try. It was a little stronger than my usual tastes, but not a bad flavor at all.

Black Note Quartet
Black Note Quartet E-Juice


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Now let’s talk about Solo by Black Note. Touted as a menthol blend, Solo definitely hits the note. Black Note’s Solo has a very pleasant menthol flavor, with a tobacco undertone. Now, I could never hack a menthol cigarette. I also don’t usually care for menthol blend juices. Usually they are so much mint that it dang near makes you cough. But Black Note’s Solo was a pleasant, with a definite tobacco undertone. If you are a menthol fan, give Black Note’s Solo a try.

It’s a good mint, menthol flavor that I’ve found myself using some what regularly, which is a surprise since I do not generally care for menthol. I’ve also found it a blessing during cold and flu season, because the menthol can help calm a raw throat.

Another hit for Black Note.

Black Note Solo
Black Note Solo E-Juice


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Let me tell you about Legato. Actually, let me tell you about how I fell in love with Black Note’s Legato. Love on the first drag. Don’t you just love that? Trying a new juice and falling in love is always awesome.

Legato is described by Black Note as a “Kentucky blend, Earthy and nutty.” And, as with all awesome labeling, it’s smooth, as is legato in music. Legato has a full, rich tobacco flavor. Not at all over powering and hits the throat comfortably. Smooth all day long. That’s the best way to describe Black Note’s Legato.

Black Note Legato
Black Note Legato E-Juice


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Onto Sonata. Black Note describes Sonata as a “Cavendish blend, robust and intense.” That ain’t no lie! Black Note’s Sonata is really robust, yet smooth. Sonata hits hard and strong and totally intense. If you’re looking for a strong tobacco juice, try Sonata. It was a bit much for me, but completely lives up to its name.

Black Note Sonata
Black Note Sonata E-Juice


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Forte. If you know anything about music, you know Forte means loud. Black Note describes its Forte as a “burley blend, rich and smooth.” And Forte is all of that.

I was a little nervous to try it, expecting the flavor to knock me on my butt, but it is not overpowering like I expected. Smooth is an accurate description and its strong and pure, for lack of a better word. The flavor is exactly that of the smell of opening a package of cigarettes. And, personally, I always enjoyed that smell, maybe that’s why Black Note’s Forte hit the right chord with me. I’d recommend it for sure.

Black Note Forte
Black Note Forte E-Juice


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And, last but not least, Prelude, described by Black Note as a “Virginia Blend, airy and bright.”

Wow. Another instant favorite. Prelude is light and strong at the same time. It floats lightly on the throat and hits just strong enough. An amazing, real tobacco flavor, yet so light that it makes a very pleasant vaping experience.

Black Note Prelude
Black Note Prelude E-Juice


Trying Black Note’s tobacco flavors has opened a new world to me. I honestly didn’t think I’d care for them, as it’s not my flavor of choice, but it was nothing like a cigarette. Black Note’s flavors are pure and all tobacco, yet offer an amazing variety, all with a full and well rounded taste.

I think that all comes from the manufacturing aspect. These are flavor additives, Black Note flavors are extracted from real tobacco leaves. And you can taste it. Which makes it pretty dang awesome.

Black Note Pricing

Now, let’s talk price.

You can get the Ensemble Notebook, with every flavor I just described from Black Note for $59. This includes 10 ml of each of the six flavors, giving you a chance to try them all.

Or, if you are ready to jump in, you can get the Prelude, Sonata, Forte, Legato and Solo (individually) in 30 ml for $29 and a 30 ml of Quartet for $35.

These prices are a little higher than I personally like to pay, but I think it’s worth it for the quality of the juice.

Black Note also offers the V Line, which includes an English Blend, Italian Blend, American Blend and another Menthol Blend. If these type of flavors appeal to you, give Black Note a shot. If you are just looking for something new and different, give Black Note a try, you may be pleasantly surprised as I was.

The best place to buy Black Note e-juice is directly from the Black Note website.

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